THE 10 BEST Cebu Island Casino Hotels of 2021 (with Prices ...

Dennis Uy rushes Cebu casino opening before Duterte’s term ends

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PH Resorts pushing through with Cebu casino project

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[Business] - Dennis Uy buys listed firm for likely Cebu casino backdoor listing

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Uy’s Cebu casino likely to list via backdoor

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[Business] - Dennis Uy buys listed firm for likely Cebu casino backdoor listing | Manila Bulletin

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2019-20 Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL) Season (V 3.0) (Coronavirus Edition)

Damn The Conference Finals (A.K.A. The Division Finals) Of The MPBL Got Suspended.It Both Conferences Was A Do Or Die Game 3 Makati Vs San Juan (Tied 1-1) And Davao Vs Basilan (Also 1-1) Yeah If You Win Game 3 And Your in The Finals).Which Is A Best of Five Series Updated All The Team Logos.Added The Mindoro Tamaraws Stadium Capacity.
BIGGEST UPSETS IN THE LEAGUE:2018 Anta Rajah Cup (Inaugural Season) (Where The 7th Seed Parañaque Patriots Won Against The 2nd Seed Bulacan Kuyas 2-1) (The Patriots Lost To The Muntinlupa Cagers 2-1),2018-19 Datu Cup (Another 7th Seed Won Again This Time The Quezon City Capitals (12-13) Won Against The Makati Super Crunch (21-4) Who Finished The Season on A 15 Game Winning Streak Through The Playoffs But Got Swept By The Capitals 2-0 (The Capitals Lost To The Eventual Champions San Juan Knights 2-0).
North Division 1Bataan Risers,Bulacan Kuyas,Rizal Golden Coolers,San Juan Knights,Manila Stars,Val City Carga Backload Solution,Caloocan Supremos,Makati Super Crunch,Pasay Voyagers,Pasig Realtors,Parañaque Patriots,Quezon City Capitals,Pampanga Giant Lanterns,Navotas Uni-Pak Sardines,Nueva Ecija Rice Vanguards And The Marikina Shoemasters
South Division Bacolod Master Sardines,Zamboanga Family's Brand Sardines,Batangas City Athletics,Bacoor City Strikers,Bicol Volcanoes,Basilan Steel,Cebu Casino Ethyl Alcohol,Davao Occidental Tigers,GenSan Warriors,Iloilo United Royals,Imus Bandera,Biñan City Luxxe White,Mindoro Tamaraws,Muntinlupa Cagers And The Sarangani Marlins
Story Of The League:
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Casino Peak, Mantalongon, Badian, Cebu

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Casino Filipino Cebu New Tagline ‘You’re One Great Experience’

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Uy bullish on prospects for Cebu resort-casino

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(GMA) Cebu councilor, cop arrested for gambling in casinos

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(GMA) Konsehal at pulis na naglalaro sa casino, inaresto sa Cebu | Isang konsehal at isang pulis na inaresto matapos na maaktuhang naglalaro sa loob ng casino sa Cebu. Gayunman, nakalaya ang konsehal kinalaunan base sa utos ng piskalya.

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International travel ban lifted; PAL & CEB: "FINGERS CROSSED!" (Monday, Oct 19)

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The PSE closed down 40 points to 5898 ▼0.7%.

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COVID Update

WW: 39566445 PH: 351665 

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 Power Gen. ▲1.88% POGO Gaming ▲1.76% #COVID-19 ▲0.84% 

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 MiddleClass ▼1.33% Logistics ▼0.80% Cement ▼0.60% 

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Converge's US investor doing most of the selling at IPO (Monday, Oct 5)

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Shout-out to André for the Twitter love, and to Robin for his interest in my analysis of the PH logistics industry (with reference to MerryMart's "Dark Grocery" deal with FoodPanda). I hope to have more to say on the topic soon, as it's an industry that I'm looking very closely at considering the changes that we've seen all around the world in the warehousing, cold-storage, and delivery segments. Drop a note if you're involved in the logistics industry, or an analyst covering it; I'd love the chance to swap stories. Interesting times, especially now with this COVID twist.

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COVID Update

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PHR FOO was a mess and a rousing success (Friday, Nov 6)

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Thanks to JD for writing with some ideas on how to hack down my monthly Mailchimp costs. My eyes/ears are open to suggestions, but I'm paranoid of spam filters. Thanks to kidfrom93 for pointing out that my "no ceiling no floor" analysis on PHR's FOO was only half-right: there was a ceiling, but no floor. Not that the ceiling came into play, but still. :) Shout-out to keneno89 and amasai12! Thanks for the support!
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 POGO Gaming ▼0.92% Power Gen. ▼0.70% Cement ▼0.42% 

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">- PH Resorts had a FOO, and it was both a mess and a rousing success
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POGO leaves PH for better "tax incentives" in Cambodia (Tuesday, July 7)

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COVID Update

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 #COVID-19 ▼1.42% MiddleClass ▼1.08% POGO Prop. ▼0.93% 

Main stories covered:

MB: One of the BI employees that was fired worked at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, and the other at the BI head office in Manila. Sec Guevarra is investigating whether criminal charges should be brought against the BI employees, who are also facing possible administrative sanctions for their involvement in this deliciously odd situation.
MB: That POGO is Suncity Group, which is the owner of Suntrust Home Developers [SUN 1.43 ▲15.32%], the small-time residential developer that morphed into a luxury integrated casino resort developer under Andrew Tan’s care.

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Eleksyon 2019 Candidate Profile: Bam Aquino (Re-electionist)

Disclaimer: I am not in anyway connected (or plans to be connected) with Sen. Aquino's campaign.
This is a follow-up to my profile of Nancy Binay.
As I mentioned previously, the idea for this profile is to focus on a candidate's legislative work than campaign promises and platforms. The bills and resolutions they filed, supported, sponsored, voted foagainst/abstain would speak more clearly on who they are (and who they will be) as a lawmaker than words in their campaign trails.
Full Name: Paolo Benigno Aguirre Aquino IV Profession: Former social-entrepreneur, Former Chairperson of the National Youth Commission, 16th and 17th Congress Senator (CV available at his official senate profile) Political Party: Liberal Party Political dynasty: Yes. Type: Thin Political Experience: First term senator, seeking re-election

As a Senator...

Committee positions:

  • 16th Congress:
    • Chairperson: 1) Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship 2) Youth 3) Congressional Oversight Committee on Quality Affordable Medicines (Ad-hoc)1
    • Member of Senate Electoral Tribunal
    • Member of the Majority bloc
  • 17th Congress:
    • Chairperson: Science and Technology
    • Vice Chairperson: 1) Education, Arts and Culture 2) Finance 3) Ways and Means 4) Youth
    • Member of 27 (out of 40) Senate Committees
    • Member of the Minority bloc


16th Congress:
  • Bills filed: 107 | Approved by the President: 21 (Principal Author: 1 | Author via Committee: 14 | Co-author: 6 | Principal Sponsor: 6 | Co-sponsor: 1)2
    • SBN-3034: Children's Emergency Relief and Protection Act. Role: Author via Committee Report
    • SBN-2968 3: Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA). Role: Author via Committee Report
    • SBN-2890 3: Expanding the Benefits and Privileges of Persons with Disability. Role: Author via Committee Report
    • SBN-2752: Microfinance NGOs Act. Role: Author via Committee Report, Principal Sponsor
    • SBN-2693: Authorizing the Punong Barangay to Administer the Oath of Office. Role: Author via Committee Report
    • SBN-2686 3: Department of Information and Communications Technology Act of 2015. Role: Author via Committee Report
    • SBN-2679: Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education (UNIFAST) Act. Role: Author via Committee Report
    • SBN-2486: Carriage of Foreign Container Vans. Role: Author via Committee Report, Principal Sponsor
    • SBN-2437 3: Php75,000.00 Cap for Income Tax Exemption of the 13th Month Pay/Other Benefits. Role: Made co-author with other senators present
    • SBN-2401: Youth Development and Empowerment Act of 2014. Role: Author via Committee Report, Co-sponsor
    • SBN-2282: Fair Competition Act of 2014. Role: Author via Committee Report, Principal Sponsor
    • SBN-2226: Student-Athletes Protection Act of 2014. Role: Author via Committee Report
    • SBN-2212: Youth Entrepreneurship Act of 2014. Role: Author via Committee Report, Principal Sponsor
    • SBN-2211: Philippine Lemon Law of 2014. Role: Author via Committee Report, Principal Sponsor
    • SBN-2178: Election Service Reform Act of 2014. Role: Principal Author
    • SBN-2046: Go Negosyo Act of 2013. Role: Author via Committee Report, Principal Sponsor
    • SBN-2043: Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA). Role: Made co-author with other senators present
    • SBN-712: Expanded Senior Citizens Act. Role: Made co-author with other senators present
    • SBN-510: National Teacher's Day. Role: Made co-author with other senators present
    • SBN-29 3: Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 2013. Role: Co-author
    • SBN-27: The Picture-Based Health Warning Law. Role: Co-author
  • Resolutions: 964
    • SRN-1729: Livelihood and Enterprise Development Programs of Government Agencies
    • SRN-1508: Regulatory Programs and Policies of New Internet Application-Based Transportation System
    • SRN-1156: Posthumous Awarding of the Medal of Valor to the Forty-Four (44) SAF Officers
    • SRN-1112: Alarming Increase of Crimes Against Journalists
    • SRN-1063: Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation
    • SRN-929: Automotive Industry Development Roadmap
    • SRN-841: MRT-3 Malfunction
    • SRN-838: Renewable Energy Competitiveness and Strategic Policy Mechanisms
    • SRN-762: Fiscal and Non-Fiscal Incentives to Foreign Investors
    • SRN-709: Development of a National Industrial Strategy Roadmap for E-Commerce
    • SRN-620: Impact of Slow and Expensive Internet Connection
    • SRN-564: Steel Products and the Rampant Smuggling of Imported Steel Products
    • SRN-499: High Unemployment Rate
    • SRN-260: Deportation of Foreign Nationals Who Attend or Participate in Political Rallies
    • SRN-191: Inquiry, in Aid of Legislation Re Asean Economic Community Integration
    • SRN-100: National Convergence Strategy and Policy
17th Congress:
  • Bills filed: 172
    • Approved by President: 11 (Principal Author: 2 | Author via Committee: 9 | Principal Sponsor: 4 | Co-sponsor: 2 )2
      • SBN-1738 3: Philippine Identification System Act of 2018. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1717 3: Basic Law for the Bangsamoro. Role: Author via Committee Report, Co-sponsor
      • SBN-1662: Anti-Hazing Act of 2018. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1592 3: Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN). Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1533: Balik Scientist Act. Role: Principal Author, Principal Sponsor
      • SBN-1459 3: Personal Property Security Act. Role: Principal Author, Co-sponsor
      • SBN-1354: Mental Health Act of 2017. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1311: Expanded Anti-Red Tape Act of 2017. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1304: Free Higher Education for All Act. Role: Author via Committee Report, Principal Sponsor
      • SBN-1277: Free Internet Access in Public Places Act. Role: Author via Committee Report, Principal Sponsor
      • SBN-1279: Masustansyang Pagkain Para Sa Batang Pilipino Act. Role: Author via Committee Report, Principal Sponsor
    • Passed by Both Houses: 3
      • SBN-1537: The Healthy Nanay and Bulilit Act. Role: Co-author, Co-sponsor
      • SBN-1455: The Filipino Sign Language Act. Role: Co-author, Co-sponsor (did sponsorship speech in lieu of principal sponsor, Sen. Escudero)
      • SBN-178: The National Payment Systems Act. Role: Principal Author
    • Conference Committee Report Approved by the House of Reps.: 1
      • SBN-1233: Coconut Farmers and Industry Development Act. Role: Author via Committee Report
    • Pending Conference Committee: 2
      • SBN-1716: Philippine Amateur Sports Training Center Act. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1391: Mandatory Philhealth Coverage for Persons with Disability. Role: Author via Committe Report
    • Pending in the House of Representatives: 9
      • SBN-1749: Land Transportation Terminals, Stations, Stops, Rest Areas and Roll-On/Roll-Off Terminals. Role: Author via Committe Report
      • SBN-1698: Reservist Employment Rights Act. Role: Principal Author, Principal Sponsor
      • SBN-1629: First Time Jobseekers Assistance Act of 2017. Role: Co-author
      • SBN-1597: Student Fare Discount Act. Role: Principal Author
      • SBN-1534: Magna Carta for Scientist, Engineers, Researchers. Role: Author via Committee Report, Principal Sponsor
      • SBN-1532: Innovative Startup Act. Role: Principal Author, Principal Sponsor
      • SBN-1529: National Museum of the Philippines Act. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1454: Agricultural Free Patent Reform Act of 2017. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1280: Corporation Code of the Philippines. Role: Author via Committee Report, Co-sponsor
    • Approved on Second Reading, with Amendments: 1
      • SBN-1850: National Integrated Cancer Control Act. Role: Made Co-author and Co-sponsor with other senators present
    • Pending Second Reading, Special Order: 14
      • SBN-2063: Cooperative Development Authority Charter of 2018. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-2059: Tax Amnesty Act of 2018. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1983: Philippine Space Act. Role: Principial Author, Principal Sponsor
      • SBN-1826: Security of Tenure and End of Endo Act of 2018. Role: Author via Committee Report, Co-sponsor
      • SBN-1765: Anti-Political Dynasty of 2018. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1763: Open Access in Data Transmission Act. Role: Principal Author, Principal Sponsor
      • SBN-1754: The New Public Service Law of the Philippines. Role: Principal Author
      • SBN-1732: Inclusive Education for Children and Youth with Special Needs Act. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1528: Department of Culture Act. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1478: Philippine Bamboo Industry Development Act of 2017. Role: Principal Author
      • SBN-1278: Trabaho Center in Schools Act. Role: Principal Author, Principal Sponsor
      • SBN-1256: Anti-Money Laundering Act. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN-1240: Provincial Science and Technology Directors Act. Role: Principal Author, Principal Sponsor
      • SBN-1208: People's Freedom of Information Act of 2016. Role: Author via Committee Report
    • Consolidated/Substituted in the Committee Report: 37 Not going to list them for brevity since the above mentioned bills cover the bills that should be listed here.
    • Pending in the Committee: 94 Not going to list them all for brevity since they are still in the early stages of the legislative process.
      • SBN-357: Zero Food Waste Act. Role: Principal Author. Any chance of the bill progressing was killed by fake news.
  • Resolutions: 1314
    • SRN-901: The Assassination of and Attacks Against Local Government Officials
    • SRN-884: Killing of Minors in Police Operations and Encounters
    • SRN-883: Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Modernization Program
    • SRN-851: The Use of Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
    • SRN-784: Implementation of R.A. No.10912 (Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016)
    • SRN-772: Anti-Tambay Campaign of the Philippine National Police (PNP)
    • SRN-723: China’s Installation of Missiles on Mischief Reef, Subi Reef, and Fiery Cross
    • SRN-725: Inquiry: Deportation of Foreign National, Australian Missionary Sister, Sis. Patricia Fox
    • SRN-704: Inflationary Impact and Effect on the Economy of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion
    • SRN-661: National Government’s Moral and Ethical Obligation to Victims of Armed Conflict in Marawi
    • SRN-597: Assessment of the Implementation of the Unconditional Cash Transfer
    • SRN-595: Capacity of D.I.C.T. to Implement Rules and Regulations Protecting Prepaid Mobile Credit Consumers
    • SRN-586: Proposal to Amend or Revise the 1987 Philippine Constitution via ConCon
    • SRN-414: Implementation of the Air Passenger Bill of Rights
    • SRN-169: Reproductive Health Education
    • SRN-168: Drug Education and Prevention Strategies in Schools
    • SRN-117: Internet Connectivity in Schools
    • SRN-26: Creating Employment Opportunities and Formulate Programs for the Young Filipinos
    • SRN-29: Education of Youth Regarding the Martial Law Period and Human Rights Abuses
    • SRN-23: Government Plans and Strategies to Promote Ease of Doing Business in the Country
    • SRN-25: Implementation of the Philippine E-Commerce Roadmap   Some notable resolutions filed with other senators:
    • SJR-15: Suspending the Excise Tax on Fuel Under R.A.No. 10963 (Train Law)
    • SRN-915: Spate of Killings During Police Operations in Metro Cebu
    • SRN-887: Fraudulent and Erroneous Basis of Proclamation No. 572
    • SRN-849: Shabu Shipment Worth Php 6.8 Billion
    • SRN-822: The Philippine National Police’s (PNP) Internal Cleansing Strategy
    • SRN-779: Landing of Chinese Military Aircrafts in the Philippines
    • SRN-760: Conflict of Interest of Solicitor General Jose Calida
    • SRN-738: To Uphold the Constitution on the Matter of Removing a Chief Justice From Office
    • SRN-524: Constitutional Independence of the Office of the Ombudsman
    • SRN-516: Urging the Government to Stop the Spate of Killings
    • SRN-390: Joint Session and Deliberation on Proclamation No. 216 (State of Martial Law). Resolution lost. Senate adopted SRN 388 instead.
    • SRN-391: Sen. Leila De Lima's Request to Vote on Landmark Pieces of Legislation
    • SRN-184: Alleged Sex Video Attributed to Senator Leila De Lima   Some notable resolutions he voted against or didn't sign:
    • SRN-739: Informing the President and the House of Representatives That Senate Leadership Has Been Reorganized. The minority bloc abstained on the election of the next Senate President.
    • SRN-388: Supporting the Proclamation No. 216 (Declaring a State of Martial Law)
    • RBH-11: Proclamation No. 216. 1st Extension of Martial Law in Mindanao.
    • RBH-14: State of Martial Law in the Whole of Mindanao. 2nd Extension of Martial Law in Mindanao.
Supplemental: A summary of his votes and roles on bills of national importance approved by the President in the 16th and 17th Congress.

As a Member of the Senate Electoral Tribunal...

Aquino voted to deny the petition to disqualify Poe as senator in 2015 along with the other senators (Cayetano, Villar, Sotto, and Legarda).

Stand on Key Legislative Agenda:

From Duterte's First SONA Stand
Federalism Against. Used to be open to Cha-Cha via Con-Con (filed SRN 586). Now says he doesn't trust any move to change the constitution. Pass anti-dynasty law first to build people's trust on the people who will handle the process.
TRAIN Voted in favor of the Senate version but voted against the joint version. Later filed SBN 1798 (pending in the committee) to amend TRAIN law and bring back the inflation safeguard removed in the final draft from the Senate version.
Emergency powers to address traffic Voted yes on the committee report granting Duterte emergency powers.
Driver's License and Passport Validity Extension Voted in favor of the driver's license extension. Unable to cast a vote for the passport extension but signed the committee report.
FOI In the 16th Congress, voted in favor of SBN 1733 (passed the third reading, left pending in the House of Representatives). Filed SBN 708 in the 17th Congress that was later substituted by SBN 1208 (pending 2nd reading) and became author via committee report.
People's Broadcasting Corporation No info available. SBN 913 in the 17th Congress is pending in the committee.
Whistleblower Protection Law No info available. All bills filed in the 17th Congress is pending in the committee.
BBL Author via committee report, co-sponsor and voted in favor the approved bill. Author via committee report of SBN 2894 (left pending 2nd reading) in the 16th Congress.
Separate department for OFWs No info available. Bills filed in the 17th Congress are pending in the committee.
Relax bank secrecy law In Favor. Filed SBN 1495 (repealing bank secrecy law) that's still pending in the committee.
Priority bills agreed by Leaders of Both Houses Stand
Free Internet Access in Public Places Act Principal sponsor and author via committee report of the approved bill.
Affordable Higher Education for All Act Principal sponsor and author via committee report of the approved bill.
Bill amending certain penalties and values under the Revised Penal Code Voted in favor of approved bill.
Philippine Mental Health Act Voted in favor and author via committee report of the approved bill.
Occupational Safety and Health Standards Act Unclear. Didn't cast a vote on the approved bill because he was on paternity leave. Didn't sign the committee report although he was present the day it was approved.
An act authorizing the court to require community service in lieu of imprisonment where the penalty is arresto menor No info available. Bills filed in the 17th Congress are pending in the committee.
An act penalizing the refusal of hospital and medical clinics to administer medical treatment in emergency cases In Favor. Didn't cast a vote on the approved bill because he arrived after voting was done. Signed committee report.
Universal Health Care Act Voted in favor of SBN 1896 (pending conference committee).
Bill providing free irrigation services Voted in favor of approved bill.
Agrarian and Agricultural Credit Condonation Act No info available. SBN 605 is pending in the committee.
Prohibition of the conversion of irrigated lands No info available. SBN 1464 is pending in the committee.
Bill amending the Anti-Money Laundering Act to include casino operators Voted in favor of approved bill.
Other Key Issues Stand
Anti-Dynasty Bill In Favor. Author via committee report of SBN 1765 (pending 2nd reading) in the 17th Congress. In the 16th Congress, author via committee report and co-sponsor of approved bill reforming SK Elections which had an anti-dynasty clause.
Divorce Against. Since his campaign in 2013, he suggests instead to make annulment easier and more accessible to the public. In the 17th Congress, he filed SBN 1815 that's still pending in the committee.
Abortion Against because it's unconstitutional. But he is pro-RH Law.
Medical Marijuana Position unclear. Then Majority Leader Sotto said a similar medical cannabis bill that passed the House's health panel has no hope in the senate.
Death Penalty Against since before he became a senator until now.
Lowering the minimum age of criminal liability Against especially if death penalty is returned. Juvenile rehabilitation programs should be strengthened instead.
Jeepney Modernization In Favor with reservations. Filed SBN 2056 to change the transition to 5 years from the planned 3 years and lower interest rates to make it less burdensome to drivers and operators.
Endo In Favor. Filed SBN 174 in the 17th Congress which included a 3 month financial assistance for endo workers. It was consolidated into SBN 1826 (pending 2nd reading) which he co-authored via committee report and co-sponsored.
Same-sex Marriage Against but open to give some rights to long-term partners.
SOGIE Bill In Favor. Filed SBN 2122 in the 16th Congress (left pending in the Committee) then refiled it in the 17th Congress as SBN 683 (pending in the committee).
SSS pension hike In Favor. Voted in favor of SSS pension hike in 2015 (HBN 5842) which President Aquino III vetoed. In the 17th Congress, voted in favor of SBN 1753 (currently awaiting approval by President).
Salary Standardization In Favor. Voted for SBN 2671 (left pending in the conference committee) in the 16th Congress. Filed SBN 704 in the 17th Congress (still pending in the committee) to increase public school teacher's wages.
Amending the political party system, Anti-Turncoatism In Favor. Believes strong political parties can end domination of political families, if parties are built on the issues they stand for rather than personalities and famous surnames.
Decriminalizing Libel In Favor. Filed SBN 2158 left pending in the committee in the 16th Congress and SBN 680 (pending in the committee) in the 17th Congress.
(If there are other key issues I forgot to add, do let me know.)

Issues and Controversies:

  • Apart from his surname and inexperience, his stint in the NYC under PGMA was used against him in his senatorial campaign.
  • In 2013 after the PDAF scam surfaced, he is one of the 14 senators who deleted their PDAF allocations in the 2014 budget.
  • Co-author of a bill that aimed to create an independent fact-finding body to investigate the Mamasapano tragedy.
  • During the 2016 VP race, his name was caught in the middle when Marcos claimed he was the only candidate that wrote an anti-dynasty provision. Robredo's camp disagreed gave credit to Sen. Aquino. Aquino clarified that it was Sen. Ejercito who wrote the provision and they supported it.
  • One of the senators who were caught unaware when the bicameral conference committee cut the budget for the implementation of RH Law.
  • In February 2017 after the arrest of Sen. De Lima and some LP senators attended the EDSA Revolution anniversary clad in black, Sen. Pacquiao motioned for them to be stripped of their committee chairmanships. The ousted senators joined the minority bloc.
  • His staff's email were hacked and used to connect him to a destabilization plot along with Sen. Pangilinan and Sen. Hontiveros.
  • In 2018, NYC cut ties with foundation linked with his office and replaced Ten Outstanding Youth Organization of the Philippines with The President Rodrigo Roa Duterte Youth Leadership Awards.
  • Since the Duterte administration, he is often a target of fake quotes and news; sometimes it even comes from cabinet officials. His statements were also taken out of context or misinterpreted to create controversy. One of his bills, Zero Food Waste Act, was misrepresented by pro-Duterte bloggers as 'pagpag bill'.
  • He was also accused of credit-grabbing by pro-Duterte supporters.
(If there are other controversies I forgot to add, do let me know.)  
Thanks for reading! Any mistake is mine. Feel free to point it out as well as any improvement that can be made. :)
Notes: [1] No archived data of Committee Membership list for previous Congresses at [2] Definition of terms:
  • Principal Author whoever filed the bill first in case of multiple bills on the subject.
  • Principal Sponsor introduces the bill to the senate floor, expresses the contents and purposes of the bill to open the debate.
  • Author via Committee Report, author (or one of the authors) of the approved committee report.
  • Co-author, filed a similar bill that was substituted or consolidated by the committee report. Senators can also request to be made coauthor. Committee members who signed the committee report can be listed as co-authors.
  • Co-sponsor supports the bill and helps demostrate the bill's popularity and improve its chances for passage.
[3] Search results filter: Author (Aquino) + Legislative status (Consolidated with Approved Bill) [4] Only resolutions where Aquino is the lone author excluding congratulatory, commemoratory, or condolatory resolutions. For brevity, not all requests for inquries are included.
Data Sources: and relevant news articles
Other Notes:
  • Because of the limitations of the search function in, only bills they authored and sponsored are included. Bills they sponsored but didn't author are not included here.
Edit History:
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Best place to live as an online/live poker player ?

Hi everyone,
What is, in your opinion, the best place in the world to live from playing online AND live poker? The common choice for many grinders would be Thailand but the lack of casino bother me. What would be a country with cheap living cost, decent legal poker room and good internet connection? I was thinking about Cebu, Philippines ( considering the rent in manilla is ridiculously high compared to the cost of life). Any suggestions?
Also, if you're living of poker in Asia or somewhere else, I'll be happy to hear from your experiences.
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Is there any place to buy a poker chips in cebu city?

I got interested into playing texas holdem recently, and I wonder if there's any place to buy poker chips in cebu city. I just want to play it with my friends to break some time between classes.. I don't know. Maybe there's a store in ayala mall that sells card game, or board game materials. I think you guys know better than me. I also wonder whether if I'm able to play, or find a table to play texas holdem if I go to the casino in waterfront hotel..
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Studio Condo in Cebu for only Php.11k per month

Studio Condo in Cebu for only Php.11k per month
Call/email now for more details @ +639236577061/randy_[email protected]
Landmarks/Accessibilty Near Cebu IT Park Near Jy Sqaure Mall Near Waterfront and Hotel Casino Near Ayala Mall
Beat the price increase on January 2019!
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Are there any Tagalog and/or Cebuano equivalents of poker terms?

Kind of a dumb question, but are there any Tagalog or Cebuano equivalents of common poker terms. Specifically, if I plan on gambling on a casino in Cebu are there any words I should know for:
Or do they always use the english term or a mix of both?
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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana, Nikola Sjekloca, Nobuhiro Ishida vs Kyotaro Fujimoto, John Riel Casimero vs Mauricio Fuentes, Jesus Cuellar vs Rico Ramos + more

Wednesday April 30

From Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Nobuhiro Ishida 25(10)-9-2 vs Kyotaro Fujimoto 8(5)-1

8 rounds
heavyweight division
Started from the middle now we here. Ishida has arrived a little short of a year after he said he would be making the move from middleweight to heavyweight. Ishida is one of the toughest dudes in the division and a move to heavyweight seems natural for him. This guy has faced some of the toughest dudes out there. Former middleweight terror Paul Williams, former middleweight grim reaper Dmitry Pirog, the current middleweight boogeyman Gennady Golovkin all have wins over Ishida. Ishida’s claim to fame is knocking out a cold James Kirkland in 1 round. I don’t know the reason behind Ishida’s move to heavyweight. All I know is he’s here and that with 9 losses, only one of those came by knockout. You know who did it. Don’t play.

Thursday May 1

From Hialeah Park Race Track, Hialeah, Florida
Fight Thread: Yes
Time: 6:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM EST
TV: ESPN2 (USA) DigiSport (Hungary)

Roberto Garcia 34(22)-3 vs Victor Manuel Cayo 32(23)-4

10 rounds
welterweight division
Garcia is fresh off his narrow win over Norberto Gonzalez on Friday Night Fights back in February and returns to face an experienced Victor Cayo. Cayo hasn’t got many notable wins, but he has been in the ring with Maidana, Lamont Peterson, Nate Campbell, and Emmanuel Taylor. Garcia’s done pretty good for himself since losing to Antonio Margarito back in 2010. This should be a good fight while it lasts. I’m going to go with Garcia.

Jonathan Gonzalez 17(14)-0-1 vs Rogelio Medina 32(26)-5

10 rounds
super middleweight division
This is the Puerto Rican prospect Johnathan Gonzalez whose only problem has been his work ethic and discipline. Gonzalez is a real talent with real power, but his lack of discipline has burned bridges and resulted in the only blemish on his record. Gonzalez was a solid amateur and he could be a very welcome edition into the super middleweight division if he kept it together. Medina shouldn’t give him too much trouble.

Friday May 2

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Fight Thread: Yes
Time: 7:00 PM PST, 10:00 PM EST
TV: Fox Sports 1 (USA)

Jesus Cuellar 23(18)-1 vs Rico Ramos 23(12)-3

12 rounds
interim WBA world featherweight title
Cuellar’s only loss was a knockout at super bantamweight. He’s since moved up, brought in Robert Garcia, and is reborn as an Oxnard fighting machine. Cuellar was a good amateur, but not only was Rico Ramos a good amateur as well, he’s also a real good professional. This is an interesting fight. Ramos can be real boring, but when he’s motivated the guy looks great. Cuellar is going to have his hands full with Ramos. If he can beat Ramos, Cuellar could be set for some good fights with Mares or Jhonny Gonzalez.

Mickey Bey 19(10)-1-1 vs Alan Herrera 32(21)-5

10 rounds
lightweight division
Bey had a title with reach and it all disappeared when he was stopped in the final round against John Molina. Bey is one of several Mayweather fighters to be popped for illegal substances. Bey is talented. He’s quick and has decent power, but his defensive flaws are the reason why he’s facing Herrera who comes in with 5 losses. Herrera has a ton of wins, but most came in Mexico to inexperienced fighters. I think Bey scores a stoppage here.

Ishe Smith 25(11)-6 vs Ryan Davis 24(9)-13-3

10 rounds
light middleweight division
This was supposed to be Smith vs Erislandy Lara in what was promised to be an unexciting, but clear and decisive victory for Lara. In steps Ryan Davis. Davis hasn’t had a win over a guy with a winning record since 2009. He’s been knocked out in 4 of his last 6 fights. This should be easy work for Ishe Smith. That’s all I gotta say about this one.

Saturday May 3

From Ce.De.M. N° 2, Caseros, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cesar Rene Cuenca 46(2)-0 vs Albert Mensah 27(12)-4-1

12 rounds
eliminator for IBF junior welterweight title
Forty-six have tried and failed to crack the Cuenca code. It’s a shame because 46 times he’s tried to not knock someone out and twice he’s failed! Cuenca is a master boxer who believes in the sweet science. This guy still thinks he’s in the amateurs. He’s never fought on the world level, so that explains the 46 wins. He’s 33 and finally finds himself in the position to be a mandatory for IBF title holder Lamont Peterson. Cuenca fights exclusively in Argentina and I suppose he’s happy with the set-up he’s got there. I’m curious if he will choose to leave Argentina to challenge Peterson if he does win. I feel bad for the 2 guys he’s knocked out.
From The Velodrom, Prenzlaur Berg, Berlin, Germany
Fight Thread: Yes
TV: ARD (Germany) Sport 1 (Hungary)
Time: ?

Arthur Abraham 39(28)-4 vs Nikola Sjekloca 26(8)-1

12 rounds
WBO super middleweight title
You may remember Sjekloca from the Broner-Rees undercard. On that card, he and Sakio Bika fought in a usual roughhouse-Bika contest. Sjekloca lost a wide decision on the cards that night and finds himself this Saturday in with one of the paper champions at super middleweight. Abraham is coming off a win over Robert Stieglitz and is looking to make a defense before challenging the real champion at super middleweight, Andre Ward. It’s important to remember that Ward shut Abraham out in 2011, but perhaps Abraham thinks he’s improved since then. Whatever the case, as long as we get to see Ward back in the ring, I’m happy. Even if it is against Abraham.
From Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
TV: TV5 (Philippines)
Fight Thread: No

John Riel Casimero 19(11)-2 vs Mauricio Fuentes 16(10)-2

12 rounds
IBF light flyweight title
This is a big step up for Fuentes. Fuentes may have a similar record to Casimero, but the difference is Casimero has been in with lions. Casimero is a long reigning champion at light flyweight whose losses come from a brief flirtation with flyweight. He realized his mistake and came back down to where he had gained his earlier success. Should Casimero win, I’d like to see him in a unification with new junior flyweight champion Naoya Inoue (that is if Inoue is still at the division in a few months time.)

Harmonito Dela Torre 12(7)-0 vs Gadwin Tubigon 10(5)-8-2

12 rounds
super featherweight division
Dela Torre is an interesting prospect and I like the progress he’s making. He’s been in with some experienced guys and come out on top, so it’s only a matter of time before they really start testing him.
From MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
Fight Thread: Yes
Time: 6:00 PM PDT, 9:00 PM EDT, 2:00 AM BST

Floyd Mayweather Jr 45(26)-0 vs Marcos Maidana 35(31)-3

12 rounds
WBC welterweight title
WBA super world welterweight title
Anything you can want to know about this fight can be found here.

Amir Khan 28(19)-3 vs Luis Collazo 35(18)-5

12 rounds
welterweight division
This is my pick for the fight of the night and a lot is riding on this fight for more than just the 2 in the ring. For Amir Khan, a decisive win will put his career back on track, but a loss could be all but the end for the young Brit. It will be his 4th loss and more importantly, show that perhaps his defensive flaws are too glaring for him to compete at the highest level. For Collazo, a loss sends him back to square one where he’ll have to face young guys coming up trying to make a name for themselves; paydays against names will be all but gone. For Virgil Hunter, this will be the 3rd guy he’s taken on that has failed under his watch. He’ll lose his stigma as this fantastic trainer and all he’ll have left is Ward and Jonathan Gonzalez who are more products of their own talents than Hunter. For Golden Boy, there is no doubt a bigger plan for Khan, most likely a potential fight with Mayweather. All that goes out the door with a loss to Collazo.
Changing gears a little, Khan is must watch TV. Regardless of your opinion of him, Khan always puts on a show. If Khan were a basketball player, he’d be James Harden. An ulbelievable offensive talent who puts it all on the line to score… but with glaring defensive flaws that are sometimes frustrating and other times hilarious. Here are some gifs of James Harden so you can see the comparison. How he reacts to feints, trying to stop his man from getting on the inside, and his slow reaction time. (Sorry Rockets fans. This is kind of a low blow given you guys are down 3-1. If it’s any consolation I hope you guys get Melo.)

Adrien Broner 27(22)-1 vs Carlos Molina 17(7)-1-1

10 rounds
light welterweight division
28 have tried and 1 has succeeded in cracking the A B code. Molina will look to duplicate Maidana’s success, but the question is whether or not he’s got the power to be as effective. I doubt it given his record. Broner wasn’t entirely useless in that Maidana fight. Maidana was tagged several times during the fight with hard punches and may have even been hurt a couple of times. I think we’re going to see Broner get off to a shaky start, but he’s going to find his rhythm and will coast to victory.

J’Leon Love 17(10)-0 vs Marco Antonio Periban 20(13)-1-1

10 rounds
super middleweight division
Love is a slight favorite here, but smart money is going to go with Periban. Periban is comparable in style to Gabe Rosado who gave Love hell a year ago. That was also when Love was fighting as a middleweight. Periban is coming off a very close loss to Sakio Bika and a draw with Badou Jack.
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[Diplomacy] A meeting in Amur Oblast

[M] This is to make sure we're on the same page about what is going on, I won't be offended if Russia makes backtracks in any of these areas
There had been certain rumblings in the Russian embassy that the government had been reconsidering a number of its relationships with nations around the world. In order to get a behind the scenes look at the possibly-shifting Russian government, the Philippine government sent PSPK Director Monteagudo to Amur Oblast to meet with a Russian representative at Vostochny Cosmodrome.
Below one of the factories servicing the private sector's space related industries was a sealed off room designed for private communications. After the Filipino and Russian men entered the room, it was sealed shut so that they could discuss their business:
The first topic for discussion is Tsiolkovsky Aerospace Industries ([M] links backwards to 2 posts explaining specifically what is being built), which represents the Philippine government's attempt at a secret space program. Through a money laundering scheme involving nickel mining in Myanmar, the entity known as Tsiolkovsky Aerospace Industries, in whose headquarters the current meeting was taking place, is able to in total secure $4.1 billion in annual funding.
TAV poses as a corporation engaged in a public-private partnership with Roscosmos, similar to the partnership between SpaceX and Nasa. Other than earning prestige for Russia, the purpose of TAV is to provide funding for the construction of an independently operated space station, to be used for commercial rather than scientific purposes.
In its current project state, funding for the remaining module construction is now complete even though 7 years of construction of various pieces remainm notably the unpressurized truss structure serving as the station backbone. At this point future TAV funding will have to be divided between 3 categories:
  1. Savings fund for station operations - with an estimated yearly operational cost of $750 million, it would be wise to begin saving funds for this purpose.
  2. Contruction of backup modules in case of launch failure - some are more important than others. For example, the truss structure is much larger than initially necessary in order to provide for the possibility of future expansions, and having only one docking module would be frustrating but workable. On the other hand, it may be prudent to build a backup of other pieces such as the life support module, in order to prevent a launch failure from rendering the station entirely uninhabitable.
  3. Construction of new modules - in order for the station to attract commercial operations, more than a bare bones station must be offered. Potential expansions would include private rooms (as opposed to the ISS system of tying a sleeping bag to a wall in a hallway), an enclosed satellite repair facility, potentially leisure facilities such as a restaurant or casino or brothel, as well as glass shard garbage modules whose only purpose is to cause Kessler syndrome if the station is attacked by a hostile party.
We hope that first of all Russia is interested in continuing to cooperate with Tsiolkovsky Aerospace Industries, and secondly hope that Russia is open to disucssing the most useful diversion of funds for the 2027-2032 period.
The second topic for discussion is the Common Asian Labor Pool. Since its original formation between the Philippines and Russia, the bloc has since grown and now includes Vietnam and Iraq, as well as Kazakhiya and the new addition of... China.
It is well understood that Russia may have particular concerns of Chinese laborers entering into the Russian Far East, and while we would like to point out that the treaty does not award these migrant workers permanent residency or citizenship it does not cover all possible methods for destabilization.
On the contrary, the expansion of the bloc to Kazakhiya presents an opportunity for the Common Asian Labor Pool to be adopted as part of the Eurasian Union, were Russia to have ambitions regarding economic integration in this manner. With a potential inclusion of China the CALP could even be considered as an initiative of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
The Philippines hopes that Russia will continue to see the large potential benefits to its industrial capacity the treaty can bring through bringing in cheap workers for which the state bears no responsibility, but if the concern of Chinese in Siberia is too great we will not be offended if Russia wishes to withdraw its participation.
The third topic for discussion is the Lomonosov Ridge Sandbar, which is roughly 1/3 complete. The purpose of building an air and naval base on an artificial sandbar in the Arctic Ocean is identical to that of Chinese construction in the South China Sea - to legitimize its territorial claim over this extension of Russia's continental shelf and allow access to the potential petroleum resources gained by such an expansion of Russia's EEZ.
Other nations have neglected their Arctic possessions, and the construction period in this region is slow both for facilities and for icebreakers, meaning that a strong Russian move such as this one combined with its icebreaker fleet would nearly ensure its dominance for the forseeable future. If Russia wishes to cancel the program, on the other hand, perhaps fearing retribution, we will withdraw the Filipino construction crews.
The last aspect of our relationship we wish to discuss are the Sulu Sea Naval Exercises, which have been ongoing on an annual basis since 2018. Though our stated target to the press is an insurgency spillover from the South China Sea or from Islamic terror groups, it should be made clear that the true purpose of these naval exercises is to help prepare the Philippines for a naval conflict against Malaysia, played by Russia in the drills.
Partially as compensation for these drills and partially for the purpose of deepening strategic cooperation, Russia has access to the underground submarine base in northern Cebu for the purposes of submarine demagnetization, repair, and refueling. This gives Russian unprecedented secret access to the wider Pacific Ocean, with everything that implies.
We hope that Russia is willing to continue and expand upon this relationship in the future, especially as our forces work off of Russia's Transnitria model to attempt to establish a Filipino separatist state in eastern Sabah.
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Emerald Resort and Casino Cebu (Aerial Shot) - YouTube BP: Casino Filipino sa Cebu, ninakawan ng P2.8-M Waterfront Hotel and Casino Cebu Overview by ... Boobsie Wonderland in Casino Filipino-Cebu  Comedy Night ... Pinay living in Cebu City Philippines (Casino Ladies ... Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, Cebu, Philippines ... WATERFRONT HOTEL & CASINO AIRPORT, MACTAN, CEBU ... Proudly Cebu Made Casino Femme Ethyl Alcohol - YouTube WaterFront Hotel & Casino Cebu - YouTube

Casino Filipino, Cebu City. Asien ; Philippinen ; Visayas ; Cebu Island ; Cebu City ; Sehenswürdigkeiten und Aktivitäten in Cebu City ; Casino Filipino; Suchen. Casino Filipino. 121 Bewertungen. Nr. 37 von 96 Aktivitäten in Cebu Island. Kasinos. Leider sind an den von Ihnen gewählten Daten keine Touren oder Aktivitäten verfügbar. Bitte geben Sie ein anderes Datum ein. Casino Filipino ... Waterfront Cebu Hotel & Casino in Cebu-City – Jetzt einfach, schell & sicher buchen bei HOTEL DE! Günstige Preise Exklusive Businessrabatte bis zu 30 % NEU: Miles & More Prämienmeilen bei jeder Buchung! Best Casino Hotels in Cebu Island on Tripadvisor: Find 8,937 traveler reviews, 6,110 candid photos, and prices for 10 casino hotels in Cebu Island, Philippines. Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino - Philippinen entdecken Einfach & sicher online buchen Flexible Zahlungsarten TOP-Angebote bei sonnenklar.TV ☼ The Waterfront Hotel & Casino - Cebu total casino square footage is 27,524 square feet. It has 429 gaming machines and 61 tables games. You will also find 1 poker tables and 11 restaurants. Image of Waterfront Hotel & Casino - Cebu in Cebu City. You can contact the Waterfront Hotel & Casino - Cebu at +6332 232-6888 or toll-free at AUSTRALIA 1-800-309-90, CANADA 1-855-214-5937, JAPAN 00531-63 ... A nice casino in a lovely hotel in Cebu City. Drinks and snacks are avaiable from the girls walking round. I'm not a gambler. It was just a curiosity visit and to try my luck on the fruit machines and roulette table. Read more. Date of experience: February 2020. Helpful. Share. kalboHastings - prolific reviewer wrote a review Jul 2019. Hastings, New Zealand 164 contributions 74 helpful votes ...

[index] [7612] [5401] [27008] [12453] [18745] [31216] [17631] [32464] [17550] [24738]

Emerald Resort and Casino Cebu (Aerial Shot) - YouTube

1st ever drone shot of this hotel's special location, the Top Sky Dome The Emerald Resort and Casino was designed by renowned American designer and architect Paul Steelman, whose works include Galaxy Macau and Solaire Resort & C... Book now - Cebu City Hotel & Casino 1 Salinas Drive Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, Cebu, 6000, P... Waterfront Hotel and Casino Cebu Overview by - Duration: 9:04. Hour Philippines TV 29,331 views. 9:04. Philippines bets on joining gaming elite with mega casino - Duration: 1 ... Waterfront Hotel and Casino Cebu Overview. Thank you for watching. For more awesome videos on Philippine Food Travel Lifestyle Please Subscribe to HourPh... Fun night with Boobsie Wonderland at the Casino Filipino - Waterfront Cebu. Ang sarap kurutin ng nail cutter si Boobsie. Nakakaaliw mga banat niya at napaka ... My life in Cebu Mactan Island Lapulapu Philippines. We went to birthday party and meet my co-workers in Isla Casino Mactan. Track: Ellis x Miss Mary - In The... Proudly Cebu Made Casino Femme Ethyl Alcohol All Talk (With English Subtitle) Proudly Cebu Made Casino Femme 70% Ethyl Rubbing Alcohol Antisepti... The Waterfront Hotel and Casino Airport in Mactan, Cebu is located just across the street from Terminal 1 at the Mactan Airport in Cebu. They offer several ...