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Casinos with poker rooms in Paris?

I might be taking a euro trip sometime soon and was wondering what Paris has in the way of poker? What games are spread locally?
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[BB] Big Brother: House of Temptation - Season 23

The 23rd season of the Big Brother: House of Temptation series is here!
This season on BBHOT, 16 brand-new and unique strangers entered the game looking to either win the money, make a name for themselves, or get some publicity. Using the BB21 template, this season was full of twists and turns that rocked the player's games. What will go down in the BBHOT books, find out now!
Also, I apologize to all the supporters of this series. I have been very busy with school and a lot of assignments and other things, so my free time is much more limited. I hope you understand and I'll pick up the pace moving forward if I can! My apologies and thank you for making this series so great!
View the season down below and give your thoughts!
View the season here - SEASON 23 LINK
View this seasons voting chart - S23 VOTING CHART
Michael Hale, 37, Secondary Teacher - u/Nahuelfire39
Alexa Station, 20, YouTuber - u/IAmWolfNinja
Michael Krumptone, 47, Band Director - u/swoldow
Sonia McDevitt, 18, Bartender - u/ParisGoldC
Mara D'Antonio, 34, Life Coach - u/ParisGoldC
Malcolm "Mac" Everett, 27, Basketball Coach - u/SilverOwl24
Jessa Blanchard, 29, Beauty Salon Owner - u/SilverOwl24
Douglas Chance, 29, ER Nurse - u/TDSwaggyBoy
Karl Pearson, 42, Gardener - u/TDSwaggyBoy
Georgia "Gigi" Seedrow, 21, Unemployed - u/AngolanDesert
Belinda "Bertha" Matthews, 43, Lunch Lady - u/AngolanDesert
Brett Herman, 28, Professional Poker Player - u/Twig7665
Giovanni "Dr. Moreno" Moreno, 52, Doctor - u/Twig7665
Leonardo Khan, 34, History Teacher - u/Malpa15
Sonja Bush, 22, Gymnast - u/Malpa15
Justin Tyung, 26, Bartender - u/asiansurvivorfan
Opening: 16 brand-new houseguests enter the house of temptation for our 23rd season! This season is not like others, there are an extreme amount of twists ready to shake up this game! The banishment and opening eviction are the first.
Camp Director Twist: Evicted: Justine | In this brand-new twist, Douglas, Dr. Moreno, and Michael plead to be the camp director. By a close vote, this power goes to Michael! He chooses to banish Michael H., Justine, Mac, and Sonja. Michael H, then Mac, then Sonja reenter the house. Justine is the first evictee of the season. This is so sad! She may get the chance to come back in! ;)
Week 1: Evicted: Mac | After the opening eviction, Michael H. is the new HOH after being banished! He targets Brett and Mac in his nominations, but Brett pulls out the first veto! This forces Michael to put someone up, and he nominates Gigi. The house votes out Mac, but Justine returns and the camp comeback twist is in play! Michael K. has been dominating with power, and now has the nightmare power. He's definitely a big threat.
Week 2: Evicted: Douglas | Wow! This was a great and intriguing week. Leo becomes the new HOH! He nominates the 2 players in the medical field, Dr. Moreno and Douglas. Dr. Moreno's veto pick Gigi wins, and he is saved! This causes Leo to make a big move by backdooring Brett. This is where the strategy comes into play. Brett makes a 6-person alliance and secures 4 out of their 5 votes to stay. He also gets Bertha's vote, which sends Douglas out and keeps Brett in for a blindside. This was a huge move and this could really change the season! I'm super sad Douglas left so soon though.
Week 3: Evicted: Bertha | Michael is the new HOH, and puts up Alexa and Sonja. When players are picked, Brett activates his power. However, the same 3 houseguests are picked again! This is so funny and the odds of it happening are so low. This is definitely a memorable moment! Sonja saves herself by winning the veto! Michael K puts up Bertha, leaving the final 2 duo on the block. The house almost unanimously decides that Bertha should be evicted. After being eliminated on day 1, Justine returns to the game like nothing happened! I can't wait to see how she plays.
Week 4: Evicted: Leo | Alexa wins the HOH! Her HOH was not the best, as she had to nominate 5 people. She first tries to put up Sonja and Michael K, but Michael activates his power, forcing her to then nominate Gigi and Leo. Gigi picks Sonja to play, and Sonja wins the POV. Alexa puts up Brett. In a tie, she evicts Leo. This was not the best move, because the alliance now has the potential to take the full majority. Good move on Michael's part, he's been a big threat in this pre-jury phase.
Week 5: Evicted: Michael K | Sonja is able to clutch all of the power for the week! This allows her to be able to take a big threat, Michael, out. She puts Alexa up as a pawn and is able to lock the nominations and unanimously send him home. Michael K really had a big impact on the first part of the game. This leaves room for some people to step up and do the same.
Week 6: Evicted: Justine | Sonia wins the HOH, and misses on a move. She nominates the duo of Gigi and Dr. Moreno, and Gigi saves herself. This allows Sonia to potentially nominate someone big, but she nominates Justine and she goes home obviously. This season has such great potential and the fact that an alliance is running it right now annoys me. And now Justine, someone who wasn't a big threat at all, is the first in the jury.
Week 7: Evicted: Michael H. | Another outsider heads to the jury this week, as Brett becomes the new HOH. In the field trip twist, Karl stays safe while Gigi goes on the block. There was no way she would've gone home anyway, and Sonja ends up saving her. This leaves Michael to be the next evicted player. I hope there can be a power shift next week to switch up the season.
Week 8: Evicted: Sonia | Gigi takes all the power for the week, and gets Sonia evicted. This was a predictable week, as Sonia is probably the biggest threat out of the outsiders left. Gigi and Sonja are doing great with comps, but I'd like to see some new things happen. Hopefully, Jessa can win herself a comp since her power wasn't used.
Week 9: Evicted: Jessa | She was one of my favorites going into the season, so I'm really bummed she didn't pull through as an underdog. Brett wins HOH in another predictable scenario. Jessa wins the prankster and puts up her other outsider, Alexa. This is a terrible move. She could've at least tried to put someone in the alliance up. Brett, Gigi, and Sonja are steamrolling through the game right now.
Week 10: Evicted: Brett | Karl wins his first comp with the HOH, and goes after Brett instead of trying to get Alexa out. Sonja wins yet another veto and locks the nominations. The vote ties and Karl gets Brett out. This is definitely a big move for his game and sets himself up nicely for the double eviction.
Week 10 Double Eviction: Evicted: Dr. Moreno | Dr. Moreno is next out the door after Gigi wins the HOH. I was expecting another person in the alliance to go, but the fact that Gigi got Moreno out after being so close to him the whole game was crazy! Sonja wins the veto (again) and Dr. Moreno is blindsided in a 2-1 vote. Sonja has now won 7 vetoes, which is the record for this series! She's not one of my favorites on the cast, but these comp wins are crazy and I have to give her credit! Sonja and Gigi have won every POV this season except for one.
Week 11: Evicted: Mara | This really surprised me! I thought Mara and Karl were a tight duo. I think he really wanted Sonja to leave, but she won her 8th POV and got to the final 4. I'm sad that Mara is out because of her backstory, but all of the final 4 have worked hard to be there. Competitions will probably decide who gets to the end and wins.
Week 12: Evicted: Alexa | Sonja wins her 10th competition, and keeps her closest ally safe. Gigi then wins the veto, and make a fake alliance with Alexa before evicting her. I feel like that was unnecessary, but that's just who Gigi is. I like Karl the most out of this final 3, but Sonja really deserves to win. Alexa was a really cool personality to have on this season and I'm surprised she made it so far.
Final 3: Evicted: Karl | This is no surprise. I knew this final HOH was going to Sonja, and Karl having a fight with her just sealed his fate even more. Sonja also forms a random alliance with Karl before evicting him, which is really not necessary. They just love to manipulate. Sonjia 100% deserves to win this season. She has the most competitions wins out of any houseguest in BBHOT history, even though the game is not all about comps.
Runner-Up: Sonja | I swear this happens every time someone should win over the other. The jury was very bitter and she only received 3 votes. Sonja won almost every veto this season along with Gigi, and I really think she should have won. Gigi did make more moves, though. Her comp win record will take a lot to be beaten! I wasn't expecting that to happen this season!
Winner: Gigi | Gigi was one of my least favorite on the cast. Seeing everyone's backstories compared to her's made me not like her as much and that she didn't deserve to win. She did play this game well, and she really used her manipulation skills to the best. Her and Sonja were one of the strongest duos to play and even though it may have been boring, watching them dominate the season was very cool as well.
Fan Favorite: Mara | Yay! She didn't have a big impact on the game, but her backstory was very wholesome and she really deserves this!
Possible for an all-star or returnee season: Sonja, Karl, Mara, Brett, Jessa, Justine, Alexa
Notable Stats!
Most Wins: Sonja, 11 wins (#1 record)
Most Times Nominated: Alexa, 6 nominations
Most Votes Against: Brett, 13 votes
Times Veto Was Used: 7 times
Final Thoughts: I really loved this cast! I was super excited to see them all play and was hoping someone deserving would win the money. The move that Brett made to save himself during Week 2 was amazing, but that alliance kind of ruined the season. I wanted to see power shifts and big moves, but it was repetitive. There were still some great moments though, like Brett using his power and getting the same 3 players, and Sonja breaking the comps record. It wasn't a bad season, but it could've gone better! I hope to see some of these players back under better scenarios.
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7: All-Stars
Season 8
Season 9
Season 10: Newbies vs. Veterans
Season 11
Season 12: Couples
Season 13
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Season 15: Coaches
Season 16
Season 17
Season 18: Generations
Season 19
Season 20: Strength vs. Skill
Season 21: All-Stars 2
Season 22
Season 23
Season 24 is coming! This will be an all-newbie season! Season 25 will not be all newbies ;)
Leave thoughts and suggestions down below!
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Yay Bingo - free spins, no deposit bonus, promo code

Yay Bingo - free spins, no deposit bonus, promo code

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♉︎ TAURUS DRAG RACE ♉︎ Week 6: Putting The Bling In Gambling

♉︎ TAURUS DRAG RACE ♉︎ Week 6: Putting The Bling In Gambling
Gia started the lip sync off on a strong note, channeling some inner rocker chick that no one has ever seen before. April's performance was very similar, but she had a lot more fun with it and was less stiff than Gia was. In the end though, both queens delivered very strong lip syncs and the winner wasn't clear.
"Thank you, ladies! I've made my decision.
April Carrión - shantay, you stay.
You may join the other girls."
April thanked the judges and approached Gia for a hug. It was a little awkward, but in the end quite endearing.
"Gia Gunn! Thank you for taking us on a ride through your world with you. You're the one who's opening eyes around the world, and we hope your message will get across to everyone concerned. Now, sashay away.
And to my top seven! Ladies, if you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen up in here?"
"Alright, now let the music play!"
Back in the Werk Room the queens bid their goodbyes to Gia. Sonique talked about how she not always agreed with her attitude, but felt really close to Gia. April said that it wasn't easy to go against her Season 6 sister in such a close lip sync, but she's happy to stay in the competition and keep slaying. Katya garnered praise for her victory again, with Tyra expressing her want to be in the top again in her confessional.
"Hello, hello, hello!", Ru walked into the room. "Gather round, my queens!
Today, we'll be paying tribute to two iconic spots, that us, drag queens, are no stranger to!
For your mini challenge of the week, in the great tradition of Paris Is Burning... the library is OFFICIALLY open! Because reading is what?"
"That's right! Katya, get a closer look at each of these hoes first, won't you?"
After a series of reads and laughs, Ru announced:
"Oh my God, y'all are so shady this season! The library is officially closed! One of you got promoted to head librarian of the Taureans!
Condragulations Valentina, you're the winner of this mini challenge! You receive a cash tip of $2500!
Now, for the main challenge of the week, we're visiting another spot that's near and dear to your hearts. I'm sure that most of you had a chance to be inside of a casino, and see all the beautiful women that play hard and work even harder in there.
Your task will be to design, create and present a look based on the women found in casinos. Whether it's opulent, rich females that came to bluff, fool and enchant the rich boy toys, or the working queens that hustle in a casino to pay their bills - it's your choice. You can use any of the fabrics provided, but we also want to see you use some gambling accessories in your looks - such as playing cards, poker chips, dice, etc!
Valentina - since you won the mini challenge, you get a headstart to collect some accessories you'd like to incorporate into your look, before the other hungry queens raid the table!
Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen - start your engines! And may the best woman - win! Good luck!"
After everyone grabbed some accessories, the designing process began. Tyra decided to go for a more sexy blackjack dealer look, creating her jewellery out of the cards and chips. April was creating a very opulent look, and she explained it as he wife of a multimillionaire during a night out with her girls. Katya struggled with coming up with an idea, but she soon got to work, creating herself a headpiece out of playing cards.
Place your bets - RPDR Casino didn't come January 5th, but it did come now! Who will be the Queen of Casino Taurus?
See you soon, gamblers!
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Inside Boston underground Poker Part 1

Seeing as the NY underground poker posts have been so popular, I figure I can give a bit of a different perspective on the underground scene of the mid 2000s. The Boston scene wasn't nearly as big as the NY scene, but there were still some big games and wild characters involved. I started off in small college games, so if you're only interested in the big mob associated games and stuff like that, this first part will probably bore you. I'm not going to bother changing names in the story. If you knew me from that time, it'll be obvious pretty early on who I am.
Back in 2005 I headed out from California to Boston for college. I'm still not sure why I was so set on going to school in Boston over the beautiful California schools that I had been accepted to, but there I was. Facebook was a really new thing at the time, and you needed a college email address to sign up. As soon as I got my college email in about April, I signed up for Facebook and added every cute girl who was living in the same dorm as me. I also signed up for a bunch of Facebook groups, several about poker games around the campus.
The Moneymaker effect was in full swing at this point, and I had an edge. My best friend at the time's dad had taught us poker when we were 14 or so. We got started playing mixed games, I loved 7 stud variants, but over time we transitioned to NLH. When I left for college I had been a regular in a $0.50/1 NLH game at a house in a rich area that played pretty big, and I had been winning regularly. Between that game and playing online, I had turned $200 I had made from my after school job into a $1500 bankroll.
So I arrive in Boston in August and start going to various games. One was in a nook in the school library, a weekly $50 tournament with no rake, unlimited rebuys and insane players. One was in a frat house with a bunch of drunk bros. Then I found Stevo's game. I think Stevo was a senior at that point, he lived in off campus housing, and he had a professional quality poker table in a side room of his apartment. Besides the nice table and personalized "Stevo's Card Room" chips, what set the game apart for me was that it was the first private game I had played in with a dealer, Erik.
I introduced myself to the other players by my real name, but as became my trademark, people knew me better by my card protector. Bubbles She came from a cake my friends had gotten me for my 17th birthday as a joke, and since her base was perfect for sitting on cards, she became my card protector. I knew some of the guys in the Boston scene for 3 years, and many never knew my real name, they simply knew me as Bubbles.
Stevo's was $1/2 NLH with 75% stack match if I remember correctly. So if the big stack on the table had $1600, you could buy in $1200. The game played pretty deep, and with the same players most nights. Many of them had been playing together for a couple of years, so they knew each other well. The first night I went, me and this other guy Chris were the only freshmen there. It turned out we lived 1 floor apart in our dorm, and we became fast friends.
I bought in for the $300 I had brought with me (lolbankroll) and played my normal, pretty tight style. There were a few crazy bluffers on the table, but one guy Phil really stood out for how often he'd try to steal pots. I played some small pots and was up to around $400 when I looked down at AA. Phil raised $8 from EP, I 3b from late position up to $25 and Phil called. The flop came unsuited low cards and Phil bet $30, I raised to $90 and Phil called. The turn came an 8s which brought a flush draw and Phil checked, I shoved and Phil went into the tank. He flipped up KJss and said he thought I had TT or 99 and so he had lots of outs with his 2 overs and flush draw. He asked me if I wanted him to call and I said absolutely. He eventually called and nailed his flush on the river. I headed to the nearest ATM and bought back into the game. I eventually left with about $500 for a $100 loss on the night, but I was hooked. The action was crazy, I had gotten it in great for an $800 pot and lost, and still only lost $100? I was going to make so much money!
The game ran twice a week, and I was always there. I still played in some random other games, but Stevo's was my main hangout. I became pretty good friends with some of the guys, including Stevo and Chris. Chris and I would regularly skip classes to play on Full Tilt all day. Often on Sundays about 5 of us would go to Stevo's place and grind Party Poker, especially when they had their monthly Party Millions tournament. One Sunday I was playing in a huge $50 online tourney on Party, and ended up going all the way and winning it for $22k. Suddenly I had a great big bankroll! I was consistently winning at Stevo's game, and I had picked up a crazy tell on Phil, the big bluffer. When I left Boston for good 3 years later, I'd finally explain to Phil how I had made so much money off of him, picking off so many of his bluffs he'd made against me. Whenever Phil would make a big bluff with nothing, he'd ask his bet as a question. "300?" He'd say, as if asking "is 300 enough to buy this pot?". I made thousands off of this tell.
As time went on, I wanted more than just 2 nights a week of poker at Stevo's and the crappy other games around campus. Phil had mentioned that they would sometimes go to a game in Chinatown, so one day I asked if he'd take me along.
The Chinatown game ran in an apartment unit above, what else, a Chinese restaurant. It was run by a guy named Jay, who seemed pretty nice, but had a temper at times, and people said was connected to the Triad. Apparently Jay knew the game would eventually get broken up by the cops, but he figured he'd get a few years in prison, but the $500k he planned on making from the game before then would be worth it.
The Chinatown game had 5 tables if I remember correctly. They'd have a tournament at 6pm on most nights, and then a cash game would start around 7 from the people busting the tourney as well as others who came just for cash. At first you could just walk in as long as someone went and introduced you to Jay and vouched for you. They had big screen TVs all over the walls, constantly playing High Stakes Poker, they had food delivered in for the players, fridges full of beer and soft drinks, it was great. Eventually the game would get robbed (although some claimed they thought it was a setup by Jay), and a steel door with an electronic bolt and a security camera would be added.
The game itself was a $1/3nl game with $500 max buyin. It played extremely loose, and I started coming by nearly every night. The players were a mix from all walks of life. Since it was an underground room, there was no age restriction, so some rich high school kids were even in the games. There were tons of college students of course. The Harvard kids always thought they were hot shit, but they always seemed to want to be the table bullies, and I'd pick off their bluffs. The MIT kids were another story, they were nothing short of geniuses, and I tried to stay out of their way usually.
I got a reputation for hitting and running the game, because my goal was to make $1000 and then quit for the night. Often when I'd quit early, me, Jay and some of the others guys would play board games for cash or weird random poker variants. I was making a killing in this game. I went out and bought myself a BMW, I was taking girls from the dorms out to $100 a plate dinners, I thought I was the man. It was 2nd semester, early 2006, and I was also failing out of school. I managed to scrape by first semester with a 2.5, already putting me on probation for my academic scholarship, but I didn't care. I called my mom and told her I was going to make more money than her in 2006.
2nd semester, Chris and I had signed up for many of the same classes with the idea that we'd force each other to go, but instead we enabled each other to skip. One Wednesday morning we were supposed to be going to class, and I don't remember who suggested it, but we ended up instead driving up to Montreal for a 5 day weekend. I got a speeding ticket going 95 MPH through Vermont on the way there, Chris got a ticket driving back through Vermont on the way home, but overall it was a great trip. We played some poker at the casino up there, and I made a few hundred bucks which we blew at the bars and clubs.
A few months after the robbery, the Chinatown game got raided by Boston Vice Squad. Apparently having regular cops there didn't help us out any, they had their money taken along with anyone else there. Jay was arrested, but all of the dealers and players were let go after a bit of harassment. Luckily for me, despite being there about 6 nights a week, I wasn't there for the robbery or the bust. However, unluckily my favorite game and my cash cow was gone.
Now I was back to just 2 days a week at Stevo's. I had met a guy named Rich through the Chinatown game, he was often a dealer there but would also play sometimes. Rich hit me up one day and asked if I was looking for another regular game. I told him I was, and got an invite to a game called The Loft. The Loft was a game outside of Boston in Chelsea. It was in an upscale loft and run by a guy named Moon. Moon was a total character. He was probably around 30, had been an engineer for GE, but quit because he rejected the idea of paying taxes. Moon was a conspiracy nut, and as we became friends he'd tell me all kinds of crazy theories, often involving Jews. As a Jew myself, I told him I was sure upset that all of these fun Jewish conspiracies were happening without me!
The Loft was a good game, but not as juicy as the Chinatown game. There were 2 tables, but usually just 1 ran, and it was often the same people every day. Many of them sucked at poker, so I was still making a bunch of money, but some of the shine had worn off. I completely stopped going to classes around this time, but was still living in the dorms and joined a fraternity. This frat was famous for crazy parties, and we'd sell cups for $5 at the door as admission. Eventually a party got busted up by the cops, and the frat president and a few other guys got arrested for selling alcohol to minors. The mayor of Boston went on TV and made an example out of us, calling us the negative Animal House version of a fraternity and calling for harsher regulations for serving alcohol to minors. The national fraternity revoked our charter, and that was the end of that.
The school year was coming to a close, and I was supposed to go home for the summer. I was done at the university, and didn't really know what I was going to do the next year. I drove the BMW all the way home to California and then went with a bunch of friends to Europe for the World Cup. We spent 5 weeks there, went to the 3 US games, and had a great time. I played some PLO in Barcelona despite not really knowing how to play (that was the only game they had there at the time), and I won $1200 by playing no hands for hours until I hit a full house, then getting paid off by the maniac players. When we stopped in Paris I played at the Aviation Club, the swanky poker club a few blocks from the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysees. They told me I couldn't come in wearing tennis shoes, so I went across the street and bought $200 loafers at Lacoste, then proceeded to win $5000 over the course of a crazy 24 hour session. My total expenses for the trip were $5500, and I had made $6200 in poker during the trip, life was amazing!
I ended up deciding to sign up for a program where you spend a year in Israel, get some college credits and volunteer. I ended up doing more drinking and partying than volunteering and studying, and got kicked out of the program halfway through.
I came back to California and went to community college for the semester, before deciding I missed the grind and that I was going to move back to Boston for the 2007-2008 school year and go to community college there (yeah right) but mostly get back to the underground poker grind. I had just turned 20, had about $80k and the BMW, and I was ready to jump back in. I talked to Rich, the guy who had gotten me into the Loft game, and he was still dealing poker around town and was looking for a roommate. I told him I was driving out to Boston the next week from California, and that he should find a 2 bedroom for us near campus. Little did I know, Rich was not to be trusted, and I was in for a shitshow of a year...
Part 2:
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The Queen of Clubs

Miller was sitting in a chair by himself, off in a corner of the poker room, head bent and eyes riveted to the pages of a book. Probably Zen or a gambling story, thought Toby. He peeked down at his two hole cards, a 7 and a 4. He folded and said to the dealer “meal chip” and got up and walked to the bar. He glanced at Miller but only for so long, Miller was so ugly that it was impossible to look directly at him for more than a few seconds. “Maybe that's it,” Toby reflected, “maybe his appearance is why it seems there is a shield around him. It’s impossible to approach him let alone have a conversation.” Miller’s age was impossible to determine, but it was generally acknowledged that he was twenty years younger than he looked.
Toby would have been happy to forget about Miller but the rumor going around was that Miller knew something that everyone in the poker room wanted to know, specifically, how did Miller always end up winning against the most fearsome and avoided poker player in Cook County, Mick Poodles. Poodles always had it, and when he didn’t he made you believe he did. He was impossible to read and sometimes it was felt that he could see through your cards and into your soul. “Soul Reading” it was called, but Toby didn’t believe in black magic or voodoo or soul reading. God dammit, Mick had a scheme going but nobody knew what it was and now here was Miller, making one of his sporadic appearances in the card room. Klein Perkins walked into the bar at that moment and touched Toby on the shoulder. “Tonight is gonna be special, Miller, that ugly fuck, see him, he’s over there in the corner, he’s waiting to get into the $25/50 No Limit game, and Poodles is sitting in it.” Klein pointed to the upper tier of the room, and Toby nodded. “I reckon Poodles has had just about enough of Miller, tonight is the night Miller gets his ass handed to him.”
Miller, contrary to the opinion’s of the poker room fellows, had a wider book range than was expected. He was reading Down and Out in Paris and London for inspiration, in order to keep things within the vision of his gratitude. For as much as it would appear that Miller had little to be grateful for, he always thought himself lucky, favored by fortune. He would look in the mirror when shaving and avert his eyes after a few seconds and even this daily ritual of being horrified by his own reflection did little to dampen his view that life, most likely a little hell hole that got separated from a bigger hell hole, had moments, certainly rare, but for that all the more special, when all of the disparate things in a scene came together with every object resonating to every other object, moving forward according to some grand, good plan. But now Miller became confused because even though he felt blessed to have such far flung notions, it always seemed that just as he was about to have an insight, something that would cause his life to change, the thought would pop like a soap bubble and could no longer be examined with precision, just some lumpy memory that would remain buried in his mind until 10 years later when he would be standing on a sidewalk in some dirty city and the soap bubble would re-incarnate and he would smile at its unforgotten idea and how a moment in the present connected with a moment in the past had revived it.
Miller stood up and placed his book into his bag, collected his coat and his chips, and walked to the upper tier and sat down at the $25/50 no limit game, placing all of the money he possessed upon the green felt.
Miller did not say anything. Nobody said anything to him. He tossed his player’s card to the dealer and stacked the chips in neat small rows. Some players liked one big stack going up 12 inches and higher, but Miller, as if acknowledging his place in the pecking order of things, would make sure his never went higher than 6 inches. His heart beat quicker when the first two cards were dealt, every time he sat down at a card table it was like having an appointment with God and God spoke to him, Miller, through the cards. Miller became confused again because he was unsure how he was supposed to talk with God, it was a one way channel, Miller got the cards from God and then Miller could do with them as he wished. Miller wondered if he was insane because when he won at cards he felt like the favored son, but if he lost it was like having his mother sucker punch him. Miller didn’t wear sunglasses because he knew nobody could look at his face for more than a few seconds, and after having folded his first hand, JJ, pre, in an unopened pot, he smiled inwardly because he knew only the insane played the first hand of a session.
Of course Miller won that night, just like he did all of the other nights. Toby and Klein had kept an eye on the table, on Poodles, and as much as they could of Miller. Little by little Miller ran the table into the ground, even Poodles lost. Miller’s style was, well, Miller as far as they could tell, didn’t have a style, he had the capacity to sit for 10 hours and play 1 hand or 100. He had all the characteristics of a fish, he played the cards and not the man. You could read him like one of his zen books, he played like the old man he was. “Fish on a Heater” was here applicable, but how long would it last?
Miller knew what people were calling him and it always offended him when he thought of the phrase, that it would be applied to him. “I can see the truth through three feet of mud” he thought, “that’s why I win, and surely that is a skill not everyone possesses,” and “I got your fish on a heater hanging, buddy”, and “jam it”, were a few of the offended thoughts that would come to his defense. Then he would get confused and think of more pleasant things, such as the hand from three sessions ago when he bluffed Poodles. He hated playing against Poodles, because Poodles was almost as crazy as he was. “The only player that beats you is the one that can let go of his last cent easier than you.” Miller smiled and did not get confused. Poodles was catching up to him, and the more Miller won the louder the approaching feet of fear became. For Miller, cards was not a hobby or a pastime, it was the ultimate test of character and fate – did mother, father, God, Buddha, Jesus, love him or not? Was the universe really just a series of acts that could be mathematically calculated, or could there be moments when the numbers could be skewed in favor of the miraculous?
Miller had nothing better to think about, he was too ugly, old, and poor to have a woman or a family to occupy his time and thoughts. Probably for the better. He was long past those stormy clouds of his youth when he believed a girl, because she possessed the most fantastically impossible beauty, was pure and innocent, saintly, would enhance and make his life shine. The problem, he thought, was when the saint walked away and I was left alone and it was like going from a room brightened by a summer sun into a cellar, damp, dark, and cold. The soap bubble popped and he sighed.
He decided to count his money and discovered that he won $4528. He had placed on the card table $47,486 and now he possessed over $50k. He had started with $500 and placed it all on a $2/5 table. Since that time he had not suffered a single losing session. He patted himself on the back and told himself that even though he had lost many soap bubbles over the years, sometimes one can float just long enough to make a difference.
An image of Poodles flashed into Miller’s mind and he went back to thinking about the bluff. He had 6 8 off suit and he must have been suffering from winner’s tilt because Poodles raised from the cutoff and he looked at the 6 8 in the small blind and called. He knew the moment he called that he was willfully walking into a mine field. The flop came J 8 5. Miller checked, and true to form Poodles bet a healthy sized continuation bet. Miller knew that Poodles would have a wide range from the cut off. Folding felt wrong, which meant the truth was closer to him having the best hand. He called. The flop was a 4. Miller checked and without much hesitation Poodles bet the size of the pot. Miller’s heart began to beat violently, it was as if Poodles had challenged him to a duel and Miller now had to decide if a pair of eights was worth dying for. Cards were easy if you knew the truth, and Miller was having a hard time determining if Poodles was telling the truth. If Parks was betting this amount on the turn Miller would know he was beat, but this was Poodles, fucking Poodles. He called. The river came a 10. Miller had once showed down quads and Johnson, the player he beat, said, “wow, I thought you were bluffing.” Poodles was sitting in the game and looked at Johnson and said “he never bluffs.” For an instant Miller felt deeply insulted, but determined that if Poodles really thought this he could use this to his advantage in a future session. It occurred to Miller that Poodles had simply wanted to insult him, and he most likely knew that he bluffed sometimes, or at least, rarely. Thinking about the insult and the table waiting for him to do something, Miller became confused and was now uncertain if Poodles thought him capable of bluffing. “Hell, if I go all in I could have the best hand, Poodles doesn’t have shit.” A few seconds later Miller thought poodles might have something, something better than eights. “All In,” Miller told the dealer.
Of course the bluff worked. Miller thought of Gordon Gecko and how selling real estate at a profit was better than sex. Miller, though ugly, was no virgin. “Bluffing Poodles is better than Sex.” He looked at the money on the table, over $50k. For someone like Miller, money was something hard to come by, and to have enough to last him 3 years, for he lived just as austerely as a Franciscan monk, made him feel a sense of exhilaration and freedom. However, he was not through with card playing just yet.
Ten years ago when Miller traveled for the first time, it took him 3 years to return home via Bangkok and Las Vegas. It was the longest drink of freedom he had experienced and it made it that much harder to return to the world of work. Miller discovered early on that he was fit for nothing, and eventually the image dawned on him of a man living a useless life. He prepared himself for an early demise, one which he was still impatiently waiting for. He had relied upon his youth to land him the basest of work, but now that he was well past that his chances of finding employment were slimming in contrast to the expansion of his waist line.
Out of prospects and having little interest in work he decided to let the cards decide his fate. When his bank account dipped to $500 he took the bus to the nearest casino and placed all of it on the table. He did not know the details of what his actions were supposed to produce, but he figured he was either going home with a profit or going to the grave broke. He recalled telling an ex girl friend that if someone is contemplating suicide what needs to be done is a single drastic action. If the drastic action does not kill its hero, he will have changed so drastically from the experience that suicide will have long been forgotten. Miller’s drastic action was to risk his life on the turn of a card. Old and feeling unwanted, it was his last chance to get enough money for a return to the East and freedom.
And now he couldn’t lose. He did not know if it was dumb luck or if his determination to stare down the queen of clubs on the river was bringing him some kind of higher power, up there kind of luck. The problem he now faced was when to quit. When was enough enough? He had never had $50,000, surely that was enough for Miller? It occurred to him that with each passing session the risk of losing all of his cash was becoming more and more unpleasant. Losing $500 sounds easier to bear than losing $50,000, but in the end they both ended up in the same dead end skid row gutter.
And so he continued returning to the casino, once every two weeks, and tonight’s session will be his 24th , and, Miller decided, final one. He had accumulated $178,000 and as he sat down to take his seat in the upper tier, he placed all of it in neat 6 inch columns of chips. He recognized some of the faces, and of course Poodle was sitting in the 2 seat, and he watched him adding on to his stack. “Poodle’s coming after me, I feel it,” Miller thought, and his heart began to beat faster, beads of sweat forming on his furrowed forehead. Toby and Klein and a few others began to talk in low tones about something being in the air tonight, one of them, Poodles or Miller, were going to get gutted.
A few hours passed and Miller was quieter than usual, he rarely spoke but tonight his eyes seemed to be wandering to places other than the card table. Perhaps he was recollecting his childhood and youth, the girls he had known, the sorrows of his life, when he looked down and saw two red aces. He raised from the cut off and Poodles 3 bet him from the button. “This is it,” Miller thought, “the defining hand of my life. I understand who Poodles is now, he’s the final challenge to overcome, the colossus, the shark, dragon, and tiger, and here I am with a sling shot, exposed, but ready to stare him down on the river.”
It folded to Miller and he decided to just call. Out of position, his appearance of timidity, if he was going to win it was going to have to be by trickery, he knew Poodles was the stronger one. “I’m calling the dog down no matter what, this is the hand, Miller, take it to the river and take the outcome like a man.” The flop fell A 10 2, all clubs.
Miller checked. Poodles hesitated for just a moment and Miller picked up on it, something was not right, he thought, and Poodles does a continuation bet for twice the size of the pot. “He’s trying to push me off my hand. His aggressiveness is unforgiving!” lamented Miller. A crowd had gathered around the table, everyone could sense something big was happening. Miller called.
The turn brought the A of spades. A flood of chemicals filled Miller’s blood, it felt as if he had just had the biggest orgasm of his life, all of the tension that had been rising inside of him for the past few hours was now released in a flush of lavender scented bliss. He stopped thinking about what Poodles could have. He did it, Miller, the loser for life, had asked the cards to determine his fate and it had given him four big fat Aces! Miller felt loved as he said in a soft, timid voice, “check.”
Poodles must have the flush, Miller guessed, because Poodles fired a pot sized bet. There was almost $85,000 in the pot. A strange emotion came over Miller, he felt something like compassion for Poodles and decided to give him a chance to not lose his entire stack. Miller sat silent for a full minute, and then squeaked “all in,” and he began to push his chips over the line. Poodles looked irritated and said “just throw a chip in, you don’t need to push it all in there.” Miller kept pushing because he felt comfortable returning an insult with an insult of silence and non-compliance.
“Really, Miller? All of your money in on one hand. God damn. You know what, I’m tired of this shit, lets get it over with.” Miller watched as Poodles flipped in a single chip and said “CALL!” Miller had the habit of turning over his cards before the run out was complete and he flipped over AA and the crowd of men all began gesticulating and talking loudly. Someone shouted “Poodles has the royal!” and a big man with a red ball cap laughed and said “there’s no royal out there, dude.” The river was the jack of clubs. The room went silent, all eyes on Poodles and his two blind cards. Miller looked over at him. He knew, then, that you can’t become what you're not. Miller was a loser, and always would be. “Why didn’t I stop playing one session before this one. God, oh God….”
It felt like what death would be, everything fading into shadowed ghosts, like a curtain closing over Miller’s bloodshot eyes. A thundering mass of voices rose at once when Poodles turned over the king of clubs. He looked over at Miller and saw that Miller was red as a tomato and gazing into the rail. Without waiting he turned over the queen of clubs and the room erupted into cheers. Poodles had beat Miller, just as it should be. Miller stood up, watching his $178,000 being pushed away. Was it any different than had he lost $500 in his first session? Both equaled zero, but feeling rejected by God and standing alone in the middle of a circle of men had to be just about the worst feeling he had ever felt. He picked up his jacket and bag and turning around to leave he found Poodles standing in front of him, smiling. “Way to go, Miller, Nice hand.” Miller looked into Poodles eyes and nodded. Everyone was patting Miller on the back and extending their hands towards him. A floor man appeared and said in a loud voice “Poodles, it looks like you get the bitch end of the jackpot.” Miller’s eyes opened wide and his heart almost stopped and now he recalled the bad beat jackpot. He played so infrequently that he never thought it possible to win such a long shot. He was handed a slip of paper with the amount of his bonus winnings written on it. It was more than he had lost, by a lot. Miller smiled. His life still felt useless, but at that moment the universe was opening its arms to him. He had been slayed by the dragon and had not died. What he was going to do with his winnings he did not know, and he became confused. He had never before been so happy by the arrival of confusion.
TL;DR: just another shit post
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I'm making a comprehensive and tentative guide of every adult swim original available to stream. Here's what I have so far

LAST UPDATED Sep 13th, 2018 [Added some new 24/7 streams]
There is a TON of full adult swim shows that are readily available to steam on their website or elsewhere, and it can be crazy trying to find it all. I've attempted to compile a comprehensive guide for every adult swim original that can or cannot be streamed.
EDIT: So this was featured on adult swims front page, which was cool... until Turner came in and took down most of the youtube videos that weren't on adult swim's channel. It sucks because it was mostly the pilots that you can't find virtually anywhere. I've marked through any video thats been taken down.

Entire Series Free on Website and App

12 oz. Mouse
Apollo Gauntlet
Assy McGee
Ballmastrz: 9009
Black Dynamite
Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule
Fat Guy Stuck In Internet
Home Movies
Hot Streets
Joe Pera Talks With You (includes the infomercial and special)
King Star King
Loiter Squad
Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil
Metalocalypse (includes the rock opera)
Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace (Ep 6 Uncensored Extended)
Mongo Wrestling Alliance
Mostly 4 Millennials
Off The Air
Perfect Hair Forever
Samurai Jack (includes the original CN seasons!)
Sand Whale and Me
Saul of the Mole Men
Space Dandy
Space Ghost Coast To Coast
Stroker and Hoop
Tender Touches
The Brak Show (War Next Door is just a 10 second clip, and since I know you're reading this adult swim please fix this)
The Drinky Crow Show
The Heart, She Holler
The Jellies
The Restless Bell
The Rising Son
Titan Maximum
Tom Goes To The Mayor
Xavier: Renegade Angel
You're Whole

Entire Series Free on Other Sites

Soul Quest Overdrive (Pilot, 1, 2, 3, 4)

Almost Entire Series

These shows have nearly every episode on the site but are missing a few. I'll provide links to the missing episodes if available.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Full seasons 1-9, partial seasons 10 and 11 which are available on Hulu
Dream Corp LLC - Missing "You Down with OCD?" but this changes from time to time. There's usually at least 5 episodes. Available on Hulu.
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole - Missing "Mother To Be-sa", an unaired banned episode. (Download)


All infomercials (specials that premiered at 4am) are on the website, but they're split up. Some are listed as infomercials, some as specials. Sorted them all here in chronological order. Youtube links included if available.
Icelandic UltraBlue (Youtube)
Aziz Ansari's Dangerously Delicious (thanks metaldanirl)
Swords, Knives, Very Sharp Objects and Cutlery (Youtube)
For-Profit Online University (Youtube)
Live Forever As You Are Now With Alan Resnick (Youtube)
Broomshakala (Youtube)
Fartcopter (Youtube)
The Salad Mixxxer (Youtube)
Alpha Chow (Youtube)
Goth Fitness (Youtube)
Too Many Cooks (Youtube)
The Newbridge Tourism Board Presents: "We're Newbridge, We're Comin' To Get Ya!" (Youtube)
In Search Of Miracle Man (Youtube)
Smart Pipe (Youtube)
Book of Christ (Youtube)
Frank Pierre Presents: Pierre Resort Casino (Youtube)
Unedited Footage of a Bear (Youtube)
This House Has People In It (Youtube)
Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep (Youtube)
Big Grams: "Born to Shine" / "Run For Your Life"
M.O.P.Z. (Youtube / Slowed Down Version)
Giles Vanderhoot (Youtube)
Live at the Necropolis: Lords of Synth (Youtube)
NewsHits (Youtube)
Mulchtown (Youtube)
Check It Out! With Scott Clam
The Suplex Duplex Complex
Wet Shapes
Innovation Makers: The Coyote Suit
A Message From The Future
Cool Dad - Official Trailer
Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough (Youtube)
Food: The Source of Life


Adult Swim Golf Classic (Extended) - Adam Scott and Jon Daly play as golfers who share their names
Anime Talk Show / Adult Swim Brain Trust - In 2004, Perfect Hair Forever aired its pilot instead of the announced Squidbillies pilot (Here are the bumps "explaining" it: 1, 2, 3). This special hosted by Space Ghost interviewing Meatwad, Sharko, and Early followed it.
Art Prison - A pilot just turned into a one-off special
Bagboy - Check It Out! spin-off
Brett Gelman's Dinner in America - Includes all three specials
Bushworld Adventures - 2018's second April Fools' prank. It's Australian Rick and Morty!
Cool 3D World "Spurt" - Was once removed from Youtube but now it's back
Earth Ghost - Part of 2011's April Fools' prank, aired after The Room.
First Annual Stupid Morning Bullshit Invitational On The Green - A golf match between Mike Lazzo & Andrew Choe
FLCL: Alternative (Subbed) - Episode 1, part of 2018's first April Fools' prank.
Freaknik: The Musical - Hour-long special starring T-Pain that spawned from That Crook'd 'Sipp
The Greatest Event In Television History - Includes all four specials. Created by Adam and Naomi Scott
Mother, May I Dance with Mary Jane's Fist?: A Lifetone Original Movie - Based on a play of the same name by Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Artemis Pebdani of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame
Mr. Neighbor's House - Includes both specials. Parody of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
Ranger Smith - Boo Boo Runs Wild - Two shorts created by John K. that aired on Cartoon Network before
Scavengers - Toonami special
Soft Focus with Jena Friedman - I don't have much of a description for this, but it's good.
The Xtacles (1,2) - Frisky Dingo spin-off
Toonami Countdown - Supercut of Toonami's 2017 immersion event
Young Person's Guide to History - Includes both parts


These aren't all of them, just the ones that are relatively easily available. Turner keeps taking down the Youtube links, i'll update when I can.
Bad Guys
Captain Sturdy: The Originals
Captain Sturdy: Back In Action
Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge
Chuck Deuce
Coffin Dodgers
Finkel Files
Filthy Sexy Teen$
Gigglefudge U.S.A.
Hindenburg Explodes!
Korgoth of Barbaria
Let's Do This!
Let's Fish (Youtube / Vimeo)
Lewis Lectures
Lowe Country (pt. 2)
Neon Knome
Penguins Behind Bars (Youtube)
Saddle Rash (Youtube)
Snake n' Bacon
That Crook'd 'Sipp (Backup)
The Best of Totally 4 Teens (Youtube)
The Groovenians
The Mark Lembeck Technique
The New Big Ball With Neil Hamburger
The Pound Hole
The Shivering Truth
Tigtone and the Pilot
Trap Universe
Tropical Cop Tales
Welcome to Eltingville (Vimeo)
Yappy Broads

Online Series

I'm only going to list the full series (Thanks bnjrivera for some of these)
Adult Swim Celebrity Poker Tournament Royale
Carl's Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week
Daytime Fighting League (Season 1 on Youtube)
Electronic Game Information
On Cinema
Ricking Morty
The Cry of Mann: A Trool Day Holiday Spectacular In Eight Parts
The Tim Heidecker Trial
Yoga Bro

24/7 Commercial Free Marathons

Dream Corp LLC
Off The Air
Rick and Morty
Robot Chicken
The Eric Andre Show
The Venture Bros.
Williams Stream (Variety of random originals) - The format seems to be 1-2 episodes per show, and the selected episodes usually stay for weeks
App Only:
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Black Jesus
Mr. Pickles

The Rest Are Not Complete And/Or Free

Full series with Hulu subscription (Free partial series on
Black Jesus (as)
Brad Neely's Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio (as)
China, IL (as)
Dream Corp LLC (as)
Eagleheart (as)
Frisky Dingo (as)
Harvey Bridman: Attorney At Law (as)
Hot Package (as)
Moral Orel (as)
Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter (as)
NTSF:SD:SUV:: (as) - Complete Season 3 on internet archive
Rick and Morty (as)
Sealab 2021 (as)
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (as) - 10 Year Anniversary Special only on [as]
Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories (as)
The Boondocks - No free episodes on [as], first and second seasons on internet archive
The Eric Andre Show (as) - Eric Andre Does Paris only on [as]
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (as)
Partial with Hulu:
Aqua TV Show Show / Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever - rest on [as] (see above)
Mr. Pickles (as)- Missing season 3
Robot Chicken (as) - Missing season 9
The Venture Bros. (as) - Season 7 will come and go on [as]
Partial on Website and other sites:
Mike Tyson Mysteries - Few episodes of season 3 on website
Newsreaders - Complete season 1 on internet archive
Childrens Hospital - Seasons 1, 2, and 3 complete on internet archive

Not on Website, Lost Media, and Others:
Jack and Triumph Show - rights issue with NBC, no free streaming links atm, on itunes though

Bonus Archived Blocks / Non-Originals / Misc.:

I will be adding more to this list as I come across them
April Fools' Prank 2010 - Cut of all the bumps in between The Room with Space Ghost interviewing Tommy Wiseau
April Fool's Prank 2011 - The Room full block with Earth Ghost
April Fools' Prank 2012 - The Return of Toonami full block (Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Outlaw Star, The Big O, Yu Yu Hakusho, Blue Submarine No. 6, Trigun, Astro Boy, and Gigantor)
April Fools' Prank 2018 - Subbed Toonami (FLCL Alternative, Mind Game (full movie), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto: Shippuden, Space Dandy, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, and Scavengers)
Daylights Savings 2017 - Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters aired in the extra hour for DST. Includes commercials and bonus episodes of King of the Hill, Rick and Morty, and Ben 10
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Banned Boston Episode - Unaired episode about their Boston bomb scare. Uncensored and unfinished!
Clerks: The Animated Series - aired Friday nights on adult swim in 2008
High School USA! - Fox series made by Dino Stamatopoulos (Moral Orel, Frankenhole). I'm not sure if this aired on adult swim or not.
Mission Hill - Classic old syndicated show. Individual episode playlist on internet archive or Youtube.
The PJ's - Old Fox series by Eddie Murphy.
Wonder Showzen - NOT an adult swim show but for anyone who is a fan of PFFR (Xavier, The Heart She Holler), this is an essential watch. Besides, adult swim wanted this show anyway.
If you notice any broken or missing links, please let me know! Likewise, if you have any material that could go here, leave a suggestion (I've personally been specifically searching for full blocks of their 16th Anniversary weeks). Happy Streaming!
submitted by certaintrips to adultswim [link] [comments]

[MF] Im the luckiest man in the world

I was once known as the luckiest man in West Chester.
Everything I touched turned to gold. I had the Midas touch, people would say.
Luck just seemed to follow me around
I have won every hand of poker I have ever played.
Nowadays it's hard to find a place to let me play. It can get quite boring winning all the time anyway.
I bought the winning scratcher every time. They soon got sick of me down the lottery headquarters. They even tried to investigate me. They thought I was scamming the system.
I have never lost a coin toss. Never even lost an argument
I didn't know what bad luck was.
It had its drawbacks though. Didn't have many friends, because people would be too envious of me. Jealousy is a strange emotion. People love to see you down. Then hate you when you are up.
It also brought me unwarranted attention from a few unsavoury characters. Fellas wanting to cash in on my luck.
The luck didn't seem to work in that way. Bad things happened to the people who benefited from my luck.
A couple of gangsters got wind of my good fortune and wanted in.
One evening when I was getting into my car. I get jumped from behind and the next thing I remember I was being led into a casino by two fairly large, bald, Russian gangsters. To put a bet on a number on the roulette table.
If I didn't do it, my wife was getting shot, if I lost me and my wife were getting shot.
They hand me 200 thousand dollars. I pick my luckiest of numbers, twenty-one. As I watched the wheel going around. I suddenly found myself doubting my luck.
The ball bounced eight times before it came to a rest. My heart began beating out through my chest as the number landed on twelve.
I look up at the two Russians and they were celebrating. I look at the wheel again, twenty-one. I feel an enormous weight lift off my chest. I hand the money over to the two Russians. They told me they would be in contact with me for some future fun. They slap me on the back as they went skipping out of the casino.
A group of rival gangster were waiting for them outside. As soon as they stepped outside they open fire. Gunning down my two kidnappers in a hail of bullets. Stray bullets hitting the innocent people who just so happen to bet on my number as well. Killing them as they collected their winnings
When I think back on it, everyone around me fell on hard times. Everyone around me was miserable, while everything just fell into place for me.
No wonder my family hated me.
The best thing my luck brought me was my wife Amy.
She was the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She had the most angelic face with the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen.
The one and only time I ever got rear-ended by another car. The woman driving so happened to be my future wife.
Things didn't start out too well for her though. Not long after we got married her parents died. Then the miscarriages started happening. Doctors couldn't find a reason for it, just bad luck they said.
Then came the lottery win. 6.5 million dollars. I thought this was what my wife needed to lift her from this terrible depression she found herself in.
We decided to go on a holiday to France. Ever since she was a child she longed to see Paris.
That dream soon turned into a nightmare.
We decided to go for a romantic meal in the city and after we went for a stroll.
As we walk down Rue de la Paix, she told me things were starting to feel fussy in her head and then she just collapsed.
The doctors told me it was cancer. It had already progressed aggressively and she had a week at best.
Both our families had flown in.
We had decided to let her spend her dying days in Paris, just make her comfortable and let her rest.
Since the families paid their own way over I decided to treat them with some of my lottery winnings.
I booked them into the fanciest hotels and treated them to dinner in the finest restaurants.
I even booked out the whole first class cabin for their journey home.
I had to stay behind to finalise some issues with the hospital.
When I got back to my hotel room I flicked on the news to a breaking news report about a plane crash that only killed all the first class passengers of the plane.
As the news of the plane crash was sinking in, I get a message to my phone. My wife's life insurance policy was just credited to my account.
2.3 million dollars.
Even when I'm down, I'm up.
The story of my life.
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Post Monero Meetup Las Vegas, DefCon-26 9-12/8/18

Post Monero Meetup Las Vegas, DefCon-26 9-12/8/18
"I find your lack of faith disturbing" - Darth Vader
Monero Meetup Report

Las Vegas, Defcon-26 9-12/8/18

Caesar's Palace
DefCon draws crowds of 25,000 attendees over a 3 day period. This year, DefCon booked conference and banquette halls in both Caesar's Palace and the Flamingo. In addition to the Monero/BCOS Village, there were several other interesting villages such as the Biohacking, Ethics, and Car Hacking Villages. Unfortunately since I was using a crappy burner phone for the entirety of the conference, I didn't take any photos of the DefCon conference itself. Instead, I will take you on a journey through Las Vegas and tell you the story of the Monero meetup that extended well beyond the walls of DefCon.
Main Entrance at Caesar's
Tables in Caesar's
When I arrived Thursday afternoon, the Monero Village was still being prepared but we all met up to grab some lunch and drinks at Carlos'N Charlie's. This was by far the hottest day during my stay in Vegas with temperatures ranging between 39-41 C (102-108 F). Umbrellas and drinks made sitting outside bearable.
Carlos'N Charlie's
Outdoor Seating
It was great to meet in person so many of the people I respect and follow within the community. Certainly a little awkward at first but by the end of the conference, I felt quite comfortable with my new friends. Rehrar wrote a Monero Village Summary with a list of a majority of the Monero community members present. I was so jet lagged Thursday night I passed out before the Thursday evening festivities.
Friday morning we started Monero Village presentations with talks exploring Inside Monero, Open Source Hardware, and Security Issues in Crypto Software Wallets. There was also a workshop for tinkering with the BitBox Hardware Wallet.
Inside the Monero Village (photo courtesy of u/Rehrar)
Friday night, 11 of us went out for dinner at Carmine's. At first they told us it would be a 2 hour wait but then got all of us seated in 15 minutes without a reservation on a Friday night. This restaurant is part of an entire eating/shopping center within Caesar's Palace that is designed to look like it is outside, with fake sky and exterior walls.
Fountain of the God's near Carmine's
Above the Reflecting Pool further down in Caesar's
After dinner, we moved to Paris Casino where we split into smaller groups to gamble. It was here that I first played Pai Gow Poker. Unlike trading Monero, you lose money slowly in this game. As the night went on, our group got much smaller and 5 of us followed u/needmoney90 back to his hotel at The Wynn.
The Wynn
Cool view while walking to the Wynn
It was actually super awesome that u/needmoney90 rented this hotel room. It was about a 25 minute walk from DefCon but a great place for Monero social gatherings. Friday night after several drinks and gambling, the 5 of us discussed a wide range of topics relating to the development of Monero's community and various technical concerns, such as the potential pollution of Monero outputs. This brainstorm session was highly productive and fun.
Saturday the Monero discussion continued with presentations from the VP of Security at Coinbase, u/fluffyponyza, u/SamsungGalaxyPlayer, and u/anonimal_0x914409F1. Michael (msvb) lead a workshop on programming your Monero badges and later a panel of several of the previous speakers took place. After Saturday's DefCon presentations ended, a few of us followed u/pwrcycle to begin getting several dozen gallons of ice to fill up two huge bathtubs with beer and ice in the Monero Party room. Several other people came to help set up various other party logistics like hanging signs, setting up tables, and arranging furniture. By 8 pm, we were all ready for the party which started at 9 pm.
After helping set up, I walked over to the Wynn to meet up with u/needmoney90. When I stepped outside, it was now getting dark outside and there were very strong gusts of dust filled winds. A sandstorm had emerged. I made the exhilarating trek from Caesar's to the Wynn through 60 mph winds. (Source) Probably stupid, but hey that was one of the most exciting adventures I've experienced.
When I arrived, u/needmoney90, oneiric, and I chilled for a bit as we waited for the storm to pass. After a bit we Uber'ed to Caesar's, where the Monero Party was being held. It turns out there was another DefCon party being held at Caesar's so the elevators were completely packed with long lines spilling out into the casino floor. We finally got through the line and arrived at the party.
Upstairs view of the Monero Party (photo courtesy of u/fluffyponyza)
Monero Party! (photo courtesy of u/fluffyponyza)
In the style of the previous night, this party was highly productive for me. I had the opportunity to talk with several of the senior Monero core members about a wide range of topics from the impact of polluted outputs, to the Monero community, to the shared struggle of unfortunate life events.
The night came to a close around 1:30 am when hotel staff came in to shut down the party. Myself and several other core Monero team members stayed for the next hour or so cleaning up the hundreds of beer cans and cups. I was very impressed with the way our team handled the hotel staff who insisted on kicking everyone out with no exceptions but managed to reach a compromise where those cleaning were not escorted out. It was nice to see the emergent teamwork and collective synergy that our group displayed.
We represent the Monero community. It is of the upmost importance that we present a professional, respectful, and dignified image of the Monero community. We will be back at Caesar's Palace, let's leave a good impression.
The night ended and I went home. Sunday morning Monero Village talks included a deep dive into crypto attack vectors with u/SarangNoether, an exploration of various groups within the crypto ecosystem with u/midipoet, and an overview of the Monero Community with u/SamsungGalaxyPlayer. I had a wonderful opportunity to continue the conversation with many of the people I spoke with at the party and expand on the Sunday presentations before DefCon ended at 2 pm.
Several of us decided that we were going to first grab some lunch at In'N Out before heading to the Flamingo to hang out at the pool and play blackjack.
The Flamingo Casino
Pool at the Flamingo
The Three Monero's chillin at the pool (I'm in the middle)
Just before sunset we all headed back to u/needmoney90's hotel at the Wynn to grab some food and gamble since it turns out the blackjack table was closed at the Flamingo pool. Somehow we had perfect timing and caught this awesome view from u/needmoney90's hotel.
Sunday Night Sunset (photo courtesy of u/SamsungGalaxyPlayer)
Fluffy ponies at the Wynn
Sunday Night Dinner at the Wynn
We played Roulette for a while after dinner and I was too tired to continue the night but the rest of the guys played Poker until 4 am or something.
There were plenty more pictures that I couldn't include in this post because Reddit has a max of 20 images per post and Imgur is being difficult. So, if you would like to see more pictures and stay updated with me and my Monero adventures, follow me on my new Twitter and Instagram accounts. I'll be adding content from my recent travels to Belgium and the Ukraine in addition to more Vegas photos. Until my next adventure...
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Las Vegas trip report (restaurant heavy)

I went on vacation to Las Vegas with my wife from July 2nd-7th. This was my 5th trip and our 3rd together. Here's my (excessively long) trip report:
This time we stayed at the Cosmopolitan, and we had a Terrace Studio Fountain View room. It was our first stay at Cosmo (I'd been to Wynn, Luxor, Aria Sky Suites, and Bellagio previously), and the hotel was great. I thought our room was nicer than the one we had at Bellagio last year and for a cheaper price (friend who is a travel agent got us a pretty good deal). Literally the only downside I can think of is not being able to listen to the fountain music on TV. We were in the Chelsea Tower (which is larger than Boulevard), and had a great balcony view.
Cosmo definitely attracts a younger crowd than some of the other casinos on the strip- lots of people in their 20s and 30s staying here. There are two main pools, one in each tower. When we went down to the Chelsea Pool around 11am on the 3rd, literally every seat was already taken. Note: Chelsea Tower is much larger than Boulevard, but its pool is much smaller. We hiked over to the Boulevard Pool and settled in. Great view looking over the strip with a livlier atmosphere than you'll find at the Bellagio's pools. Also worth noting the water is pretty shallow- no more than 4' deep. The most amusing part of our swimming experience was watching an Asian kid, probably 10 years old, swim all around the place, bumping in to every other group there, and saying hi. Seemed odd that he was basically on his own at that age, but he was clearly having a helluva time.
One of the best parts about Cosmo is its location- right in the center of the strip, which makes an easy walk to most of the other casinos. It has a great selection of restaurants (see below) and modern decor as well. One notable omission in my opinion is it doesn't have any shows/productions in house. The casino also doesn't have a poker room, but I didn't end up playing during this trip anyhow. Easy walk to the Bellagio or Aria poker rooms regardless.
Checkin to the hotel was very easy. Our flight got in to Vegas at about 8am on Sunday, so the room wasn't ready yet when we arrived. They took down all my info, and we left our bags with the bellhop. They sent a text message when the room was ready around noon, and they brought the bags up to our room. I used the online checkout on Friday morning. Easy peasy.
Side note- I'd never used Uber before this trip. Definitely recommend it for others in the same boat. Cheap/easy to use, and I liked riding with the average Uber driver more than the average cabbie. Each hotel has its own pickup/dropoff location for UbeLyft- just ask any employee, and they'll point you in the right direction. I never had to wait more than five minutes to get my ride.
The only show we saw on this trip was Ka at the MGM Grand. I'd pretty much recommend any Cirque du Soleil show on the strip- they're all pretty amazing. O at the Bellagio is probably my favorite, but Ka was great in its own right. Supposedly it's unique among Cirque shows in that it has a big storyline, but uh... I'd just say there's not much of one. Amusing moment before the show: I get a text message from my wife, who is sitting right next to me. "Am I sitting next to a drag queen?" I looked over. Yes, yes you are.
We also made a trip to the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. I felt like the line for tickets was pretty absurdly long. I realized the reason for that when we got in- the whole aquarium was about half as big as I expected, so they needed to keep the flow of people in fairly slow. Having said that, the exhibits they did have were great, and there was no shortage of staff floating around to answer any questions you might have. Definitely a good spot to bring the family to in Vegas.
The biggest reason we love Vegas is the food. Yes, my wife and I are the annoying people who post pictures of thier food on Facebook. The great thing about Vegas is there's multiple restaurant for just about any cuisine you can imagine right on the strip.
Wicked Spoon Buffet at Cosmopolitan (7-2-17 brunch): I like to hit up a buffet once whenever I visit Vegas, and none have disappointed. These places definitely aren't the Golden Corral. Our flight got in pretty early Sunday, so stuffing ourselves at the buffet and having extra time before dinner seemed like a good idea. To start things off, I'm a sucker for an omelette station, so I grabbed a Denver style omelette. Added some cheesy hash brown casserole (one of the best things I had), and a verrine. I have no idea what a verrine is, but it was basically a shot glass filled with mashed avocado, grapefruit, and a bit of crab. Good stuff. Had I stopped here, I would have had a normal sized brunch by most people's standards. Of course the entire point of a Vegas buffet is getting full value by stuffing yourself so full you can't walk, so I made more trips.
Next up I grabbed a jerk chicken thigh, a few pieces of spicy tuna sushi, some house-made italian sausage, and yogurt/fruit. The jerk chicken was perfect in that after the first bite I thought- that's not that spicy. 3 bites in, I'm feeling it a bit. By the end, I'm chugging my coffee/juice.
Finally it was time for dessert. When I first visited Vegas back in 2005, my friend informed me that the #1 rule of Vegas buffets is that you must try the bread pudding. You are not supposed to question the reasoning behind the rule, nor are you supposed to debate whether it's necessary. You simply do it. Wicked Spoon featured a bourbon white chocolate bread pudding. It was good, but I wasn't sure what to make of it since it tasted more like butterscotch than bourbon to me. I also had half a mango danish and some little chocolate tart. I thought I was done at this point until my wife brought back some gelato. I couldn't sit there and watch her eat, so I ended up getting some coconut-lime gelato for myself. The selection is pretty ridiculous- about 18 flavors to choose from. After the gelato, I finally waved the white flag.
Picasso at Bellagio (7-2-17 dinner): We've been wanting to visit Picasso for a while now. I was going to book a reservation here for our honeymoon back in 2014, but as it turns out they typically take a 2 week vacation in July every year. We ran into the same problem last year, but they were open on Sunday the 2nd this time before closing. Finally, we had our chance.
Picasso is basically fancy-pants French fine dining at its best. If you've ever seen the movie Ocean's Eleven, the restaurant scene was filmed there. We were seated at a table next to the window with the Bellagio fountain outside, and my wife had a real Picasso painting above her shoulder. So uh... not bad. I wore a suit and tie, but you really don't need to- wear khakis and a nice shirt, and you'll fit in fine.
We both ordered from the four course prix fixe tasting menu. My goal when eating out at nice places is to get stuff I don't cook myself / haven't tried much before. First course I got the poached oysters. The dish was basically smooth, melt-in-your-mouth like butter. Next up was the foie gras. This was the second time I've foie gras, and I've decided it's just not my thing. I could tell it was prepared properly, but I just don't think it has much flavor. The rhubarb chutney on the side was good, though. For the entree, I had the roasted milk-fed veal chop. After the first bite I literally started laughing, basically thinking, "Where has this been all my life?" Literally one of the best things I've ever eaten. If I had to nitpick, it was cooked a touch rare for my liking. But it was amazing. I wanted a lighter dessert given how much food I'd stuffed myself with that day, so I got a pineapple tart with prickly pear sorbet. Almost too pretty to eat.
Picasso is definitely the type of restaurant you take your date to if you're wanting to impress them. I like Le Cirque a bit more based on my two trips there previously. Le Cirque is a much smaller restaurant, just feels like a more intimate setting, and the service seemed a little more personal. But really you can't go wrong either way. Also, it was a nice touch seeing the chef, Julian Serrano, as we left the restaurant.
China Poblano at Cosmopolitan (7-3-17 lunch): The best way to explain China Poblano is that it seems like one person wanted to start up a Mexican restaurant at Cosmo, one person wanted to start up a Chinese restaurant, and then some executive asked, "Why don't we have both?" There are literally two different kitchens in the same restaurant, and the food is served tapas style- dishes just come out one by one whenever they're ready.
We started off with the queso fundido for an appetizer- pretty standard stuff. I ordered two tacos from the Mexican menu, one taco suadero (brisket), one carnitas. The brisket was good, the carnitas was great. Because if eating a taco with pork rinds on it is wrong, then I don't want to be right. I decided to get Mongolian beef lettuce from the Chinese menu, because I remember reading an IAMA from a Chinese restaurant owner a while back who said that was one of the best things on the menu that people rarely ordered. And he was right. We skipped dessert since our stomachs were still half full from eating the day before.
Estiatorio Milos at Cosmopolitan (7-3-17 dinner): Milos is proof that food doesn't have to be fancy to be fantastic. They just use high-quality ingredients, use a simple preparation, and let the food do the talking. The neat part about this place is that they really don't have specific fish on the menu. Instead you walk up to the fish case, pick out the one you want, and let your server know how you want it prepared. And marvel at the produce while you're at it.
We ordered the tzatziki as an appetizer, and at first I wasn't going to take a picture of it since it's just tzatziki. And then I tasted it. And I decided it deserved a picture- the best I've ever had. Next up was a Greek salad which was ridiculously good. Those definitely aren't the tomatoes you buy at Kroger. We chose lithrini, which seemed like a generic white fish, for our entree. Pan-seared with lemon, capers, and herbs. Some basic potatoes and broccoli for our sides. Milos is one of our top recommendations for people visiting Vegas.
Milk Bar at Cosmopolitan (7-3-17 dessert): We skipped dessert at Milos because we wanted to try out the Milk Bar. I grabbed one of the much-hyped compost cookies, which I actually thought was nothing special, and a spiked chocolate malt milkshake. The shake was awesome. I ended up coming back later in the trip and got a spiked coffee shake as well. Not sure they're worth $12 apiece, but you're in Vegas, so what the hell.
Eiffel Tower Restaurant (7-4-17 lunch): My wife had put this on the list of places to visit a month ahead of time, so we ended up going here for lunch. You enter the restaurant by going up an elevator in the main floor of the casino, and the doors open to give you a nice view of the kitchen. I always like restaurants where you can see people work in an open kitchen, so I thought this was a nice touch. We had reservations for when the restaurant opened, so we managed to snag one of the best tables in the place with a great view of the strip. We started off with the cheese tray as an appetizer, which was most notable for the honeycomb. I think that's the first time I've ever had real honeycomb, and it was delicious. I decided to go brunch-ish for my meal and order the lobster eggs benedict, which was easily the best eggs benedict I've ever had. We shared a frozen strawberry souffle for dessert, and the best compliment I can give about this is that we immediately began looking up recipes to make our own when we got back to our hotel room. Overall a great meal, and I think we'll head back here for dinner during our next trip to Vegas.
Tetsu at Aria (7-4-17 dinner): I'd wanted to visit a Japanese steakhouse while in town (especially since the favorite place in my town was run down by new ownership and closed), and I was a little surprised to find there weren't many options. Tetsu is actually a sectioned off portion of the BarMasa restaurant in Aria, and you can order sushi from BarMasa's menu while there. Which I did. I'm far from a sushi connoisseur, but I thought it tasted like a standard salmon roll- good, but I wasn't blown away by it or anything.
As far as the hibachi grill itself goes, the first thing to note is that the chefs basically just prepare the food in front of you but don't put on any sort of show. So if you're wanting to impress the family with a flaming onion volcano and eggs juggled on a spatula, this isn't your place. It's about the food, and the food was fantastic. I had the whole lobster, which is every bit as good as it looks. The chili shrimp cilantro fried rice was as good as the lobster, and I had some brussels sprouts on the side. My wife got the fingerling potatoes as a more photogenic side dish to her chicken. They also serve prime A5 Japanese Ohmi beef, but I couldn't justify spending $132 on a 4 oz steak. We had chocolate sesame ice cream for dessert, and the sesame was actually a lot stronger than I thought it would be (might actually put some people off).
Of course one of the fun parts of eating at these places is talking to people seated with you at the table. One of the ladies next to us teased a server, trying to get his name badge, Harvey (definitely not his given name), since apparently a guy named Harvey founded the golf club she worked at. Even went so far as to summon the manager to see if she could get the badge, but ultimately she failed in her negotiations. Everyone at the table had a laugh about the situation.
Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay (7-5-17 lunch): We were looking for a lunch spot down on this end of the strip before heading to the aquarium, and the Burger Bar (actually located in a walkway between Mandalay Bay and Luxor) came recommended by several people. To start with, they had a great beer menu. I ordered the classic bacon cheeseburger with onion rings. Great burger, cooked perfectly. I know there are several excellent burger joints on the strip, so it's probably not worth making a special trip far out of your way to come here. It's a great option if you want a burger and are on the south end of the strip, though.
Lemongrass at Aria (7-5-17 dinner): Next up, some Thai food. We had some pot stickers for an appetizer, which I thought were pretty average. Nothing to stand out here from your average takeout in either taste or presentation. My wife decided to order some wonton soup to share, and I'm glad she did. It was freakin' amazing- easily the best part of the meal. I wanted something light for my meal, so I ordered the garlic and lime steamed cod. The surprised reaction of the waitress seemed to imply that nobody ever ordered that. It was good, but you better love lime if you get it.
As luck would have it, the one time we received poor (exceptionally slow) service on the trip was when we had our meal before a show. We had to skip dessert so that we could make it down to MGM Grand in time to see Ka.
Olives at Bellagio (7-6-17 lunch): We thought about hitting up Lago for lunch, but since we were headed to Sinatra for dinner we wanted to avoid back to back Italian. Olives had a nice deal on a 3 course prix fixe lunch menu, so we ordered from that. I had the Caesar salad to start, followed it up with fish and chips, and finished it off with tiramisu. A bit of an odd combo, but a good meal. Nothing exceptional. Great server, though.
Sinatra at Encore (7-6-17 dinner): Another place we'd wanted to visit on previous trips but never had a chance to. There's tons of Frank Sinatra themed memorabilia in the place, including a Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar as you walk in the door. I'd describe the place as lively but classy as hell- which is pretty much what you'd want when going to a Rat Pack themed place.
To start off with, I ordered an Old Fashioned. It's one of my favorite drinks to order because everyone does it differently, and you never know what you're going to get. Well, it was the best Old Fashioned I've had in my left. I meant to ask the waiter what type of boorbon they used, but ultimately forgot. We ended up sharing the estiva for an appetizer, which is basically a watermelon salad. I ordered the gnochetti for my entree, which tasted great, but the portion size kind of left me wondering where the rest of it was. We shared the panna cotta for dessert, which was as good as it looked.
Eggslut at Cosmopolitan (7-7-17 breakfast): Eggslut is a casual stand at Cosmo that pretty much sells egg sandwiches all day long. I had the Fairfax with bacon, which is pretty much what they're known for. I think the reason why it was such a great sandwich was they kept the eggs inside creamy, whereas most breakfast sandwiches have the eggs cooked hard as a rock. When you walk up to the place your first thought is- whoa! Only $8... finally a reasonably priced meal. And then you realize they charge $5 for a cup of coffee or orange juice, and you remember you're still in Vegas. Regardless, this place is a good stop for breakfast or a late night snack.
Overall a great trip. Can't wait to go back again and try some different places.
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Any info on craps tables in Paris?

Any craps tables in Paris? I remember going to a few different poker rooms there but they were not like normal casinos no advertising or obvious at all. I tried to get some info online but not much luck. Has anyone ever played craps in paris and if so can you point me in the right direction. Thanks
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Several Vegas trips under my belt

So I wanted to post this not for anything other than for more information for those who come to this sub here for exactly that. Some of this may be repetitive but it can’t hurt to have additional opinions.
Hotels: To clarify, I have always been comp’d rooms due to my play, so I can’t speak specifically to prices, just to what I see.
-Rio: Stayed here. It was huge. Off the strip so was a bit inconvenient but affordable, and now with ubelyft, it may not be a bad option. They have a Seafood buffet which is solid, but wouldn't say "top notch." One very cool thing for poker players, is if you go in the summer, from about May to end of July, you are bound to see some of the top poker players in the world, as the WSOP is there.
-Paris: Stayed here. Hotel is nice. That’s really the best word to describe it, because the rooms are average, clean, pretty standard size. Casino is pretty spacious, cool theme obviously. Always seems like day time even in the late hours of the night. Pizza place there was not great. Buffet there is decent. A lot of different than most others, as they make fresh Crepes and have a French theme, again, obviously.
-Casesars: Stayed here. This is THE largest hotel in Vegas. I believe the Bellagio and like 2 other casinos can fit (square foot wise) inside in this hotel. Mainly because of how large the shops are. The rooms are very nice. Fairly standard for the most part, can’t hurt to ask for an upgrade here. It is a very busy hotel/casino, but is so spread out. Sports book is enormous! If sports are your thing, go here to hang. Sit at the bar right there and play some video poker even. They have a decent café/ eatery area for like quick food, which includes your standard Chinese food, burger place, pizza place, etc. HIGHLY RECOMMEND – Searsucker Restaurant. I believe 430-6 is their happy hour. My fiancé and I went there and we ate very well with an app, and drinks and was like 50 bucks. Get duck fat fries!
-Linq: Stayed here. Probably my favorite place to stay, in many ways. This won’t be the most luxurious place, however the rooms are “different and modern. The hotel is smaller, the casino is smaller but it’s really not a big deal. Just like Caesars and Bellagio, this is pretty much the center of the strip and in the center of it all. Behind the linq is the “High Roller” wheel ride. Leading to the ride, is a walkway and alley of shops and places to eat and drink. All are very good. Highly suggest Flour and Barley for good pizza and beer. Pizza Is brick oven, and suggest the homemade pesto. The beer selection is pretty stellar, for those beer drinkers who like to experience. For the crowd that likes to gamble and party at the same time, O’sheas bar is IN the casino but also leads to the strip. This place is open 24 hours, and has all gambling games inside it (except for slots, although there may be one BIG slot in there). They also have beer pong tables that they provide you with all the stuff. Again, this is highly recommended place to stay, so you aren’t stuck on the end of strip.
-Venetian: Stayed Here. I lied above when I said I never paid for hotels. Staying here I went on Travelocity and got a deal for 5 nights and flight for like $900? I stayed alone because I was traveling for my sister’s wedding. This place is pretty phenomenal. All rooms are suites, technically. Very nice, very big. The Venetian and Pallazo are basically the same place. The rooms are identical and the casino is fairly similar as well. Ate at CUT Steakhouse which was VERY good, clearly very pricy however. All other hotels, I have not stayed at, yet. I don’t think you could go wrong with a hotel, however I would avoid Excalibur, Circus Circus and the Flamingo.
-Criss Angel: Avoid altogether. Show was overpriced and his act is old.
-Penn & Teller: I enjoyed this show. This is at the Rio however, so will need to travel there since you can’t walk there. Show was funny, action packed and of course magical.
-Mat Franco: Good show. Very personal audience as it doesn’t seat many people. It’s got a feel good vibe to it.
-Mac King (Magic): for what you pay, it’s a good show. It won’t break the bank, and there are afternoon shows which is a great way to beat the heat and relax and enjoy some magic and slapstick comedy. He won’t wow you but definitely make you scratch your head.
-Mariah Carey: Now this was a 30th birthday present for my fiancé and I got great seats. It turned out that we sat right next to her kids, so she came to visit that area frequently which was very cool. She really is a great performer, and as a guy, the show was pretty good. She does a lot of costume changes, and sings a lot of older songs. I have heard from others that the show is good, and is MUCH better than Celine, for what it’s worth.
-Absinthe: This is an absolute MUST SEE. Saw this and it is really hard to describe this show in all honesty. It is a mixture of acrobatics, talents (i.e. juggling, etc.), Raunchy comedy, and just a really good time. Don't see this with parents. This is really a great show, and they change it all the time. i saw this show and explained a few acts to my friend, and he said that is not what he saw, so it really keeps the show electric since the actors/perfomrers are really into new stuff.
-Hash House (Linq): food was good. Expensive but its shareable. Chicken and waffles are good
-Bellagio Café: I like this place for a good breakfast. It’s little pricy, but not too bad honestly. It’s our favorite breakfast spot so far.
-Guy Fieri’s (Linq): Pretty decent spot. Price is pretty good. One of the best burgers I’ve had. Good brisket nachos too
-Caesars Buffet: Best buffet in my opinion. Great selection, food that is supposed to be hot, is hot.
-Bellagio Buffet: Terrible. Waited forever, was SO expensive. Food was not good honestly.
-Paris buffet: It’s okay. Price is Okay. Seriously is just Okay.
-General comment of casino restaurants: Do your research before going. Check out the menu. Don’t go to one of these places thinking you’re going to get an app, 2 dinners and drinks for under 100 bucks in most cases. The steakhouses in Vegas are some of the best in the country. A tip for saving a few dollars, is don’t eat normal meal times. Eat a later breakfast, eat an earlier dinner. Lunch may not happen, OR eat snacks. You can easily go to walgreens and get a 5 dollar sandwich.
Bruxie: saw a suggestion for this place and they said $5 waffle wednesdays. Yes it's true. they always have a chicken and waffle special for $5 on wednesday. they made us show them the facebook promo or something but wasnt difficult. could probably just open the website on your phone. I really liked the food. i thought the chicken was really good and honestly, for five bucks, quite a steal.
Jaburritos: this was right in the alley of the linq. was okay. a bit pricey for "fast food" type, but i didnt mind it. interesting concept in my opinion. was more of a whim visit.
-All casinos will have fairly expensive table minimums. Expensive meaning, you have to search for 5 dollar blackjack and Craps. Mostly going to be $10 or $15. Slot play is comparable all over. Bellagio has a lot of slots, but you can say the same about Caesars and MGM, etc.
-Mob Museum: very cool experience. I recommend it. You can take the Deuce (bus) there, and then walk right to Fremont after.
-Pawn Stars: If you are a super fan of the show, then go. Otherwise just avoid. Very small, you won’t see one of the stars of the show, everything is super expensive.
-Fremont: Fun to go to, especially to see history. I don’t recommend eating anywhere here lol. My fiancé did the zip line, she enjoyed it.
-New York New York: I am putting this here, because this place fascinates me. The area that looks like NY streets and such for the shops, is just pretty cool to me. Nathans here is good. I have gone with my father and my future father in law, and they both agree it is very similar to old time Nathans.
I have really mashed up a lot of visits to Vegas here, and definitely leaving out tips and tricks im sure. Let me know if I can answer anything else! Win BIG!
Exotics Racing: Gave my fiance this for her birthday last year. i bought her 5 laps in whatever car she wanted. she chose the Audi R8. She LOVED IT. they were very careful with all buyers, and even offered drifting laps to folks just there to watch. They have a pro drifter from fast in the furious (when i was there at least) that would drift for a few laps. it was a sight to watch. Its a bit pricey, but they run specials here and there. If you are looking to splurge and like cars, then this is for you.
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FunFair - An In-Depth Analysis (Updated April 25th)

FunFair has been up to a lot of things, and thus, the post made a few months ago is quite outdated. I’ve written this just to keep the subreddit updated, and to have a nicely formatted post full of information regarding FunFair for both newcomers and “veterans”. This post will be updated more often than not, and when the time comes for a new one again, it shall be written! Cheers.

What is FunFair?

FunFair is a decentralized gaming technology platform which uses the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, and proprietary state channels (Fate Channels) to deliver casino solutions with state of the art games that are fast, fun, and fair.
FunFair is not a casino. Instead, FunFair will license its technology out to casino operators. Being a casino carries with it risks and burdens stemming from statutory and regulatory hurdles. Being a licensing entity instead, provides legal safeguards and will enable a more widely used platform.

Why was FunFair created?

There are many costs, headaches, and complications with online casinos. Briefly, they are the fees associated with operations (servers, infrastructure, large employee-base, fraudulent activity investigations, chargebacks) etc. Attracting players and gaining their trust comes afterwards, which is another issue within itself. There is a blatant trust issue with conventional online gaming that FunFair aims to diminish, while creating a seamless experience for both operator and player.

The Market.

Online gambling is a large market: Currently over 47.1 billion dollars in market volume and projected to continue increasing quite exponentially. FunFair is also attempting to capture a new market of casino operators and players that aren’t currently factored into this estimate.

The Team.

The FunFair team consists of 40+ developers, industry executives, and professionals. They have one of the largest teams in cryptocurrency. Feel free to check them out on their website:
Notably, the first five employee profiles presented on the website are:
Jez San OBE, Founder, CEO
Jez San is a British technology entrepreneur and investor whose pioneering work in the field of real time 3D computer graphics led to being awarded the OBE for services to the computer games industry.
Jez founded Argonaut Software in his teens and designed the first chip used to power 3D games including multi-million-selling Star Fox, Harry Potter and Croc. He also founded 3D online poker room PKR and microprocessor developer Arc International.
Since 2013 Jez has been an active investor in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. His investments include Google’s DeepMind and online cryptocurrency exchange Kraken.
Jeremy Longley, Founder, CTO
Over 15 years’ experience managing technology teams – from the development of advanced video-game software through to the deployment and operation of enterprise-scale infrastructure.
Oliver Hopton, Founder, Developer
Oliver Hopton is an experience developer and team lead with over 15 years experience building gaming products. He spent 10 years working at online poker room PKR as Software Development Manager working on a huge variety of administration tools and integrations with 3rd party gaming content and providers. Heavily involved in technical compliance for gaming license applications in Guernsey, the UK, France, Italy and Denmark.
He then spent 18 months as CTO of EveryFan, responsible for architecting and building a UK facing sports betting product.
David Greyling, COO
David has more than 20 years’ experience in E-Commerce related organisations. In his role as COO, David is responsible for leading the business development, strategy, operations, finance and corporate functions.
With extensive leadership experience in Digital marketing and E-commerce international companies, David specialises in leading business integration and transformation programmes.
Prior to his current position David was Director of International for William Hill PLC, reporting to the board on market expansion, regulation and strategic change management programs.
Stefan Kovach, Business Strategy and Marketing Consultant
Stef is an industry executive with with a wealth of experience, having headed up the marketing functions of both PokerStars and - two of the biggest brands in online gambling.

Career Opportunities

Further, FunFair is looking to expand – and fast. They expect to have a team of 50+ people in the not-so-distant future, as they are currently hiring developers, business and marketing professionals, and so forth. So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to showcase your expertise in these fields, try your shot at securing a position within the company! ( The FunFair team’s base of operations is in London, UK.
Some of the positions currently offered in the United Kingdom, England, London:

When did they start the project?

Technically, FunFair started on June 22nd, 2017, because all FUN tokens that will ever exist were created on this day. However, the idea, technology, and product were being developed before the ICO started.

What have they accomplished to date?

FunFair have accomplished a lot since their inception- consistently updating development, business operations, and hiring many new staff. From Sponsoring DevCon 3, receiving awards from the Malta Gaming Awards, excellent showcase updates, and launching their product to the gaming industry at the International Casino Exhibition which boasted over 30,000 industry attendees, they have been on track to their public release. With the release of the closed beta right around the corner, the future is bright for FunFair.

Ok, so what is the technology? What are they developing?

FunFair is building their decentralized platform and protocol on top of Ethereum’s blockchain. FunFair is developing the game technology, and their proprietary, advanced state channel technology which they call Fate Channels. The platform that FunFair has created and continues to develop, will allow anyone to run a casino in just a few clicks, allow third party developers to distribute and integrate their own games to a new, global audience, while creating the ultimate casino experience for end users.
Fate Channels are FunFair’s custom, proprietary version of State Channels. They are superior technology to current State Channels, as they are what support the communication during game sessions between player and casino, while executing entire game logic and random number generation off-chain. They provide a fast, low cost method for RNG, starting game sessions, ending them, and settling with smart contracts on the blockchain. There is only one gas fee needed to start the game session, which solves scalability issues with platforms like Ethereum.
For an in-depth explanation that you won’t be disappointed in reading, please refer to the technical white paper here:

What really happens in the Fate Channels?

FunFair’s random number generation is executed within the Fate Channel, and is a commit/reveal scheme that makes it provably fair. There are also a hash chain to prove that the overall sequence is indeed fair.
A player enters a FunFair-powered casino with some FUN tokens in their wallet, and then both the casino and player send FUN tokens from each of their personal wallets into a smart contract which then holds the FUN in escrow via the Fate Channels (off-chain) until the player cashes out/closes the channel.
The player and casino swap random seeds that they have generated locally, and these are then hashed numerous times by both parties in private. The sequence of hashes are stored locally by each party. There could be thousands of hashes, which become the random numbers, and are passed one by one, in reverse order, by the casino to the player and vice versa when the game needs randomness. Since the hashes are in reverse order, a new hash will always hash into the previous one, so that it can be verified that it’s the correct value of the next hash. The first hash is committed in the state channel on the blockchain as it was opened, and this is what will be used later to reveal that the random number generation was correct.
The position that a ball lands on in a roulette spin, for example, is computed this way. The two hashes provided by both player and casino are combined into a random number that neither side could have predicted. It’s provably fair because because it can be shown that they come from the same hash chain in the correct sequence, and it can be shown after the game session is over, using the reveal to show the seed was in fact, committed to the blockchain in advance of the games played.
The random number generation scheme works extremely fast, and is not dependent and waiting on the blockchain for verification every time, yet it is provably fair in both randomness and sequence. It is easy to detect cheating by either side (for instance, the random number generations would go out of sequence). The security of the hash chain is what makes the randomness unpredictable. If it is possible to reverse a hash, you could predict the random number generation. FunFair uses SHA-3 for hash generation, which has not been reversed yet, and is likely to last in strength for some decades.

The platform.

FunFair presents its casino operators and players with a gaming opportunity never seen before:

The games.

FunFair is pursuing a full suite of traditional casino games:
You can test all of these games, right now at . Some are currently testable on the Ethereum test networks.
Regarding mobile functionality: A number of mobile dapp browsers are being built (ciphestatus) – FunFair support these. Their games are built with technology that works in mobile browsers.
FunFair is one of the only projects in the cryptocurrency space that has a working product.

FunFair’s vision for the future- an updated roadmap for 2018:

FunFair’s writeup of the updated roadmap can be found here:
The roadmap can be found here:
Q1: In January, the team submitted to the UK Gambling Commission their application for a Remote Gambling Software License.
February 6th-8th,
Official launch into the gaming industry at the ICE (International Casino Exhibition).
Read FunFair’s written re-cap here:
Watch FunFair’s video round up here:
March 8th-10th,
EthCC Conference.
FunFair CEO Jez San gives a presentation on FunFair platform and protocol to Ethereum community in Paris.
Watch the video here:
Q2 Goals:
April 2018
May 2018
May 15th - 17th,
G2E Asia - launch FunFair brand to Asian gaming market
May 16th - 17th
Consensus and Token Summit in New York
Networking and updating community
May 23rd - 24th
Disruptive Online Gambling conference (London)
Exposure to UK gambling industry
Q3 Goals:
Q4 and beyond:

Some Information Regarding Casino Operators:

Casino operators will save significant money on hardware, chargebacks, and operational headcount. The number of physical servers required is reduced as gameplay executes in immutable smart contracts deployed to the ethereum network.
An operator will, at all times, require a reserve of FUN tokens to ensure they are able to accept bets, and cover their liabilities. If, after a period of time, they wish to convert some of their FUN token balance they will have a number of market exchanges which are capable of facilitating this type of transaction.
FunFair is working on the many customization options right now and up until release. You will definitely be able to customize the look and feel. You can add your own graphics, logos, colour schemes, etc. You will also be able to choose which kinds of games are offered, and how they will be laid out.
FunFair fully supports KYC. They’ve built their own KYC technology that’s crypto-friendly. FunFair’s tech will allow each operator to have their own policies on who they exclude and whether they require KYC/AML etc.
A reminder, FunFair isn’t an operator, it’s a technology that operators use, and some will be in countries where they need to do KYC/AML and some will be in countries where they don’t. FunFair’s tech works for all cases and will support the full strength KYC if that operator requires it.
Lots of information can also be found on the website. Here are some excellent links:

The Past, Present, and Future of FunFair..

FunFair has been consistently networking, and the team have been continually attending blockchain conferences and events. From launching their product to the gaming industry at the International Casino Exhibition in early February, launching their product to the Asian market at G2E Asia, and just recently announcing their industry first game development partner; Spike Games, FunFair is advancing very well, on track and ready for industry disruption.
For questions that you may have think I've missed, please refer to this updated FAQ on the FunFair website:
TL;DR - Readthewholething
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Poker in Europe?

Hey guys,
I'll be going off to Europe for 6 weeks soon, and looking to play some poker while abroad. Does anyone know or have any favourite casinos/card rooms for 1/2, 1/3 NLHE in the following cities?

Athens, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Barcelona

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Just got back from a 7 night/8 day trip - thanks for all your help, r/vegas!!

You guys were super helpful to me, so hopefully this helps someone else out down the line!!
We (boyfriend and I) booked a package through Southwest vacations, originally staying Sunday through Thursday and flying out on Friday but we stayed the extra two nights and flew out on Sunday in order to meet up with some friends. Originally we had a king room at MGM booked, but changed over to a king balcony suite at the Signature at MGM for the extra space/whirlpool tub.
The vast majority of our gambling was $0.25-$1 blackjack on the video poker machines - we didn't lost much money, and had drinks given to us pretty frequently at most casinos.
Sunday we flew in and got to the Signature at about 10:30am, we were able to upgrade to a 28th floor strip view suite for an extra $10 a night - we had originally been offered a 37th floor strip view suite for $30 a night, but went with the slightly cheaper option. Luckily our room was ready and we were able to take our bags upstairs right away. We headed to Planet Hollywood and grabbed lunch at Earl of Sandwich, walked around the shops then explored Paris and a bit of Bellagio and gambled a bit before heading black to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We took a lyft down to the Palms and did dinner at Alize - we had a groupon for the tasting menu at $200 rather than the original $350ish, but the meal was so incredible I'd probably be willing to pay full price. Originally we had plans to go down a floor to hang out at Ghostbar for a bit, but we were both so full and tired neither of us really felt like drinking. We gambled a bit before lyfting back to the Signature, then changed and hung out at MGM's casino for a bit before heading to sleep.
Monday we each used a free breakfast buffet reward from MyVegas at MGM, then lyfted down to Fashion Show and explored Encore/Wynn/Venetian for a while. We had a buy one get one free Bellagio lunch buffet reward as well, which we redeemed right at about 2:45 so we could get the perks of the dinner buffet offerings that were brought out at 3. Later on we checked out NYNY then took the free tram between ExcalibuMandalay Bay/Luxor and explored and gambled a bit while watching the CFB playoff. Again, we gambled a bit at MGM and made it to Emeril's JUST in time to grab a late night happy hour snack - the sign said 9:30-close, when we got there at about 9:40 the bartenders took our order right away as the kitchen was in the process of closing up. The apps were good, unfortunately we never made it back for oyster happy hour.
Tuesday we did an early lunch at Nacho Daddy (giant plate for about $20, easily fed both of us!) and explored and gambled around Aria/Cosmopolitan/Bellagio. We had a Groupon for a prix fixe menu at Koi at Planet Hollywood which turned out to be a great deal, and we hung out in the lounge for happy hour for a bit before that. We booked KA tickets a few days before flying out through the M Life site, which was an amazing show for a great deal.
Wednesday we used a buy one get one free MGM breakfast buffet MyVegas reward, then lyfted out to SilverCar and picked up a car for the day. We're both only 22 so we really struggled finding a decently priced car, luckily a Vegas redditor recommeneded SilverCar. Cost for the day was $39 and $12 in taxes/fees, and $5+gas. We drive to Hoover Dam/Lake Mead and then Red Rock. Since we had the car we decided to stop at In n Out, then headed up to Stratosphere for happy hour at sunset - neither of us really enjoyed the drinks or the view from the SkyLounge, but we had been spoiled at the Palms a few nights before. We also popped into Westgate, Circus Circus, Lucky Dragon and Rio before heading to the Welcome to Vegas sign and dropping the car off. My boyfriend is a pilot so we popped into the airport observation lot for a half hour or so - unplanned but incredibly cool!! We lyfted down to Caesars, went through the shops then explored and gambled and watched a few fountain shows before heading to bed.
Thursday was kind of rainy and windy, so we slept in and then headed to Aria and each used a free lunch buffet reward. We both thought this was by far the best buffet (and it cost less points than the Bellagio rewards!), and it's definitely on the top of our list to go to again. We lyfted down to Fremont and spent the afternoon/early evening exploring all of the casinos and watching the light shows, then did dinner at Hugo's Cellar at Four Queens. Hugo's was recommended by family friends, we both thought it was OK but not great. We sat down at some penny video poker machines at the Fremont Casino, which happened to be right next to the bar and wound up with about 8 drinks each in an hour or so span. We lyfted back to the Signature and headed to sleep.
Friday we grabbed lunch at Taco Bell so we could officially say we had eaten there, then explored the middle part of the strip (Ballys/Harrahs/Linq/Flamingo) that we hadn't gotten to yet. We wound up with awesome 5th row center section seats for the early show of Zumanity by checking with the box office about a half an hour before the show started, I think the original price would have been nearly $400 after tax and fees and I paid around $170. I would definitely recommend a seat near center stage since so much happens right up front. After that, our friends got in and got settled, then we gambled at MGM and headed down to Bellagio for the fountains and more gambling. My female friend and I were wandering around the slot machines near Hyde while the guys were playing video games, we were approached by someone working the door and let in free of charge in front of the line. We stayed for about ten minutes to see what was happening then left because it was decently crowded and we wanted to get back out to the guys. Late night dinner at Taco Bell finished off our night.
Saturday we once again did breakfast at the MGM buffet, per request of our friends - I definitely wouldn't recommend paying weekend prices unless you're wanting to drink shitty mimosas for two hours straight. For the $55ish we paid for the two of us I definitely wouldn't say it was worth it at all. We then headed to Pro Gun Club a little ways outside of Vegas - specifically chosen because my boyfriend and I are both experienced shooters and I wanted the chance to shoot a 50 cal, but one of our friends had never shot a gun and wanted to be able to shoot a 9mm. My boyfriend was there once before and the staff has been amazing both times - the outdoor range is great. By the time we got back it was nearly dark, so we walked from MGM up the strip to see some more of the strip at night, popped into the In n Out at the LINQ, hung out in different casinos here and there until 7 when we watched the Mirage volcano, then went through the Venetian some more. We took a lyft back to the hotel )damn near impossible to finally get a driver that showed up within five minutes for some reason), got ready and then we hung out at the MGM casino while our friends went to a show that wasn't of any interest to us.
Sunday we checked out of our hotel, checked our bags with the bellhop and grabbed lunch at Earl of Sandwich and hit up the sports book at Planet Hollywood to put some last minute bets down since we realized we could mail the tickets in if we won. We headed to the airport at about 2 even though our flight wasn't until 4:45 thinking that it was going to be insanely busy based on how crazy checkout had been in the morning, but we were dropped off by Lyft and made it to the terminal within 15 minutes. We watched as much of the Packers game as we could and played some last minute video blackjack before finally getting on our flight (delayed by an hour, almost missed our transfer to another plane in Phoenix but luckily they held the plane for us.
We definitely didn't NEED seven nights, but I'm glad we had the time to get out off of the strip for two full days. We got through just about everything we wanted to and didn't feel rushed. Next time we're back we'll probably just stay 3-4 days since we now know what we like and where we'll want to go back.
We actually grabbed a $1 chip from each casino we went into (other than those on Fremont street - we couldn't just get one from the cashiers or one of the dealers, we were told that we had to actually sit down and play which we weren't planning on doing at each casino) and wound up with 30 total, so we covered a lot of ground!
General takeaways -
-MyVegas saved us a TON of money - six free buffets (and a few random non-MGM rewards that we actually didn't wind up using due to the restrictions on when they could be used). I will absolutely keep playing for whenever we go next! We tried to leave slots running on our phones in the background whenever we were watching TV or something, and I played a bit of blackjack most days. We didn't learn about it until about 2 months before we came, and we each wound up with about 50-60k in loyalty points with very minimal effort.
-Lyft was insanely cheap with $5 off each ride - we spent about $50 total for 10 rides (including one to the airport gate, two to Fremont, two to Silvercar which is past the airport) compared to one $25 Uber to get us from the airport to the Signature.
-People aren't kidding when they say wear comfy shoes - I wore my comfiest pair of boots on Monday and wound up with a horrid blister that I didn't know was forming. Monday night through Thursday was hell for me because I had a quarter sized blister on the bottom of my foot - thank god for the $9 pads I was able to grab at CVS
-I do pole/aerial silks so I was insanely excited for Cirque shows, my boyfriend not so much - we both LOVED KA, I loved Zumanity and he at least semi-enjoyed it. Definitely give them a shot!
-Groupon saved us quite a bit of money on dinners as well, and we had a few others lined up for food/drinks/entertainment that we knew we could purchase if we wanted to use them.
-Silvercar is in fact legit, and you will wind up with a Silver Audi - any time we travel to a city with a Silvercar kiosk, we'll actively be seeking them out.
-We learned that rooms at the Signature can be rented on airbnb, which we definitely did not know before hand - just generally looking at prices the rooms on airbnb seemed like an awesome deal and we'll definitely check into that next time we come.
Once again, thanks for all of your help - we saved a ton of money and got so many good recommendations from you all!!
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I stayed at the CHEAPEST room at the Luxor hotel and ... Tour of Paris Hotel & Casino Las Vegas! - YouTube Las Vegas Paris Casino And Hotel Reopens  New Health ... Las vegas Wynn/Encore Hotel Casino Poker Room - YouTube Grand Opening of the WPT Branded Poker Room at Grand Casino Brussels - Viage SHOCKING POKER CHEATING: Why Everyone Is Freaking Out ... Inside the new Poker Room at Soaring Eagle Treasure Island Resort and Casino's Poker Room - YouTube Paris Hotel & Casino Walk Thru 2019! - YouTube

Home / United States poker rooms / Nevada poker rooms / Las Vegas poker rooms / Paris Resort Casino / Paris Poker Room. Paris Poker Room. Stats. Poker tables: 18: Self parking: Yes: Valet: Yes: Casino sq/ft: 85,000 sq/ft: Convention sq/ft: 140,000 sq/ft: Hotels: Paris Las Vegas: Address. Paris Resort Casino 3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA. Map. Las Vegas Poker Jobs in Las Vegas ... Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino offers the most alluring Las Vegas accommodations, restaurants & nightlife. Experience our enticing, sexy & romantic Las Vegas hotel. Paris Las Vegas Casino. What could be more romantic than winning the jackpot and splurging on your loved one during your Las Vegas stay? From poker and baccarat to blackjack and the latest-themed slot machines, Paris offers one of the best in Vegas gaming.. At Paris Las Vegas, play enticing table games like Vegas blackjack, craps, baccarat and roulette. Does Paris Casino Have A Poker Room this palm-lined, Florida-inspired casino, and get your hands on exclusive welcome bonuses. 91. 100%. Free Spins. Read our full review. €100-100%. 7. 100%. July 1, 2018. All British Casino: 100%, up to £100 + 10% Cashback . Claim a 100% up to £100 first deposit bonus + 10% cashback. 20 Free Spins ; Wager: 50x; No Code Required; 18+ T&C Apply New ... As host to multiple $1,000,000 – or more – tournaments each year, WinStar World Casino and Resort knows poker. With a 55-table room dedicated to the art of bluffing, betting and winning, you’ll find your game at WinStar: No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. Omaha. This non-smoking space is packed with adrenaline-fueled poker action for players of all skill levels. What is the address of the Poker Room? A. The Paris Hotel and Casino 3655 Las Vegas Blvd So. Las Vegas Nevada 89109. What else is available at The Paris Hotel and Casino: Gaming: The Paris Casino has 90 table which offer some of the highest betting limits and the best variety of blackjack games in Las Vegas. They also have over 1,700 slot machines and you will find the very latest in themed ... Paris, France: Casino hotels and other gaming details regarding up-to-date casino news, poker tourneys, slot machine info, parimutuel (dogs & horses), to name a few subjects. Vital information and images of most casinos in Paris. Home Slots Live Casino Classic slot Table games Video poker. New Races New Promotions New Year's Calendar. Responsible gaming Community Deposit Withdrawal FAQ « Top games See all Jackpot Treasure Room. Video slot. Login & Play Try now The Angler. Video slot. Login & Play Try now Jackpot Mega Glam Life. Video slot. Login & Play Try now Alkemor’s Tower. Video slot. Login & Play Try now Magic ... Answer 1 of 4: Does anyone know if there is a Poker room/casino in Paris? I read somewhere that one in the Champs elleyse area has a fee to get in or something? Any info would be appreicated. Use Bally's poker room as the two are attached. It is more of an area than a room per se, but it's one of my favorite rooms. Pretty soft, the dealers are friendly, CW service is good, and if you're into chasing jackpots they have good high hand pots.

[index] [5662] [31306] [29076] [2711] [14538] [4264] [29232] [12338] [12287] [18395]

I stayed at the CHEAPEST room at the Luxor hotel and ...

Mike Postle has had an incredible string of wins on the live streamed cash games at Stones Hall in California. In fact, it's drawn suspicions and accusations... Discover the year-round WPT branded poker room at the Grand Casino Brussels. Category Gaming; ... WPT Grand Prix de Paris (XII): Bienvenue! - Duration: 1:22. World Poker Tour 519 views. 1 ... Mondo and themyaterybae covered the reopening of Paris too over a full walkthrough of and filmed all the new safety measures for the pandemic. We got to eat ... Hey guys! In todays video I stay at the cheapest room at the Luxor. If you want to see the other videos of my previous stays at hotels here in Las Vegas, che... Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort is in the midst of a massive renovation and one new area is their Poker Room. Rachael got a chance to go inside. We had a lot of viewers request a walk through of the Paris Hotel & Casino located on the Las Vegas strip! We hope you enjoy! The hotel opened in 1999, and c... Walk with us and explore The Paris Hotel and Casino located in Las Vegas. Camera link - Music - Englewood & Jeff Kaale & Andrew Apple... Las Vegas Playlist Las Vegas, often referred to as simply the Wynn, is a luxury re... Treasure Island Resort and Casino is located just south of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Their Poker Room is the Best in the Midwest.