Springfield voters back MGM Resorts casino proposal ...

[Politics] - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot spent months working both sides of the aisle in Springfield to secure casino votes | Chicago Tribune

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[Politics] - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot spent months working both sides of the aisle in Springfield to secure casino votes

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Proposed $17 million hotel across street from MGM Springfield casino temporarily delayed by Historical Commission vote | masslive.com

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Springfield City Council awaiting MGM casino final site plans before hearing, vote on new zoning district

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Encore Boston Harbor, Plainridge Park Casino and MGM Springfield temporarily closed

Several casinos across Massachusetts have temporarily been closed amid coronavirus concerns.
The Massachusetts Gaming Commission made the announcement on Saturday, noting that they unanimously voted to “a temporary suspension of operations” at Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville, and MGM Springfield.
“An expeditious and orderly shutdown process is underway,” according to a statement from the MGC. “This decision will be re-evaluated in two weeks.”
The MGC previously announced that a patron at Encore Boston Harbor has subsequently tested positive for COVID-19.
The MGC said the person visited the casino on March 5, with the Commission becoming aware of the positive test on Thursday.
Health officials have been notified and are assessing the situation, according to the MGC.
"Encore has reported that this individual was present at the casino for one hour and had contact while there with a small number of individuals, currently determined to be seven," a statement noted. "Encore has reported that all of these individuals have been identified and alerted. DPH recommends that Encore continue its enhanced sanitation practices. Additionally, Encore has reported that, out of an abundance of caution, all identified individuals have agreed to self-quarantine measures."
The Boston Globe reported that the individual is Utah Jazz player Donovan Mitchell.
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Question 3: Yes or No?

Personally, I am voting No on 3. My reasons being, I like going to casinos. They make for a very fun weekend playing slots, poker, shopping, and eating.
It also directly affects me and my job. I'm an actor for a company. We perform at casinos a few times a year. Those shows pay extremely well. I do not want to miss out on that work. We have the chance for the casinos to become regular venues.
Why should we ship our money out to other states? We should be keeping that money here, to help improve our towns. Especially Everett and Springfield.
One thing that really ticks me off about the repealers: If question 3 passes, what now? How do we create that many jobs now? What are your plans? Where are your investors? Do we have to use state money?
The last poll I saw in the Herald 10/31 showed 59% Voting No, and 34% voting Yes
Edit: Question 3 has been rejected! Casinos are coming to Massachusetts!
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Charlie Baker's emotional story about the New Bedford fisherman may have been total bullshit.

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Casino vote

Just trying to get a read on what people are planning on voting for the casino vote?
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Jojo's OC Touranment #2 Round 2, Match 1: Dr. Nick Mason VS DJ

At long last, it is time for Round 2 of this second Tournament of ours to commence! We’ll be going at it full speed from the get-go this time, so stay on your guard! You never know what could be in store when that fated match arrives…
Like a one day delay. That could always happen...
Well, anyways! As always, the rules are right here, the lore thread is over here and you can always PM one of the judges for an invite to our community Discord!
Speaking of which...
New Voting System! The details are here! Study carefully, and I'll keep posting this on each Match from this point forward!
Now then, on to the show!
Turk: Everyone is here, yes?
Lite: Howdy!
Line: Fuck you.
Blin: Hellos from Norway!
Lone: Fuck you Line, you stole my line.
Turk: All of you are morons.
Turk: So it seems that the ones attempting to find Once have not all killed each other yet.
Lone: Hey, dawg, don’t look at me! I tried, daddy-o.
Lite: Oh, do stop Lone.
Turk: And to top it all off, The Overlord is insecure.
Lone: That’s fun.
Lone: Well, if you want them to die, I’ll get a part-ay started!
Lone: See you losers!
Lone has Disconnected
Lite: I do declare, good riddance!
Turk: I honestly do not care if he succeeds with whatever.
Line: I hope he dies.
Blin: Oh so he is plotting? All of you are so uncaring! I shall leave and aid him in his laudable goal! Goodbye friends!
Blin has Disconnected
Turk: We’re done here.
Turk has Disconnected.
Line: I’m keeping an eye on you Lite.
Line has Disconnected.
Lite has Disconnected.
The sound of ballroom music resounded throughout the air, and many well-dressed patrons danced happily along. For a high-class, high-profile event, everything was going as planned, except for the fact that a menacing feeling clung to the air. As the night progressed, the tension in the room was increasing for reasons unknown, and was nearing a boiling point.
It all began with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. The elderly couple danced inside a circle towards the center of the ballroom, but Mr. Johnson had had a few too many drinks, and was becoming sloppier as the night progressed. Then, Mr. Johnson swung Mrs. Johnson around too abruptly, causing her to fall and step on another woman’s, Mrs. Garyburg’s, big toe. Mrs. Garyburg’s painful wail rung throughout the air, and Mr. Garyburg, her husband, became all “puffed up” and defensive. Mr. Garyburg and Mr. Johnson traded a few insults, but when Mr. Garyburg called Mrs. Johnson a “breaching land-whale”, Mr. Johnson lost it and punched him squarely in the face. Mr. Garyburg flew back and bumped into yet another couple, the Oldriches, who instantly became enraged as well. Like dominoes, erupting outward from the fighting couples at the center, the entire ballroom erupted in a colossal brawl.
Dr. Nick Mason watched idly from the bar as the events unfolded.
“What the hell is going on here…? These people are losing their goddamn minds. This… is this a Stand Attack?”
In another corner of the ballroom, on a balcony overlooking the multitude of people stood an observant cheetah, who seemed pretty out of place. He was interested in the intensity of the emotions in the room.
“These people… they’re going nuts! Why are they getting so angry at each other all of a sudden…?”
DJ’s eyes slowly locked onto the sole man in the crowd not going ballistic, a man with… eerily similar clothing to him, except in the style made for humans.
Dr. Mason’s eyes locked with the cheetah’s as well, going wide upon processing the sight.
“Is… is that a lab coat? With sequins all over it? How… garish. That must be who’s causing this, nobody else would dress in that style.”
As DJ hopped down from the balcony, the scientist readied for the battle ahead, drawing his [Dark Side of the Moon] out into the open.
Both were there to claim an important piece of information, vital to figuring out the mystery of [Once in a Lifetime]!
With these Bizarre circumstances, the second leg of the journey begins!
The Grand Ballroom, Bellagio Casino Resort, Las Vegas. 45,000 sqaure feet, and filled with guests. Those guests are currently… very agitated, a massive brawl just beginning to break out! Our combatants are stationed on the other sides of the hall, DJ in the north and Nick Mason in the South respectively. Our “parcel” is currently somewhere in this crowd, but it’s been passed around a lot, and not even WE’RE sure where exactly it ended up. Just search everyone until you find it I guess… but make sure you’re the one to leave with the parcel, and not the other guy!
There's a wild Stand User on the loose here, and they're making everyone angry somehow! This includes our participants, so they won't exactly be the calmest at the moment.
Inverted Rasputin
Rasputin stores its own damage and effects in outside objects now, and the ranges on his Beams 1 and 2 are switched. In essence, beams are now stored inside of objects.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Purple DJ ”Shut up! You’re pissing me off!”: Stop the riot, by any means possible! The more effective method between the two of you wins!
Loca’s Motions Nick Mason Same as DJ!
Match Number Match Format Match Flavor Match Location Combatant A Combatant B Date
1 1v1 Objective A fancy ball where the guests are getting a little rowdy… DJ Nick Mason May 13
2 1v1 Deathmatch Inside a dark cave, the only source of light being an oil-powered lantern that’s rapidly running out! Presto Gami May 17
4 1v1 Deathmatch Mumbai, India. A certain thing seems to be happening… Sigmund Tremaine Kewlin Ciudad May 25
5 1v1 Deathmatch A lagoon, somewhere deep in the tropics. Nicola Henderson Null May 29
7 1v1v1 Objective A hidden valley in between two mountains… James Burton Felix Down June 6
8 1v1 Objective Live on the Jerry Springer show! Prime opportunity to discredit your opponent! Niban Shosha Huey Lewis June 10
10 1v1 Deathmatch Northern Territory, Australia. A tense duel on the edge of a national monument! “Waveshaper” Rick Max June 18
11 1v1 Deathmatch A frozen lake, a straight shot at your opponent! Felix Arrowsmith Cole Pineburg June 22
13 1v1 Objective A museum break-in. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Christina “Chris” Carlisle James Chance June 30
14 1v1v1 Deathmatch A warehouse… inside of another warehouse?! David L. Palmer Famoso Pietraduro July 4
16 1v1 Deathmatch An airliner, crashed in the middle of the red sea! Junky Luck Dr. Alice Slash July 12
17 1v1 Objective Caught in the middle of a large-scale, armed bank robbery! Albrecht Durer Steve Genoard July 16
19 1v1 Objective Suddenly trapped inside of a dark cave! Find a way out before it’s too late! Vivi Bianchi Stefan C. Megiddo July 24
20 1v1 Deathmatch Louisiana. Swamp country. Although the decoration is quite odd around here… Steppenwolf Leonard Davis July 28
Match Number Match Format Match Flavor Match Location Team A (1) Team A (2) Team B (1) Team B (2) Date
3 2v2 Objective A bowling alley where the balls are a little too big… Adriano Donati Jitterbug Moseph Sabat Farewell Angelina May 21
6 2v2 Deathmatch Open plains in the middle of Saskatchewan, hell raining down from all sides! Bill Dolby Rooftop Singer Jack Mercury Savage Garden June 2
9 2v2 Objective A massive, sprawling labyrinth, in the dead of night! Spandau Ballet Marco Forneira Donatello Blackwell Don Under June 14
12 2v2 Deathmatch An egyptian dig site, the palms of massive statues the only thing sticking out. Pascal Chaleur Elio Valez Floyd Feelgood Nicholas Al-Bach June 26
15 2v2 Objective A large ship, filled to the brim with guards! Natsuru Springfield Harvey Harold Hillhouse Gray Jay Michael Sembello July 8
18 2v2 Deathmatch Granbury, Texas. The annual Field of Flags event. Cassandra Corazon Kate Smith Elliot J. Diamond Boy July 20
Redemption Match Match Format Match Flavor Match Location Combatant A Combatant B Date
21 1v1v1 Deathmatch The side of a remote river in Alabama. Paddle faster. You can hear the Banjos playing. Duvelleroy Airis Ani August 1
Reddit Name User Name Stand Name Team Status
u/Zanegaru Junky Luck Robot Parade Sunset Company Active
u/pm_ur_veggie_garden Diamond Boy Dirty Dancer Sunset Company Active
u/Mightymindsoup Elliot J Love Bites Sunset Company Active
u/johntindlemen Adriano Donati Clearest Blue Sunset Company Active
u/boredCommentator Duvelleroy Great King Rat Sunset Company Active…?
u/jem_rye Albrecht Durer Just Push Play Sunset Company Active
u/Shark_Steel Duke Rhayader What is Love Sunset Company RETIRED
u/Strange_Bean Dana Davis Stay Sunset Company RETIRED
u/Gallerian Jitterbug Amun-Ra Sunset Company Active
u/phinsa123 Jack Mercury Mötley Crüe Temperance Machine Active
u/Unknowni123 Stefania Sandu Rich Girl Temperance Machine RETIRED
u/YoloSwagginsV12 Nicola Henderson Exmilitary Temperance Machine Active
u/Otha_Joestar Savage Garden Jungle Love! Temperance Machine Active
u/Bentonic64 James Creech Northern Hues Temperance Machine RETIRED
u/Nivrap Dionne Stained Glass Heart Temperance Machine RETIRED
u/Quickdrawnmoron Dr. Alice Slash Mississippi Queen Temperance Machine Active (1 KO)
u/bauccgia0 Rip Van Winkle Self Called Nowhere Temperance Machine RETIRED
u/KiwiArms David "2D" Delasoul Feel Good Ink Right Now, Forever RETIRED
u/SweaterSnake Spandau Ballet Paint Box Right Now, Forever Active
u/Toedpens Seth Turmur Heart of the Sunrise Right Now, Forever RETIRED
u/Dead_Star_World Cassandra Johnson Getaway Right Now, Forever RETIRED
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u/PerPapple Christina “Chris” Carlisle Shadow on the Wall Right Now, Forever Active
u/Skelly-Tan Marco Forneira Man Eater Right Now, Forever Active
u/WoobidyWoo Stefan C. Megiddo Switch - 625 Right Now, Forever Active
u/Leafsw0rd Rooftop Singer Wintergatan (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/TheMysteriousDoc Sigmund “Ziggy” Tremaine Demon Days (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active (2 KOs)
u/HeavenAscensionTaric Erick "Rick Max" Maximilian Withered Delilah (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/NowWithPulp James Chance Electric Avenue (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active (2 KOs)
u/Slaycube James Burton Of Wolf and Man (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active (2 KOs)
u/Addem_Up Huey Lewis Change of Heart (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active (2 KOs)
u/Sh0tgunLlama Felix “Fat Rat” Arrowsmith Set in Stone (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/ChocolateDiscloud Bill Dolby It’s Raining Men (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/CPU_Dragon DJ Rasputin (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/rederister Michael Sembello Automatic Man Diamond Dogs Active
u/Repider Jason “Gray Jay” Jukes Hush Diamond Dogs Active
u/Calumba Dr. Francesca Marvel Ting Tings Diamond Dogs RETIRED
u/anxientdesu Airis Ani Musical Star Diamond Dogs Active…?
u/JinxTheFrosslass Farewell Angelina Chains of Love Diamond Dogs Active
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u/KantuK Kewlin Cuidad Smooth Criminal Loca's Motions Active
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u/spyguy318 Dr. Nick Mason Dark Side of the Moon Loca's Motions Active
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u/Drebin996 Kate Smith Cibo Matto Loca's Motions Active
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u/vyhox Gami Haru Haru The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/Spade4103 Don Under Hot Space The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/WayofAlexGaming Nicholas Al-Bach Camera Shy The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/Sullivanity333 Dr. Floyd Feelgood Moving Pictures The F.L.E.A.s Active (2 KOs)
u/Mosses76 Felix Down Learn to Fly The F.L.E.A.s Active (2 KOs)
u/FastLikeLightning Famoso Pietraduro Wayward Son The F.L.E.A.s Active (2 KOs)
u/TornkeS Donatello Blackwell I Am The F.L.E.A.s Active (2 KOs)
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Here's how I'm probably going to vote. How about you?

Senate: Markey (democrat)
I like Markey on everything but gun control... and while I like my guns, his Republican counterpart is wishy-washy about the issue anyway, and definitely a bad choice on economic and social issues.
GovernoLt. Gov: McCormick/Post (independent)
I liked his responses on the League of Women Voters site, specifically that he seems to be a fiscal conservative but doesn't want to gut government like the Tea Party. He wants to focus on early childhood education, and I agree with him that that's a really good place to invest public money. On healthcare, he's identified specific ways of reducing costs and improving care without rushing to the far right of the spectrum and trying to gut the state's healthcare system. I think his experience in venture capital would be well suited here, as he knows how to increase organizational efficiency with laser focus. Along with every other candidate he's said he supports a waiver for the Affordable Care Act, but he stated he wanted an "innovation waiver", which I can only hope implies he doesn't want to refuse the entire ACA as that'd be throwing money away. Overall he seems to be a pretty well balanced candidate.
I'm against Coakely because she's vehemently anti-gun (which I know is a positive to most of you, probably), but more importantly, in her time as AG she's refused to prosecute almost any Democratic politicians. She's an old school Democratic operator, and is the worst kind of you-rub-my-back-and-i'll-rub-yours politician. Springfield's rife with political corruption, but it's gone unnoticed under her watch. Chicopee's last mayor never seemed to want for money (or have trouble getting loans), despite going through bankruptcy and taking trips to Hawaii every few months. But he's a democrat, so no interest. And from outside my locality, there's the whole hubbub surrounding her refusal to prosecute Sal Dimasi, until the Feds had to come in and do it for her. She's okay on education, but mostly talks in platitudes, and given her background as a party apparatchik I don't believe she has the will to really push through meaningful changes.
I'm against Baker primarily because he wants to scrap Obamacare/ACA entirely in MA, under the guise of "its interfering with our current system", but in reality it's just typical Republican hatred for state healthcare, as the ACA has actually expanded the coverage the state is able to offer by a wide margin. No governor should be turning down federal dollars. I'm also not thrilled with his education focus being on vocational programs. MA has some of the best higher education in the world, we should be focusing our efforts on getting kids there.
Attorney General: John Miller (Republican)
As a primary reason for supporting him, he's the only alternative to Coakley's protege, the current assistant AG, Maura Healey. As I mentioned earlier, political corruption in the Democratic party has gotten a free pass under Coakley, and I'm not confident that Coakley's right-hand-gal is going to change that policy.
As a secondary reason, I'm supporting Miller because he's said he'd remove the awful gray area around gun purchases in this state that the prior AG's created with their "Advisory Opinions", which in essence create a huge gray area allowing the AG to selectively ban guns they don't like, regardless of the actual wording of the relevant laws. As an aside, regulations like this make it illegal to sell certain types of guns to properly trained and licensed citizens through gun dealerships -- yet I can, as a duly licensed private citizen, buy one of these guns from a cop (who is still able to buy these guns because of his profession) and perform the transaction in my local Wal Mart parking lot. That gun is now grandfathered in and I can sell it to any other private citizen. And remember, these guns are no different in capability than any other guns currently legal to buy in Massachusetts, the AG just thinks they're especially dangerous because Glocks are the brand of gun used in every action movie. That's how crazy gun laws are in this state. I support expanded background checks and other moderate gun control, I'm not an NRA shill, but it's stuff like that that drives me nuts.
Secretary of State: Danny Factor (Green-Rainbow) or David D’Arcangelo (Republican)
Anyone but Galvin! The incumbent, William Galvin, has been a dinosaur. He refuses public records requests citing the nebulous "state reasons" as an excuse, charges enormous document fees for FOIA/public records requests, and has dragged his feet through nearly 20 years in this position without making any headway into digitizing and streamlining the states public records. He's an anachronism and is the exact kind of entrenched political cronyism that is keeping Massachusetts back. I think David has more experience, but Danny has more heart. Either of them, or a pothole, would be a better choice for Secretary of State than Galvin.
Treasurer: Mike Heffernan (Republican)
He's got a Bachelors in Economics from Georgetown and a Masters in Finance from NYU. He's an advocate for adopting the UN's Principle's for Responsible Investing, which incorporate social justice and environmental concerns into the decision making process, but without jumping head first into divestment as his Democratic opponent is advocating. Maybe it'll come to that, but I'd rather the guy in charge of the state pensions takes a more conservative approach at first.
Auditor: Suzanne Bump (Democrat)
I think she's done a pretty good job over the last term, at least not bad enough to warrant her ouster. Although, her opponent (Saint Aubin) is the only accountant running for the office, which seems like a pretty important qualification for the states chief auditor. I'm most ambivalent about this race.
Question 1: Repeal the gas tax inflation indexing?
Yes. The gas tax is one of the most regressive taxes still kicking. There are no good public transit systems in western MA, so your average working poor drive to work. Increasing their taxes is silly. They end up paying a higher proportion of their income towards fuel costs than middle class or rich people, which is the opposite effect that most people in this state want. This is on top of the silliness of taxing private citizens for funds to repair road infrastructure to begin with, when 95% of road damage is caused by heavy trucks. Same deal with tolls. Don't subsidize businesses with a tax that preferentially hurts the poorest people in the state.
Question 2: Expand the bottle deposit law?
No. It's pretty annoying to have to horde my empty cans in the pantry for a week or two before making a trip to the redemption center, adding plastic bottles on top of that is going to be ridiculous. It would be fantastic if I could just crush my aluminum cans and throw them in my curbside recycling bin. But if I can't do that, at least don't make it worse by making me hold on to all my plastic bottles, too.
The state should work on expanding its curbside recycling program, not making my house look like a homeless person is squatting there.
Question 3: Prohibit Casinos?
Yes. As outlined here. TLDR: they create few, shitty jobs; they act as an effective tax on the poorest and most vulnerable members of society; they suck money out of the area and into the pockets of out of state investors.
Question 4: Universal paid sick time?
Yes. This is a basic protection that workers should have had years ago. It creates job stability, family stability, reduces the likelihood of people being victimized by payday lenders, and works out to a very minimal annual cost for employers. Definitely worth it.
So, thoughts? How should I vote differently? Got any info about candidates I missed, or got wrong? How are you going to vote?
Here's a good site for comparing candidates, from the League of Women Voters: http://lwvma.org/voting-and-election-information/voters-guide-to-statewide-offices-2014/
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Casino Bill

I don't really understand why we all have to vote on the casino since we already have voted and passed the casino bill. We collectively voted that we want a casino in Springfield, but some people opposed to the casino somehow got the bill back on the table? It doesn't make much sense, and it seems unfair to the companies that have ALREADY started building and spent hundreds of thousands because they were under the impression the bill was passed. Thoughts?
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 98: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

⏳⚖ Past Transcripts ⏳⚖
  • Paging Special Agent Mike McMahon
    • NO Caps
    • < Grand Central Station I believe >
    • Agent Michael McMahon--California agent talking a lot about Awan brothers
    • Help Jason get in touch with Agen McMahon
    • Whistleblower protection did not help him, it destroyed his career
    • 3 Different Imran S Awans with 3 different offender IDs. Look into
    • McMann not McMahon.
    • McMann needs our help, he was targetted by McCabe
    • Legal action if Trump and Sessions.
    • Trump being handicapped by Sessions
    • Help get this interview
    • I'll tweet offender IDs
  • Whose Treasury Is It Anyway?
    • Hey everybody how's it going Hudson behind me and Yonkers, Broncos between the Bronx and Yonkers not far from the Hudson
    • So I made this jogged my memory the last time I was here in Broncos I made a short video
    • I got a call from a very high-level guy in England
    • hey hey scrunch
    • And anyway I think he knew or worked with Tony Blair and he basically said you don't need to know who I am but there's this company that somehow I know about that's this Pakistani company that's been thought to had ISI-based connections working in the US Treasury
    • And I can't remember if it was who it was if it was some radio host or some host had done--hey scratch--had done a series of reports about this in anyway they were using these Blackberries
    • And they were using these secure Blackberries to do all these contracts
    • And they were being held out from normal bidding the normal GSA type bidding
    • So was in the GSA part of the treasury
    • And I can't remember the name of the firm
    • But I don't have access to my computer right now I just
    • Don't know why I'm getting so much glare I don't have access to my computer
    • Now I just have my phone
    • So that somebody could tell me who
    • If somebody could tell me who that Pakistani ISI firm is, that I was working in the US Treasury I would be very appreciative
    • I just can't remember the name but some high-level guy in England called me
    • And it said I know
    • It was either like Tony Blair or somehow he knew I can't remember an ex prime minister or something like that wasn't Heath there was somebody after Heath
    • But I can't remember but anyway if someone could just go through and look I think Radio Patriot I think Andreea Jay King has the text the she can search
    • I think also 9/11BodySnatcher also has the text links that he can search for
    • Search for Yonkers or Bronx I'm pretty sure house in Yonkers over the Bronx if big was around mayushii timeframe but anyway that I think is the key to this whole thing the whole network the whole network with the Awans I believe is going to be
    • Now it wasn't Akhtar trust no it wasn't
    • Now it was like Shiva or it wasn't it was like pan Jeeva but it wasn't that's I don't think that's right
    • So if you go back to whatever day I think was the wrong time my son's graduation that that's the day of
    • So he could just give hey everybody if somebody could just give you that hint that would be great I don't want to make this long I just wanted to put out that request anyway it was it reminded me
    • So much of this golf trainer thing no bid contract all done and BlackBerry's all done off-book potentially black-budget not just one of those weird things
    • Now wasn't pan Jeeva I know pan Jeeva is a great tool for looking up different businesses like Hoover's wasn't pan G but you have to go back and actually look at the that day I think I made like eight or nine videos that day
    • So anyway thanks everybody
    • I'll just put this out there and hopefully we'll get a resolution thank you so much
    • Now wasn't what is it wait Sultana Sultana I don't know
    • Yes FBI agents do use Blackberries I believe
    • Mike McMahan would probably be able to answer that
    • Again I don't know if you remember those videos that I've produced but
    • A boy soldier Alpha Jalloh was a boy soldier from Sierra Leone?
    • I thought he was from Guinea
    • I thought his training base was in Guinea but they've moved them all around all along at Western shelf as the Africa starts turning to the north coast line I believe he's from Nigeria but they use the Nigerian kids to destabilize all along the gold and diamond coasts there
    • So like Sierra Leone cote debride Burkina Faso Guinea the whole crew that whole crew from Nigeria was used to destabilize that whole diamond and Gold Coast
    • Yeah sorry I can't do anything about the network and I don't have the I don't have the Wi-Fi yet so I apologize
    • Yeah Nigeria I'm pretty darn sure Jolla was pointed for Niger the whole Nigeria story hasn't really broke yet and I didn't really want to say this until I had proof
    • But I actually believe Jolla went to school in Ohio
    • Anyway he went to school in Ohio
    • And like what they do is they tell these kids oh actually you're the heir apparent not not Alpha Jalloh but this other kid who I believe had a Bentley
    • And they stole a Bentley for originally
    • Anyway then they had this entourage come to the same school
    • So like five or six kids that come to school kind of like his bodyguards when they come to the United States
    • And anyway they grew up with him the whole time and I think you're gonna see he did a 205 day 205 yeah if you can look at day 205 some day that day
    • I remember making a film here looking out at the Hudson just like this and the guy from Scotland called me
    • And he had been working with Craig Murray and he had been working with someone in the British government that was fairly high up that had been a prime minister
    • And he had said that hey oh by the way you got this Pakistani ISI firm working a new Treasury Department with these Blackberries and they're do most of the stuff most of the book work is done by the book GSA bid it out lowest bidder or whatever qualified bid that kind of thing not JCL I don't think oh that's JCL person but then anyway there's this black book stuff that they give for no bid contracts out by this Pakistani ISI firm that you have that's embedded itself into here G say
    • So I remember oh my gosh dishes Jack Lew this is the GSA this is the this is the infiltration that the this is the infiltration of the Treasury that the Awans are working on
    • And I didn't follow up on I feel so bad about a date to a button well anyway have a look at day 205 have a look at that day's things and if you could give me that give me that firm that would be awesome
    • I'm so sorry I am on the road today
    • And I just had to see my son before he took off for the west coast
    • So thank you very much it's not gonna come here right away whoever couldn't research that, that would be awesome you
  • Meet Michael McMahon, FBI Special Agent and Vetting Whistleblower
    • Good afternoon everyone
    • You're at Bryant Park again here in beautiful New York City they have concerts looks like Thursday Friday and Saturday I think maybe Sunday even as well
    • One of my favorite spots one of the favorite spots of Mark Twain of all people
    • 42nd and sixth Avenue is that right and Avenue of the Americas
    • But if you want to say it of course when you come to New York always go visit the New York Public Library
    • One of the things I asked about before I got in a train to go see my son I haven't seen him in such a long time
    • And it's always funny to see your son in a doctor's outfit in your life another thing same kid that I diapered
    • {{incomprehensible}}...But he's quite a good doctor
    • And anyway Michael McMahon Michael McMahon
    • One of the great things about this job--somebody at fox business stopped me and then interviewed me in Times Square today and it was Fox famous Maria Bartiromo
    • Here's a sharp shout out to Maria Bartiromo
    • I didn't
    • She broke the law brothers story really that made the mainstream media
    • Luke Rosiak of course had that story with with the print media with Daily Caller
    • But Maria Bartiromo at Fox Business was really the first one who broke it and television
    • Anyway the person asked me to question: what job do you think you would like the most?
    • And I said the job where you do exactly what you want to do and and what does that mean you
    • Well it's telling the truth
    • This is what job you what would be the worst consideration and getting a job?
    • I said well doing what other people think you want you want you to do
    • And being true to yourself looking inside your heart and doing what you think you do best
    • So a lot of all my decisions are made that way
    • I would have said that as an answer if I didn't believe that
    • So that one of those times was no conversation I just had right over here two minutes ago with Michael McMahon
    • He's now he's in California but he was a special agent with the FBI in Virginia
    • Now it's an undisclosed location that he was in in charge of
    • But he was in charge of OPM
    • OPM is the Office of Personnel Management and he was in charge his unit his unit was in charge in the Virginia area same place he Awans are
    • He left since then because of being a whistleblower
    • But the reason why he left was because he said there was six hundred sixty thousand checks that had been just processed through because they were paid on volume, not on quality
    • They were paid on quantity not on quality
    • So I had to know more about this story
    • I had to talk to him more about that
    • And explain and find out how are you only at the FBI a year--how did you get so high up GS-15
    • You got promoted seven months in
    • But he said I started as a GS-13 I had a stellar record in Iraq excuse me at CENTCOM I believe was Iraq
    • He's a Navy officer
    • He had an outstanding career as a navy officer serving our country
    • And he came in and he said hey you've got a problem here
    • There's two parts to vetting
    • One service is called name check this is the type of thing that I tweeted out right before I got on the train up to to the Bronx
    • This is the the easy step where that someone has multiple Social Security numbers
    • Multiple if they were committed crimes multiple offender IDs where they're trying to keep their their ID secret
    • That's one part of the service here ran--name check
    • So just name check is what it is a name check
    • And he said basically why do name check if you're not really checking?
    • Why even use the verb check if you're not checking you're not checking
    • Obviously they were not checking, because the Awan's got through and they were not checking
    • And you should be checking year after year Okay. and he said ninety-eight ninety-nine percent of the people that work for the government go through this OPM
    • So there is some kind of checking and as you go higher and higher obviously there's more and more involved FBI checking
    • So he has gone to Congress
    • He wrote a letter to Grassley
    • They brought him in front of the I believe it was a Judiciary Committee in the Senate
    • He had three hour testimony
    • It was kind of a here he comes there he goes story well we wrote our letter we're signing off now--vetting is a problem
    • This has to go out to the President of the United States because here is a man who also is a badge of honor
    • Who also had Mike Boyce said this cannot go on
    • What's in these emails of these 50 Chiefs that what they saw this cannot go on this is not the way we run things in the United States of America
    • This is an FBI guy that said that
    • Now of course what do you think happened?
    • Immediately everyone started treating him like dirt when he was a whistleblower
    • Even though we were supposed to put in a stronger whistle protect protection act we really didn't
    • And he was basically drummed out of the service for standing up for what he believed in was a very serious national security risk
    • So again, I can't do what other people want me to do
    • I can't I gotta be myself
    • If I start trying to be somebody I'm not, it's just not gonna work. I have to be me.
    • If something bothers me whether you whether that's a good thing or a bad thing I have to say it
    • I have to say it straight to the people to the American people straight to the to the world and let the chips fall where they may
    • And that is exactly what Michael McMahon did
    • He did not care about promotion or anything else other than security of the United States of America
    • If Mike I can tell already 20 minutes of speaking with Michael McMahon--if he would have been on at the switch and to help, the Awans would have never happened
    • There's no doubt in my mind the Awan thing would be something that's completely behind us
    • Now I don't think PTECH would have happened either I don't think a Pakistani firm with given the exclusive rights to giving out these exclusive contracts with these Blackberries--you can take over and make a deal here's the secret secure blackberry that Anthony Weiner's trusted staff configured over there in the corner for most of our contracts are GSA contracts
    • We'll do it above board
    • We'll have open bidding everyone will compete
    • They will stay up late at night doing proposals like I used to do as a sales guy
    • But for our special group for our "pay-to-play group" you may as well call it "pay to blackberry"
    • We'll give you a blackberry, you can if you get in on the bid as a token almost all senses that's a kind of a almost like a pay-to-play token these Blackberries
    • PTECH Lori found in two minutes boom I forget I'm away from my laptop
    • Lori found it in two minutes
    • PTECH is the company we're coming back to it because this is going to as I said before as these strings start coming apart and it just keeps bringing more and more
    • Jack Lou PTECH coming at you pro you left too many footprints too many footprints we're gonna have expert witnesses coming forward
    • I've had several calls on the lawsuit already today several attorneys already saying let's do this thing let's really go after JTTF
    • It's way worse than you think it is
    • Everybody coming back at me going it is the DOD it's not like the DOD it's not influenced by DoD
    • It's maybe Michael's not a special agent I have not even had a chance to vent Michael right other than 20 different people better oh oh
    • That was Michael say that he was way high up not a special agent Okay.
    • Not an SAIC I apologize she was not doing a little office
    • He ran OPM I love this thanks Michael
    • So online journalism, online correction that's not I don't need to issue a retraction
    • I just need to blush and say yes he was way high up used a GS-15
    • So people in the government certainly know what that means
    • So we're gonna get to know Michael over time and I also want in-depth way interview the kind of interviews that Jason Goodman does
    • Where he really asked those great questions I mean I saw just just a plug Jason for a little bit
    • I saw some incredible interviewing techniques that Jason just never got a chance to show too much because of so much stuff going on
    • And so much news has been
    • So much running around and when you see this Lionel interview I've been watching it a day to day we've been 20 hours a day literally for the last whatever three months
    • When you see this interview when it comes out
    • I know he hates me to put pressure on it's it's gets a great interview and you're going to have other interviews like that coming out for Charles Ortel
    • And you're gonna have out of the interviews like that I hope it's gonna do my interview my second because I want that Braverman out there
    • So anyway Lori thank you
    • You're just I mean I am dirt compared to Lori
    • She's the brains she's just a Brain right it's right back here and she says it kind of reminds me of that broadcast news with William Hurt,
    • And then somebody was saying the x-15 afterburners have been known to go out it's bad weather situations that he was getting the air pieces he say
    • So that's all for right
    • Now I want you to get to know a Michael McMahon
    • He tweeted back to me directly I didn't know whether to take this or flip it over to crowdsource the truth
    • He got back meat to me directly
    • So I felt the obligation of telling his story
    • Again I like crowd source of truth to continue to develop this
    • I think Jason would just be a fantastic four camera interview like we did for Lionel
    • Like we did for Dr. Corsi
    • Like we did for Charles or talent who knows
    • So anyway oh gosh that was Michael sending me a thing about records management
    • A Lot of the questions I asked he said I'm sorry I can't answer that
    • I'm sorry I can't answer it
    • Sorry that's classified
    • So this is a person who still has a very high esteem for the secrecy of the people of our country that have worked for our government
    • Now you probably also remember the OPM hack
    • The OPM hack where 22 million records were hacked
    • We don't know who hacked them but it could be a hacking group I mean I'm just guessing
    • Cozy Bears
    • It could be a hacking group on Capitol Hill maybe maybe
    • I think I know where the records are kept.
    • I think it's DISA, near Springfield but I won't speak publicly for you Jason I apologize
    • I'm gonna sign off now I just wanted to say
    • So long from Central Park that's at Park Bryant Park caught me
    • Look forward to getting to know Michael McMahon's better over time
    • We're not gonna quit on learning who's Michael McMahon is
    • And the issues that we had with vetting and name search, and it's the nature excuse me until we're done
  • Day 293 - Adding Awan Car Ratlines To Mix
    • Okay. Good morning everybody
    • So up here in the Bronx day 293 and I wanted to add in kind of the car ratlines that show how the cars are used to move DU and WP
    • The D U we're going to talk about the depleted uranium and the ring there is gonna be mostly I believe Virginia through South Carolina, potentially Savannah
    • And then I think the white phosphorus is gonna be mainly Florida, especially the Port of Tampa the Jacksonville
    • I'm not quite sure about yet, but we'll get there when time allows, but let's focus mainly on the Awan brothers piece of this in Virginia
    • Again this is all under kind of a DynCorp construct
    • So there's gonna be West Africans and New York would be stealing the cars
    • And then there's going to be the Awans having the middle piece of the ratline
    • And then there's gonna be people downstream as well
    • So I'm just gonna focus on the Elan piece of this and the DynCorp ring again where the DynCorp picks up and where the Awans pick up is kind of under dying for is running the whole ratline from beginning in the Awans could be just the middle piece how much they know Alpha Jolla in the beginning of the ratline is remains to be seen
    • They certainly are Alpha Jolla certainly is in DC quite a bit awry in the well right
    • Now as a matter of fact
    • So we're gonna talk about cash weapons cars espionage that's really a replay of Iran-Contra to matter of fact it may be the same Iron contra just it was just hidden better they just changed the name and hid it better
    • And you could throw drugs in here as well I'll bring into your Javita in a little bit with that drug operation but right
    • Now I'm going to just focus mainly on the spy ring and a car ring
    • So so right here is the twenty million dollar payment I talked about yesterday for the UAE to the this DC think tank which is the Middle East Institute
    • These are always just very thinly veiled covers that's a kind of a rent payment for running the car ring
    • And it's the same old game with just drugs in weapons out--very simple
    • The same as Mena Airport drugs in weapons out
    • Same as Offut Air Force Base has been since then drugs in weapons out
    • I'm gonna go ahead and keep the Twitter feed here
    • Just so you can see how see your name if you're tweeting out and gives it a kind of a metadata timestamping as well that I kind of like
    • So you're gonna have to use that as proof of life
    • I don't really want to do a lot of camera work
    • I'm trying to get away from that and really focus on CSTT to do that
    • So and also I just want to upload videos
    • I really don't like the pressure of going live but well here we are
    • So the Washington Navy artists I mentioned I believe 148 buildings around 178 buildings I think there's a huge store of old weapons that need to be disposed
    • They're not really being disposed they're being resold and parts all over the world
    • That's the general piece of all this they can sit there for years and years and years and nobody's gonna bother them
    • I think DU weapons actually spill all the way back to the world war two an experimentation in the 50s and really start developing in the 70s 80s and 90s
    • So there's huge stockpiles here they're not being disposed of
    • Somebody's making money to dispose of those I really haven't got that part of the ratline
    • But the key here is as they go down the the Potomac here where the Anacostia splits with the Potomac, I believe the load point is that National Harbor
    • This weapons ratline is gonna be here at National Harbor
    • And I know this has been turned into a commercial area with a with the G4S looking over all the operations here up there on the hill
    • And now the casino is here the Tangier outlet mall and all that stuff and and
    • So this load point maybe a little bit further up and up the Potomac now a little past Fort Washington in this more secure area in the Navy research labs
    • So I'm just as just general the suit just general
    • But here this Springfield to Woodbridge corridor here with the Awans in the middle of it--that's really gonna be kind of the load the loading area the weapons loading area and I believe the stores aren't going to be at actually the staging area it's gonna be Fort Belvoir
    • And I believe that's how you say it if it still has the French pronunciation
    • But Fort Belvoir I believe you're gonna bring in let's say whatever the munitions are they're gonna be packed and loaded into kind of the same thing you would do it in Amazon warehouse
    • I'm not saying it's an animus on warehouse there specifically--that's a front
    • But maybe you want to look into that
    • But the people that are being recruited are ms-13 they're you're mainly from their kids they're mainly from El Salvador Guatemala
    • I believe the operation would in Woodbridge that Arshad Mahmood ran was basically that getting kids to work here temporary
    • If they talk you can kill them
    • And that's just that simple
    • And then it's a short hop over here for the drivers to just go over here to National Harbor to do the load
    • So I think the loading is somewhere in here
    • Maybe Springfield companies I know Arshad Mahmood had a thing called Goal Transport
    • So there's other transport companies that other wands had ADHD and dropped the D
    • So it's ADH transportation that Naeem Awan had
    • We're gonna end up looking at all these transportation companies
    • But I think the idea is very short haul very short haul drainage over to this load point it's gonna be somewhere along in here somewhere in here
    • And the reason I say that is again some of this conjecture some of its a lot of it's supported with with fact
    • But you want to keep your supply lines as short as possible because every mile that DU travels or sarin travels or the WP you have point a possible interdiction
    • So you really want to limit your possible interdiction points as much as you can
    • Now is skybridge tactical flying to an airport up here, with the white phosphorus, to load WP here as well? Who knows
    • And vice-versa skybridge tactical taking d you down to Tampa and loading there and and Jacksonville loading there
    • Potentially. That makes sense why the separation with purple shovel in Virginia, and the Skybridge tactical being in Florida
    • Now these are all look I believe this is just gonna be the chemring rocket business
    • Now there could be other ammunition other arsenals better weapons payloads that are being supplied but
    • For right now I'm just following CHEMRING just the Chemring
    • Chemring missiles are going to either have DU load I believe or WP load
    • The Florida Chemings are gonna have the WP load and they're mainly gonna be sold to the armies of the Middle East and Africa but mainly Iran and Iraq initially
    • So I think those are gonna be the key customers, because they're most concerned about anti-tank
    • Now here we're gonna move into the vehicle theft ring
    • And this is Bill Warner's work, and the only thing I added to this picture was this Chemring rocket either with a de load here with the uranium sign or that it could be a WP or or I believe also could be a sarin gas load as well
    • But the vehicle is truly a vehicle
    • This is just a storage or a transportation vehicle for this
    • So you have to steal the vehicle which is done I believe in New York New Jersey area
    • There's a little bit of a there I believe there's also going to be a ring in Maryland
    • But the problem when you get so close to your supply line is and people can start putting things together easily defenses are gonna be diplomatic couriers
    • So like in Jalloh's ring there's 22 or 23 up in New York and New Jersey there's a ring of about six that are the entourage of some African Prince, and that's how they get diplomatic status as diplomatic couriers
    • I believe the you're gonna have the two guys that are expendable in this car
    • So not the diplomatic entourage
    • But there's gonna be one or two diplomatic entourage following a line of cars five six seven eight nine cars and the last ones gonna have the diplomatic fence in there
    • And then the cars are going to be brought down I'll show you the control point
    • Documents are prepared I don't know if it's gonna be caravans of six or seven or eight, but safety and numbers kind of thing
    • And then the diplomatic fences are going to drive the cars directly on to the diplomatic containers
    • And they are going to be the diplomatic courier that goes with the containers I think four is that the number that they feel most comfortable with, looking at the shipping documents
    • And really this is after looking at thousands of shipping documents
    • But I think four is the number
    • I'm not sure how many cars that is but I'm gonna say it's about with the size container they have about three or four cars per container
    • So maybe four
    • But I believe that's what's going on if somebody opens container he says hey I'm the the grand Prince of of Lagos personal envoy and that's the princes car and that's his wife's car
    • Okay Great close it up move it on
    • And then it hits the ship mainly going to code every Burkina Faso they they keep breaking these little African countries into pieces
    • So that they can do different ports
    • But if it was Lagos could be all the ports along that southern south western edge of the kind of protuberance of sub africa all right then they're drilling all over Africa and the Middle East from there okay
    • So let's look at the ring on like a map
    • I believe the driver sanctuary is in McLean Islamic centre I don't believe it they actually drive the cars down to the CIA dealership
    • And this is again looking at documents the great thing about Bill Warner is he's tracked everything to the VIN level
    • And there's gonna be GPS data from those sky little GPSes at those little GPS s you can buy those $50 GPS those those hidden GPSes
    • The intelligent thing they did here was they worked with dealerships that were fifty to a hundred miles away at least 50 to 100 miles away
    • So like in the Richmond Virginia they would start picking up dealerships and then they would be the kind of northern Maryland and then then stolen cars from New York
    • So and New Jersey
    • So I believe DynCorp runs the whole ratline from all the way from New York down to the actual shipping point
    • All the way and tracks it all the ship all the way to its final destination to the customer that's getting off the ship
    • But gets a new pickup driver going and driving it all the way to the Embassy of Gabon or wherever the final destination is going
    • And then I believe DynCorp monitors that car though through its entire life as the car of the interior minister of Gabon
    • For their diamonds and gold that that is
    • This is a entire life cycle that's much and managed by DynCorp
    • I believe the front company is going to be LCC or will light bridge communications or it was obviously Imran worked there it's just right across the street here in Tyson's corners
    • I think CELPLAN was out here more cell plan was more of a front company I believe to get home equity lines of credit from the United States Congress
    • So I don't think CELPLAN is actually in this
    • Now did sell plans to sell the Blackberries to everyone along the way as there were drivers
    • So that they would have encrypted communications along the way of course I mean of course you would use that for your communications of all your drivers and coordinating all this stuff and do I think DynCorp did all that of course I do
    • But I'm I'm just saying that CELPLAN beyond that just looked like a way of getting house equity lines of credit to these different cell phone shops that provided this the communications for the ratlines
    • So anyway I do I believe that there was a driver rewards at this Wolftrap yeah maybe who knows
    • I mean everyone wants to think the worst of everybody involved sometimes it's just good good business people running down and doing a ratline in an operation in the country in a foreign country
    • And they're just being good soldiers of their state
    • That's how they think about the thing of their selves is just being patriotic
    • These these reports or of all this fentanyl parties and stuff it will transfer I think greatly exaggerated but I have to report them because there are they have been made
    • So and then the CIA here I believe is just a chop shop point
    • If this somebody something goes along wrong along the way potentially interdiction
    • Law enforcement
    • Or somebody doesn't want the car or something goes wrong I think it goes here and then somebody picks it up and it just gets chopped somewhere in the Virginian Maryland area
    • And then I definitely think the money as far as the money from the payments
    • If drugs are coming in this way the payments are going into this garage Islamic Center
    • And again it's just a repeat of the Arkansas developed Finance Corporation in Arkansas
    • The money comes in you clear it at the end of the day money comes in you clear it at the end of the day you probably move it to some offshore account I'm guessing it's gonna be the Cayman Islands just looking up the traces of receipts as far as the different islands go in the Caribbean
    • Could be a little St. James but I haven't seen that evidence people have said oh it's little st. James how do we know this?
    • Well here's all ATAR been convicted many times fake billing all the sex stuff and all the ties to Hezbollah he is in the dealership
    • So he is bringing the money - I call it the Hezbollah car dealership he is bringing the money
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The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (8/7/16)

· 1. Motorola Solutions sells remaining land in Schaumburg to Chicago-based UrbanStreet Group (Daily Herald)
· 2. Huntley Community School District 158 to provide Chromebooks for all high school students (Daily Herald)
· 3. Drunk driver hits motorcycle, injuring rider on Route 47 near Woodstock (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 4. Additions to three Elgin Area Unit School District U-46 elementary schools to be ready for school Aug. 17 (Daily Herald)
· 5. Fox River Initiative asks Kane County Board to fund programs that divert mentally ill from jail to treatment, expand police training (Daily Herald)
· 6. Aurora real-estate broker launches business that gives to charity that supports parents whose children pass away (Daily Herald)
· 7. Mother, daughter killed in three-vehicle crash on Grand Avenue near Bensenville (CBS 2)
· 8. World Relief DuPage Aurora allows 100 immigrants into citizenship clinic (Chicago Tribune)
· 9. Inmate found dead Saturday morning in Crown Point's Kimbrough Center (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 10. Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission installs its own electric-car-charging station, part of 159-station chain (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 11. Lowell official calls for changes to how Lake County maps TIF districts, which may include properties that towns don't know about (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 12. Hobart denies resident's request for kennel license, but that doesn't stop her from trap-spay-release of feral cats on her 1.5-acre property (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 13. Merrillville officials to look into crime, suspicious activities at recently-reopened Deluxe Inn (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 14. Lowell gets second try at funding for solar-energy project at its sewage-treatment plant (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 15. Portage Police Department accepting applications for probationary patrol officers through Sept. 7 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 16. Eastbound Hawley Street in Mundelein reopened after construction (Daily Herald)
· 17. Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy in Glenview expands offerings to include EMS, police, public works training (Chicago Tribune/Skokie Review)
· 18. Illinois Attorney General settles lawsuit against Barrington Mobil station over January gasoline spill for $20,000 (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 18. Bridgeview-based used-car dealer Midway Autohaus considering location in Sleepy Hollow (Daily Herald)
· 20. Dundee Township Park District's first spray park opens in West Dundee (Daily Herald)
· 21. Chicago Cubs' second baseman Addison Russell to appear at Addison Goodwill store on Monday, Aug. 8 (CBS 2)
· 22. Anti-slavery organization SOS Enclaves addresses African slavery during event at Islamic Center of Naperville (Daily Herald)
· 23. Founders of PrivateBancorp return to Chicago area to take up positions with Aurora-based Old Second National Bank (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 24. Homeowners in Naperville subdivision claim mist from retention pond is toxic and making them sick (ABC 7)
· 25. Confrontation between motorcyclist, truck driver caught on camera in Aurora (ABC 7)
· 26. Illinois Department of Employment Security: Former College of DuPage controller deserves unemployment benefits (Chicago Tribune)
· 27. Schaumburg motorcyclist killed in crash while trying to pass a turning car near Sugar Grove (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 28. OSHA cites UPS facility in Addison for death of worker from Lansing in February (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 29. Truck from Channahon-based Allstar Trucking involved in deadly crash on I-80 near Ottawa (ABC 7)
· 30. Man in custody following robbery of Manhattan gun shop (New Lenox Patch)
· 31. Calumet City approves $60 million budget, roughly $3.7 million decrease from 2016 budget (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 32. LaPorte County Planning Commission OKs permit to build 4-acre lake to man with contract to sell sand being removed from land (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 33. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducting more-thorough investigation of lead contamination at East Chicago housing complex (CBS 2)
· 34. East Chicago City Councilman Juda Parks resigns, won't fight Lake County judge's decree that city employees can't also hold elected positions (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 35. Griffith man sentenced to 2 years in prison for his part in 'card-cracking' bank fraud scheme (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 36. Public-safety agencies are now using drones to monitor fires, search for suspects (WBBM AM 780)
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· 46. Lake Zurich High School to have lacrosse team this coming school year ahead of state sanctioning in 2018 (Daily Herald)
· 47. Switzerland, San Francisco investment firms to jointly buy Rolling Meadows office building leased mainly to Capital One Financial (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 48. Des Plaines dentist settles lawsuit for $675,000 after dropping sharp object down Hoffman Estates man's throat during root-canal procedure (CBS 2)
· 49. Arlington Heights man charged with shooting his wife to death while she held the couple's 1-year-old baby (CBS 2)
· 50. Chicago man arrested, charged with residential burglary that occurred July 29 in Des Plaines (FOX 32)
· 51. Elgin Community College gets grant to help low-income, minority, first-generation immigrant students continue education (Daily Herald)
· 52. St. Charles City Council questions economic return of $526,000 payment to Greater St. Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau (Daily Herald)
· 53. Hillside Fire Department responds to hazardous-materials situation along Mannheim Road (ABC 7)
· 54. WalletHub places Aurora as 103rd best city in which to flip a house (NBC 5)
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· 56. Windows of Naperville chiropractor's office shot out with BB guns over weekend (FOX 32)
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· 58. New trail for Hidden Lake Forest Preserve near Downers Grove tied to improvements at Route 53 and Butterfield Road (Daily Herald)
· 59. Ikea, Samsung leasing industrial space at CenterPoint Intermodal Center near Joliet/Elwood (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 60. Alsip settles sexual-harassment lawsuit filed by former village treasurer against mayor for $120,000 (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 61. Bolingbrook police: Teen allegedly shot to death by Chicago police was driving a car stolen from Bolingbrook (Chicago Tribune)
· 62. Federal prosecutors subpoena Lincoln-Way High School District 210's e-mails involving ex-superintendent, certain board members (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 63. Four people arrested after home invasion and armed robbery in Matteson turns into barricade situation (NBC 5)
· 64. Police: One person in custody after Lansing woman beaten to death in domestic dispute (Chicago Tribune)
· 65. New Portage High School coach has shorter commute from Valparaiso than to his previous jobs (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 66. St. John Town Council removes member of Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals based on his registration as Democrat and his voting as Republican (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 67. Gary resident claims she was kicked out of Family Dollar store because of her Muslim clothing (ABC 7)
· 68. Crown Point to focus on getting new police station; new City Hall put on back burner (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 69. Merrillville-based Polycon Industries to hire 100 new employees after $15 million expansion is complete (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 70. Crown Point man convicted of illegally voting in Hebron after 2012 move (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 71. Municipalities' social-media policies place controls on public discussions (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 72. With 594 reported deaths, Illinois on pace to have more than 1,000 traffic fatalities in 2016 (WBBM AM 780)
· 73. Evanston residents, cyclists at odds over narrowing of streets with the addition of bike lanes (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 74. Speechwriter for former GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush sworn in as Grayslake village trustee (Daily Herald)
· 75. Victim of domestic abuse, seen being beat in Antioch bar, left with questions even after the man who attacked her is in prison (CBS 2)
· 76. Chicago Bears to have public practice at Warren Township High School in Gurnee on Aug. 20 (NBC 5)
· 77. Wilmette native Charlie Tilson, new Chicago White Sox center fielders, out for season with hamstring injury (CBS 2)
· 78. Cream Bar Ice Cream Sandwiches to open shop in former Red Mango site at Streets of Woodfield in Schaumburg in late August (Daily Herald)
· 79. Headstone found in Arlington Heights back yard returned to Inverness cemetery (Daily Herald)
· 80. Laser Center to build manufacturing facility in Schaumburg (Daily Herald)
· 81. Neighbors upset that Schaumburg resident gets to keep 30-foot trailer in driveway; village says there's no ordinance prohibiting it (CBS 2)
· 82. Schaumburg look for shirtless man wants in connection with business burglary who may also have been responsible for another burglary in Elk Grove Village (FOX 32)
· 83. Black family from Mount Prospect wins lawsuit against white neighbor over racially-motivated harassment (Chicago Tribune)
· 84. Carpentersville Walmart refunds tax overcharges during first 11 days of store's operation (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 85. Owner of Rolling Meadows Walmart indicted on charges of bank fraud related to a mortgage scam run while he operated an Elmhurst mortgage company (Daily Herald)
· 86. Elgin Area Unit School District U-46, Geneva Unit School District 302 sign deal allowing joint swimming, diving teams at South Elgin High (Daily Herald)
· 87. Hanover Park Village Board appoints deputy police chief to top-cop post (Daily Herald)
· 88. USPS semi strikes SUV on Route 83 in Elmhurst, hospitalizing two people (Chicago Tribune)
· 89. Naperville police looking for man, naked except for a baseball cap, who got out of an SUV in front of a 15-year-old girl near the Prairie Path (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 90. Hispanic man sought in robbery of Elmwood Park bank (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 91. St. Charles-based Pheasant Run Resort abandons plans for houses, intends to build stores on property following fight with DuPage Airport Authority (Daily Herald)
· 92. Subsidiary of Toronto-based insurance company buys Oak Park apartment building for about $68 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 93. Aurora man charged with murder in shooting at Latin American Club (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 94. Woman files lawsuit against driver, driver's employer over July 16 crash that killed both her parents on I-290 near Elmhurst (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 95. Naperville man arrested after his mother reports finding items stolen during recent vehicle burglaries (Daily Herald)
· 96. Graue Mill in Oak Brook reopens for the season (Daily Herald)
· 97. Man struck and killed by freight train in Blue Island (Chicago Tribune)
· 98. Evergreen Park man sentenced to 3 years in prison for reckless homicide after he struck and killed a German tourist in Chicago (CBS 2)
· 99. 50-year-old Oswego man charged with felony stalking of Naperville teen (Daily Herald)
· 100. Grandfather dies after he and grandson pulled from pool in Lansing (CBS 2)
· 101. Man pleads guilty to two counts of aggravated DUI in crash that killed two parents, injured three children; sentenced to 15 years in prison (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 102. Group looks to build multi-agency training facility similar to Glenview, Ill.-based Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Academy in Valparaiso (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 103. Indiana Department of Natural Resources releases $1.3 million in funds to improve lakes and streams throughout state, including Lake Michigan (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 104. Michigan City Common Council approves $5,000 annual scholarships for high school graduates funded by casino revenues (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 105. Lake Station man in prison for dealing drugs is among 214 people whose sentences were commuted Wednesday by President Barack Obama (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 106. LaPorte County Board decides to enforce 12-ton truck-weight limit on roads connected to sand-pit site that commissioners previously gave permission to operate (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 107. Taxpayers in 70 school districts footing bill for $4 million to send more than 3,000 teachers back to college (Daily Herald)
· 108. Illinois sets first-ever hunting/trapping regulations for bobcats, but northeastern Illinois is off limits (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 109. Smithsonian's National Museum hopes skeleton of Glenview scientist who died 150 years ago will reveal his cause of death (Chicago Tribune)
· 110. Man shot in both legs during attempted robbery in Skokie; suspects at large (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 111. American lotuses return to bloom in Chain O' Lakes (Daily Herald)
· 112. Riverside police catch abused dog after resident reports animal outside their gate (CBS 2)
· 113. Man settles lawsuit alleging Fox Lake Police harassed him in Gliniewicz case (Chicago Tribune)
· 114. Light the Lamp Brewery in Grayslake plans expansion, move to 100-year-old building (Daily Herald)
· 115. Park Ridge Public Library considers allowing Maine Township High School District 207 teachers to get library cards, even if they don't live in the city (Daily Herald)
· 116. Hanover Park Runners group hopes to encourage community to run every week (Daily Herald)
· 117. Cook County judge appoints Kane County State's Attorney as special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald murder case (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 118. Kane County State's Attorney working to implement decriminalization of marijuana possession (Daily Herald)
· 119. Burr Ridge lake mysteriously drains in hours, leaving residents angry and confused (ABC 7)
· 120. Former Wheaton College student sentenced to 6 months in jail for secretly videotaping female students inside college-owner apartment building (ABC 7)
· 121. 19-year-old Auroran cited for driving while drugged in fatal Oct. 2015 crash on I-88 near Downers Grove (FOX 32)
· 122. Plainfield man charged with inappropriate contact with a child at Hinsdale Oasis (FOX 32)
· 123. Lombard Village Board considers raising restaurant tax, eliminate taxi-subsidy program to fill estimated $1.6 million budget deficit (Daily Herald)
· 124. Naperville collects 128 designs for new city flag; winner to be announced Nov. 4 at TEDx Naperville (Daily Herald)
· 125. Elmhurst couple jailed for wife's alleged sexual assault of a minor, husband's attempt to dissuade or bribe victim out of testifying (Daily Herald)
· 126. Authorities search for boyfriend of woman shot to death in Country Club Hills (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 127. Jailed ex-Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson sues village to get police pension back (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 128. Gear from Romeoville-based Isovac Products in place for use during Rio de Janeiro Olympics (Chicago Tribune)
· 129. Harvey man charged with murder in infant's shaking death three years ago (Chicago Tribune)
· 130. Man who assaulted Lake County, Ind., police officers near Shelby, Ind., facing extradition to Illinois to face charge of murdering Lansing woman (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 131. Gary Dollar Express issues apology after clerk kicked Muslim woman out of store for wearing hijab and niqab (ABC 7)
· 132. Crown Point Little League team to compete in Cal Ripkin Majo60 World Series on Aug. 13 in Florida (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 133. Indiana Court of Appeals rules that police must get warrant to obtain cell-phone location data (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 134. Illinois Department of Public Health reports 46 cases of Zika virus in state; eight are pregnant women (CBS 2)
· 135. Boston-based Drizly to expand alcohol-delivery platform to Arlington Heights, Barrington, Crystal Lake and Norridge (Chicago Tribune)
· 136. Victims of fiery crash on I-80 near Ottawa include man from Warrenville, couple from Highland, Ind. (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 137. Lincolnwood gun shop/shooting range gets permit to open under court order (Chicago Tribune)
· 138. Virtual-reality roller coaster 'Demon' scheduled to debut Aug. 13 at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee (NBC 5)
· 139. Deerfield couple, son to appear in court on charges related to domestic incident that injured three police officers (Chicago Tribune/Deerfield Review)
· 140. Lincolnshire working with Stevenson High School graduate on new village logo, municipal-marketing project (Daily Herald)
· 141. Longtime Maine Township trustee takes over for retired township highway commissioner (Daily Herald)
· 142. Man sues Palatine pet daycare facility for allegedly losing his dog (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 143. Schaumburg man who challenged village's treehouse ordinance removes structure, tree to get $100 fine dismissed (Daily Herald)
· 144. Commuters will be able to pay via mobile app at Fox River Grove Metra lot beginning Aug. 15 (Daily Herald)
· 145. Work on Arlington Heights' north parking garage completed (Daily Herald)
· 146. Illinois Attorney General investigating whether Aurora Public Library Board illegally discussed budget cuts, reduction in operating hours, layoffs in closed session (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 147. Motorcyclist killed in crash on Randall Road in Batavia (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 148. Rosemont hotel evacuated after fire breaks out; firefighters find 'suspicious materials' inside room where blaze broke out (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 149. York High School cross-country coach Joe Newton to retire at end of 2016-17 school year (Daily Herald)
· 150. Naperville police arrest four people during reverse-prostitution sting (FOX 32)
· 151. Glendale Heights couple found dead in home, likely of carbon-monoxide poisoning (FOX 32)
· 152. Kane County Health Department reports 3 cases of Zika virus from travel (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 153. Downers Grove village attorney: Sandack's resignation from Legislature had nothing to due with his role at state representative (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 154. Patients at Palos Heights-based Palos Community Hospital relocated after construction workers let bat inside (ABC 7)
· 155. Monee mayor charged with aggravated battery for punching ump during July game (NBC 5)
· 156. Jury convicts Portage teen in 2014 shooting death of Portage man (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 157. Pure Cravings Paleo Meals offers prepackaged meals out of Crown Point (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 158. Former Merrillville Dollar Tree manager accused of robbing former employer with help of two Gary men (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 159. Illinois governor signs bill into law allowing 17-year-olds who turn 18 before the general election to vote in primaries (ABC 7)
· 160. Deer Park considers applying for grant to renovate, beautify D'Angelo Park (Daily Herald)
· 161. McHenry man turns himself in after sheriff's police raid his house, find heroin and scales (FOX 32)
· 162. Child struck by van while walking between O'Hare International Airport Terminal 1 and Hilton Hotel (ABC 7)
· 163. Judge dismisses felony official misconduct charges against former McHenry County coroner, whose office didn't bury two dead babies (Chicago Tribune)
· 164. Chicago man killed in forklift accident at Des Plaines warehouse (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 165. Campton Hills looking to temp agency to fill village administrator's post (Daily Herald)
· 166. DuPage County Board ponders spending $282,000 on lobbyists in Springfield (Daily Herald)
· 167. Make-A-Wish Foundation gives Oak Park teen, who underwent three heart surgeries as an infant, a trip to Rio de Janeiro Olympics (NBC 5)
· 168. Lansing-based Sunnybrook Elementary School District 171 sees only half the expected number of kindergartners enrolled as predicted (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 169. Hammond woman killed by gun that discharged inside the car she was riding in (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 170. Valparaiso looking to buy Moose Lodge property, to build civic center there (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 171. Bureau of Motor Vehicles asks Indiana residents to vote for new license-plate design before Sept. 5 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 172. Three local residents hope to establish hockey rink in Hobart (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 173. Suburbs turn attention to dead, dying trees on private properties, threatening or imposing fines to get homeowners to get rid of them (Chicago Tribune)
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The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (5/1/16)

Wheeling High School student's artwork to be on display in U.S. Capitol for one year (Daily Herald)
Elgin computer programmer gets break, becomes Neil Diamond tribute artist in Las Vegas (Daily Herald)
DuPage spends about twice what other collar counties do on courthouse security because they use sworn sheriff's officers, whereas others use lower-paid security officers (Daily Herald)
Growth at Gary Chicago International Airport offers hope for city hurt by economic downturn (Chicago Tribune)
Activists protest outside Zion gun store located on Sheridan Road (Chicago Tribune/Lake County Sun-News)
Morton Arboretum leader, drumming up support for Arbor Day, talks about how important trees are to urbanized areas (WBBM AM 780)
Ex-boyfriend charged in murder of Merrillville woman, he and his current girlfriend charged with felony fraud for using dead woman's food-assistance benefits and selling her car (CBS 2)
Three-car accident at Arlington Heights Road and Euclid Avenue sends two people to hospital (Daily Herald)
Ground broken for Pepper Road Pathway in Lake Barrington (Daily Herald)
Race at McHenry County College brings out superheroes to benefit variety of charities (Daily Herald)
Bishop of Diocese of Gary says St. Mary of the Lake Church, once threatened with closure, to remain open (Chicago Tribune/Post-Tribune)
DuPage, Will coroners: Naperville fentanyl death forebodes potentially 'catastrophic' year (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Bartlett Village Board approves $53.6 million budget (Daily Herald)
Opinions split over effectiveness of slate of candidates elected to Long Grove Village Board (Daily Herald)
Indian Prairie Unit School District 204, whose three high schools have won 16 Grammy Awards, places a focus on the arts; other suburban districts have won awards since 1999 (Daily Herald)
Elgin, Barrington students aim to log 5 million minutes of physical activity in the classroom (Daily Herald)
Communities work to replace trees lost in battle with emerald ash borer (Chicago Tribune)
Palatine-based Community Consolidated School District 15 approves 10-year teachers contract (Chicago Tribune)
Drunken driver from Chicago also arrested for punching, spitting on Riverside officer (Chicago Sun-Times)
Suburban Cook County still seeing depressed house prices; Blue Island home prices down an average of 47.2 percent since housing bubble burst (Crain's Chicago Business)
Will County holds community summit about the threat heroin poses (WBBM AM 780)
Gary man released from jail after DNA evidence clears him of 1989 rape (CBS 2)
Two people sent to hospital after vehicle they were in crashed into a wall outside Libertyville Starbucks (Daily Herald)
Handful of visitors turn out for wreath-laying in honor of 45 people killed in 1946 train crash in Naperville (Daily Herald)
A first for Illinois Supreme Court: Hearing oral arguments at a school, Benedictine University in Lisle, on May 19 (Daily Herald)
Naperville woman's defense team to claim insanity in murder of son, another child (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Alleged sex-abuse victim sues Hastert, claiming breech of contract for failing to pay in full $3.5 million promised to keep deal quiet (Chicago Tribune)
Developer plans new hotel near former Purple Hotel property in Lincolnwood while another developer struggles with finances to redevelop land (Chicago Tribune/Lincolnwood Review)
Woodstock police trying to determine who put a weeks-old puppy in a pillow case, taped it shut, then abandoned it near a busy road (Chicago Tribune)
Two men shot at Aurora gas station; police suspect shooting was gang-related (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
Stone Park man shot to death in Melrose Park; case under investigation (Chicago Tribune)
Elmhurst fifth-grader recognized for saving young sister from drowning (Chicago Tribune)
Two Round Lake teens arrested for allegedly burglarizing neighbor's house, taking jewelry, alcohol and tobacco products (Chicago Tribune/Lake County Sun-News)
Shorewood man charged in late-night motorcycle accident that killed pedestrian, another biker on Illinois Route 59 (Chicago Sun-Times)
Sauk Village treasurer charged with embezzling money from village's police pension fund by issuing fraudulent checks to himself (Chicago Sun-Times)
Police investigate two separate drive-by shootings at same house in Plainfield (CBS 2)
Crete native on his way to NFL draft visits elementary school which he attended (WGN TV)
Geneva School District 304 schedules forum for May 3 to discuss objections to proposed TIF district (Daily Herald)
Mundelein Village Board OKs one-year extension to firefighters' contract, $54.9 million budget (Daily Herald)
Lightning strike damages Vernon Hills townhouse building, displaces four families (Daily Herald)
Yorkville man killed in two-truck crash on I-88 near Naperville during evening rush hour (Daily Herald)
Man killed when his car is struck while stopped unexpectedly on Illinois Route 173 outside Van Patten Forest Preserve near Zion (Daily Herald)
Task force recommends Glen Ellyn Elementary School District 41 build permanent addition to Hadley Junior High (Daily Herald)
Police seek man who robbed Oswego convenience store at gunpoint on Saturday (Chicago Sun-Times)
Illinois, Indiana reach deal that will fund revamped environmental study for controversial Illiana Expressway (Crain's Chicago Business)
Oak Park police issue warning after attempted child abduction at Fox Park (ABC 7)
Two men posing as utility workers steal jewelry from Palatine home (Daily Herald)
Naperville City Council approves 39-unit apartment building near 5th Avenue Metra station (Daily Herald)
Vernon Hills-based Hawthorn Elementary District 73 formulating facilities plan as enrollment continues to grow (Daily Herald)
DuPage County Board considering raises for board members, some countywide elected officials (Daily Herald)
Board chairman announces plans to consolidate DuPage Election Commission, DuPage County Clerk's Office (Daily Herald)
Roselle man sentenced to 2 months in jail, 2 years of probation for head-butting Metra conductor (Daily Herald)
Evanston Township High School District 65 commits to change how system treats minorities (Chicago Tribune)
[Debate over whether two aldermen were in Harvey City Council meeting leaves officials wondering whether they passed ordinance giving city ability to collect property taxes](www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-harvey-levy-fight-met-20160426-story.html) (Chicago Tribune)
Owner of Evanston's Dave's Italian Kitchen close to signing lease to open new restaurant in town (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
Federal Reserve Chairman speaks at Northwestern University; says reforms following Great Recession are improving things, but doesn't address whether they will prevent future financial crises (Chicago Tribune)
Teacher from Joliet elementary school competes on 'Jeopardy!' (Chicago Tribune)
I-55 crash near Bolingbrook claims life of Coal City man (Chicago Sun-Times)
Hebron man dead after his car crashes into tree (Chicago Sun-Times)
Cook County jury awards $22.7 million to widow of man killed by allegedly drugged driver on I-294 near Roosevelt Road four years ago (Chicago Sun-Times)
Springfield man, a convicted murderer, arrested for failing to register his address following tip that he was staying at PADS facilities in Kendall County (Chicago Sun-Times)
Driver, passenger taken to hospital after car they were in hit a pole, a building in Oak Lawn (Chicago Sun-Times)
DuPage County acknowledges its roll in African-American history, notably Graue Mill's participation in the Underground Railroad (WBBM AM 780)
Neighbor charged in stabbing deaths of two people in Lyons assisted-living facility, following argument over allegedly property taken by one of the victims (ABC 7)
Harvard announces the sale of former Motorola plant (Chicago Tribune)
Forest View woman charged with intentionally crashing her car into ex-boyfriend's in Riverside in order to make him talk to her (Chicago Sun-Times)
FBI: West Chicago bank robbed at gunpoint (Chicago Sun-Times)
Gary teen charged with battery after hitting mother during argument (Chicago Sun-Times)
Event planner proposes banquet hall for former Cubby Bear North sports bar in Lincolnshire (Daily Herald)
Rolling Meadows City Council rejects rezoning, meaning mosque can't move to proposed location (Daily Herald)
Woodland Elementary School District 50 board fires lunch monitor accused of shoving student to floor (Daily Herald)
Some legislators wary of governor's proposal to allow private company to build lanes on Stevenson Expressway (I-55) between I-355 and I-90/94 interchanges (Crain's Chicago Business)
Three Chicago-area Congressmen pen letter to city of Chicago urging the reopening of a diagonal runway at O'Hare Airport; state Senator, leader of O'Hare watchdog group say the letter is a first step to addressing Wood Dale residents' concerns (WBBM AM 780)
Customers turn out to support owner of Schaumburg hobby store, where a burglar stole $5,000 worth of merchandise (NBC 5)
Overturned semi blocks northbound lanes of Indiana State Road 49 near Chesterton, causing backup on I-94 (ABC 7)
Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert sentenced to 15 months in prison for violating bank laws; judge calls him a 'serial child molester' for actions that led to hush-money case (Chicago Tribune)
Former Wheaton College president passes away at 89 from complications of lung cancer (Chicago Tribune)
U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton touts need for American manufacturing jobs during visit to Munster Steel plant (Chicago Tribune/Post-Tribune)
DuPage County treasurer says property owners can expect 2.52 percent increase in taxes (Daily Herald)
Metra hires architect to start on remodel of Libertyville station (Daily Herald)
New liquor-license category will allow three Aurora restaurants to reduce late-night kitchen operations while still selling alcohol (Daily Herald)
Algonquin's Founders' Days festival (July 28-31) to return to Towne Park downtown, after three years at a neighborhood park (Daily Herald)
Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police names Batavia detective Most Outstanding Officer of the Year (Daily Herald)
Arlington Heights man charged with residential burglary, unlawful videotaping after installing a video camera in neighbors' apartment (Daily Herald)
Deadline for Miss, Junior Miss and Little Miss Libertyville pageants is May 12 (Daily Herald)
Carpentersville man reels in estimated 50-inch muskie on Fox River below the Algonquin dam (WBBM AM 780)
Calumet Park man shot in chest, dies at the corner of 125th and South Paulina in Calumet City (Chicago Sun-Times)
Ex-Addison, ex-Elk Grove Village police officer, now living in Ohio, charged with wife's shooting death (Chicago Sun-Times)
LaSalle County man wanted in Kendall County for disorderly conduct, retail theft, failure to appear in court arrested in San Diego, Calif. (Chicago Sun-Times)
Johnsburg couple's plan to renew their vows in Las Vegas hits turbulence; calling a purported Spirit Airlines representative, not the carrier itself, and rebooking flight costs them $840 (NBC 5)
Hampshire resident opens specialty grocery store in East Dundee (Daily Herald)
Tensions between Rolling Meadows police officers, former chief appear to be behind his earlier-than-planned retirement (Daily Herald)
Students from Youth Leadership Academy urge Elgin to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day (Daily Herald)
Evanston, Mitchell Museum of the American Indian team up to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day on the city's calendar (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
Richton Park couple to appear on Spike TV's 'Life or Debt' show on Sunday (Chicago Tribune)
State administrative appeals judge finds that former College of DuPage controller didn't engage in misconduct or intentionally violate school policy (Chicago Tribune)
Police: Evanston Township High School student brought unloaded semi-automatic gun to school (Chicago Tribune)
Elgin man arrested for robbing a person at knifepoint in Elgin, using stolen credit card (Chicago Sun-Times)
Cicero minister sentenced to 5 years in prison for bilking federal program for child care out of $900,000 (Chicago Sun-Times)
Lake Bluff-based Abbott Labs acquires St. Jude Medical Inc. for $25 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
Sons of Union Veterans to install markers on Civil War graves in Oswego cemetery; dedication scheduled for May 7 (WBBM AM 780)
Man found dead inside bathroom at North Riverside Kohl's store (WGN TV)
Learn how to create an edible forest garden on May 7 at Resiliency Institute in Naperville (Daily Herald)
Glen Ellyn Village Board approves bringing back Intelligentsia Cup cycling race (Daily Herald)
Round Lake church volunteer sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexual abuse of teen boy (Daily Herald)
Disbarred Naperville attorney given nearly 5-year sentence, has to pay $240,000 for her part in mortgage scheme that cost lenders, homeowners $725,000 (Daily Herald)
Former Cubs, Sox players — including Ozzie Guillen — to participate in charity softball game on Sept. 10 at Boomers Stadium in Schaumburg (Daily Herald)
Man sent to prison for 20 years after abusing boys at Mooseheart School fighting state's attempt to have him committed indefinitely as sexually dangerous person (Daily Herald)
Allegations made of Evanston Township High School staff stealing from students' lockers; video surfaces online (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
Body found down embankment at Cline and 5th avenues in Gary ID'd as that of uncle of murdered Burbank man; uncle was shot to death (Chicago Tribune/Post-Tribune)
Lincoln-Way High School District 210 releases capital-projects list, enumerating $4.65 million in work that needs to be done (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
Naperville residents demand changing name of 'Hassert Boulevard,' mistaking street's appellation for former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert; Bolingbrook posts explanation on its website differentiating names (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Crystal Lake man arrested for providing morphine pills to woman who died of an overdose in March (Chicago Sun-Times)
Woman reports attempted kidnapping after man helped change a car tire in the parking lot at Home Depot on Randall Road in South Elgin (Chicago Sun-Times)
Judge approves sale of Ameristar Casino in East Chicago to trust, which will lease the building back to owner's subsidiary (Times of Northwest Indiana)
Rest of litter related to puppy found inside taped-up pillow case turned over to Gilberts animal-rescue center (WBBM AM 780)
Wood Dale Bank and Trust robbed (CBS 2)
Driver, two students from Homer Glen school bus taken to hospital following accident in which a car pulled out in front of the bus in Lockport; driver, passenger in car also hospitalized (CBS 2)
Illinois attorney general calls to eliminate statute of limitations on felony sexual assaults and sex crimes against children (NBC 5)
Major construction projects in Indiana include Interstate 94 from Illinois to Michigan; state police plan extra patrols for work zones and won't issue warnings (WGN TV)
Police/fire pensions eat into Mount Prospect's budget surplus, prompting the village to examine proposed tax increase (Daily Herald)
Glenbard High School District 87, Glen Ellyn police investigate threat made against Glenbard West on social media, despite it being declared 'unfounded' (Daily Herald)
West Chicago Community High School basketball player a finalist for U.S. Army and Pro Football Hall of Fame's award of excellence (Daily Herald)
Des Plaines Elementary School District 62 expecting loss of 250 students over the next eight years, then enrollment expected to stabilize (Daily Herald)
18-year-old Naperville man already facing charges of battery and misuse of a weapon now accused of sexual abuse of a teenage girl (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Two youth-home workers in Lake Villa indicted in 'choke-hold' death of boy (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
Zion man charged with robbing Northbrook store at knifepoint while he was wearing women's clothing (Chicago Sun-Times)
Switching delays cause delays on four Metra lines on Friday morning (Chicago Sun-Times)
Arlington Heights Elementary School District 25 begins planning for Thomas Middle School addition (Daily Herald)
Sugar Ray, Everclear, Lit and Sponge to appear on stage at Naperville's Last Fling as part of Summerland Tour (Daily Herald)
Village sets up Go Gurnee campaign to encourage residents to walk 30 minutes a day during May (Daily Herald)
Zion police arrest four people for beating a man and two women, shooting a woman in Wadsworth (Daily Herald)
Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 policy group recommends against creating written regarding transgender students' bathroom acesss (Daily Herald)
Coombs Road bridge north of Elgin to remain closed as result of 'age-related damage' (Daily Herald)
Lake County state's attorney says no charges will be filed against Zion police officer in shooting of mentally-ill man (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
Former Wheaton College student pleas guilty to secretly videotaping three coeds in college-owned apartment (Chicago Tribune)
Man robs Ben Franklin Bank branch in Arlington Heights (Chicago Sun-Times)
La Crosse, Ind., man dies after being shot in Chicago Heights (Chicago Sun-Times)
Yorkville man charged with stealing credit cards from Plano YMCA locker last year (Chicago Sun-Times)
Cook County clerk to let stand disputed Harvey vote on property-tax ordinance (Chicago Tribune)
Arlington International Racecourse, Illinois Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association reach deal, just days before facility set to reopen for season (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
Former Barrington High School football player, college student from Elgin cast on MTV matchmaking series (Chicago Tribune)
Operator of Downers Grove charity charged with falsely reporting that a woman did community service, accepted $300 in exchange (Chicago Sun-Times)
Preservationist questions Lake County Forest Preserve District's plan to move Discovery Museum from Wauconda to Libertyville (Daily Herald)
Ivy Hill Elementary School in Arlington Heights celebrates 50th anniversary (Daily Herald)
GrubHub has expanded service to Evanston, Northbrook, Park Ridge and Skokie; plans to add Naperville and Schaumburg in coming week (Crain's Chicago Business)
1,216-student Calumet City School District 155 paying superintendent $413,219 annually (CBS 2)
Elderly driver makes turn, crashes into a bakery and a salon in Bridgeview, then drives off; he later turned himself into police (CBS 2)
Former Roman Catholic priest who once served in Naperville found guilty of sexual abuse of students while he taught at a Michigan high school (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Former Bear Desmond Clark claims Vernon Hills school has 'racist culture' (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
Couple from unincorporated Homer Township (Will County) dead in apparent murder-suicide (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
Huntley police searching for man who held up a 7-Eleven with a handgun (Daily Herald)
Elgin teen facing felony residential burglary charge for entering a house by tearing open a window screen (Daily Herald)
Des Plaines man struck, killed by semi truck after getting out of his car, which had been involved in a multi-vehicle crash (Daily Herald)
Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department rescues ducklings from storm drain (Daily Herald)
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How many casinos are there really going to be?

I keep seeing these "Vote No on 3, we need jobs" commercials. One was for Springfield. Another was for Plainville. On top of Everett, that is 3 casinos. Does the state really need 3 casinos? How many more are there going to be?
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Mass. ballot questions for Nov. 2016: Charter schools, marijuana, farm animal cruelty, and 2nd slot parlor

BOSTON – Massachusetts voters will see four questions on their ballot when they head inside the polling booth in November.
Bill Galvin, the state's elections chief, assigned numbers to the ballot questions on Monday.
Here they are:
QUESTION 1. Expanding slot machine gaming. A "yes" vote would allow a second slots parlor to exist in Massachusetts. The 2011 gambling law currently allows for up to three resort casinos and one slots parlor. The slots parlor license is owned by Penn National Gaming, which operates Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville.
The Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday rejected an attempt to block a ballot question that would allow a second slots parlor in Massachusetts.
QUESTION 2. Charter school expansion. The question, if approved, would let state education officials approve up to 12 new charter schools a year.
Charter school advocates are pushing for a ballot initiative that would expand the number of charter schools allowed in Massachusetts by up to 12 per year, even in districts like Springfield that are currently bumping up against a state cap.
QUESTION 3. Conditions for farm animals. This question, if approved, would phase out what advocates say are "extreme" methods of farm animal confinement.
The SJC allowed a ballot question to go forward that would ban the sale of meat or eggs from confined animals in Massachusetts and would ban the confinement of animals at Massachusetts farms.
QUESTION 4. Legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana. If voters say "yes," Massachusetts will join Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Washington state and District of Columbia in legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
The Supreme Judicial Court said in an opinion Wednesday that a proposed ballot question legalizing marijuana can proceed to the November 2016 ballot. A group of 57 voters argued in a lawsuit that the court should knock down the question pushed by the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.
The groups pushing the proposals filed the last round of signatures last week. They were required to file 10,792 in the final round of signatures in order to make it onto the ballot.
"Secretary Galvin assigned the numbers to the ballot questions based on the length of the questions and spacing on the ballots that are printed in multiple languages," Galvin's office said in a release.
Galvin's office will soon send out, through the mail, an "Information for Voters" booklet, providing a more detailed breakdown of the ballot questions.
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Poll of Springfield

So, late at night, a few nights ago, I was wondering how the bellwether town of Springfield (the #Simpsons Springfield) would vote in the upcoming Presidential election. Political junkie that I am, I had to get up from bed and go over to my computer and figure it out.
Though I did my best to ask every member of the Springfield Community how they were going to vote, some refused to answer and no doubt I missed a few too. If you have any suggestions or you think anyone would vote differently, or if you can think of more fun quotes from residents of Springfield about this election, please post below!
Note: I even asked residents not of voting age, or who lost the right to vote due to previous felony convictions, and included their answers below, but not in the final poll tally.
Topline results: Hillary Clinton 44% Donald J. Trump 35% Gary Johnson 6% Other 4% Undecided/Refused 11%
Homer J. Simpson Though he wanted to vote for Trump, Marge said she’d never sleep with him again if he did, so that’s how he became a Democrat. Of course, it’s a pretty good bet he’ll punch the wrong button at the polling station as is his custom, so if he goes in wanting Hillary, we’ll count his vote for TRUMP!
Marge Simpson HILLARY
Bart Simpson “Deez-nuts” Note: not of voting age and won’t be counted in poll results.
Lisa Simpson “Well, at first I wanted Bernie Sanders. He was so dreamy! Then, when he lost I thought I’d vote for the first female President, Dr. Jill Stein! She would ride in on a magical pony and free all the animals from circuses and make everyone vegan. Then I realized I’m supporting Hillary Clinton.” Note: not of voting age and won’t be counted in poll results.
"Grandpa" Abe Simpson “I’m voting for Cal Coolidge! I like him because he’s quiet.”
Patty Bouvier HILLARY “Of course I’m voting for the woman!”
Selma Bouvier HILLARY.
Montgomery Burns TRUMP “Well, he wasn’t my first choice, but at least the young orange-haired young man isn’t a communist!”
Waylon Smithers TRUMP Gays for Trump!
Moe Szyslak TRUMP “I know how this works, see. I get in for Trump now and he lets me name a drink after him and charge twice as much. That’s why I like him, an honest politician.”
Barney Gumble Passed out, no answer
Kent Brockman HILLARY But I need to be discreet about it, being a card-carrying member of the media elite. That and I don’t want Trump’s goons to beat me up.
Mayor Quimby HILLARY I’ve been with Hillary from da start! Bill and I used to hang out…”
Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson Will cancel one another’s votes, Lenny is leaning Trump and Carl is leaning Hillary
Krusty The Clown Member of the Springfield Republican Central Committee, JOHNSON, “Oy, this is the choice I have? I’d never vote for her, and what’s he doing with the anti-Semitic retweets and hey, I’m supposed to be the clown here.”
Doctor Hibbert Member of the Springfield Republican Central Committee, TRUMP “Well I liked Dr. Ben Carson, but I suppose Trump will do.”
Ned Flanders Undecided “Oh lord, how did we wind up with such diddly awful candidates? I think I’ll just write in Ronald Reagan.”
Kang and Kodos “TRUMP! We want Trump to be subjugator of the masses!” Note: not of voting age and won’t be counted in poll results,
Comic Book Guy JOHNSTON “Well I liked Bernie of course, but now I like Gary Johnson. Polar opposite? Methinks not.”
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon HILLARY “Oh my goodness, even though I am Hindu not Muslim I do not think that Mr. Trump knows the difference. He is a very bad man.”
Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon HILLARY
Seymour Skinner HILLARY “mother says it’s Hillary. And anyway I think Trump wants to get rid of the Department of Education.
Chief Wiggum TRUMP “I like a man who stands for law and order.”
Jasper “Bill Clinton”
Captain McAllister HILLARY “Har, Hillary I guess, she looks mighty good to me after three months at sea...”
Otto Mann JOHNSON “I was feeling the Bern, but I’m a one-issue man, and I like the guy who wants to legalize weed and give it out to everyone! Oh wait, he doesn’t want the government to give it out? Maybe I’ll go Hillary then!”
Bumblebee Man HILLARY “Si yo soy ciudano Americano. HILLARY HILLARY HILLARY. Por favor dios HILLARY!”
Snake (Jailbird) “Oh, election time?” (cannot vote due to priory felony conviction)
Old Gil Gunderson TRUMP “I just signed up for his Trump University, I know this is my ticket! This is the right program for me to finally launch my success! Finally Ol' Gil is gonna make it!”
Sideshow Bob (Robert Terwilliger) TRUMP “I appreciate the complex intricacies of his simple mind” (not counted, convicted felon)
Fat Tony’s cousin who looks just like him TRUMP “My other cousin did business with him in Atlantic City.”
Ranier Wolfcastle Member of Springfield Republican Central Committee, TRUMP “Of course I vote for Trump! He veel be strong leader and make us great again!”
Superintendent Chalmers HILLARY
Agnes Skinner HILLARY “It’s about time they let Hillary tell Bill what to do”
Bloodsucking Vampire (From Springfield Republican Party Headquarters) TRUMP “He vas my choice all along!” (not counted, vampires can't vote)
Groundskeeper Willie Unknown “Ain’t nobody gonna get outta me who Willie’s voting fer!”
Cletus TRUMP “Gosh he’s gonna make ‘Merica great agin! And he’s one of them millionairres I seen on TV”
Brandine (Cletus’s wife) TRUMP “I seen him on TV!”
Hans Moleman Undecided “I think a giant meteor. Whoever I vote for loses anyway.”
Sideshow Mel Gave a whistle when asked
Professor Frink HILLARY “She’s a woman of bzonga SCIENCE and of course with the climate change and the stem cell research, HILLARY!”
Squeaky Voice Teen HILLARY “Well it’s my first election, so of course I liked Bernie but now I guess I like Hillary?”
Judge Constance Harm TRUMP
Judge Snyder HILLARY
Lou and Eddie Will cancel one another’s votes, Lou is leaning Trump and Eddie is leaning Hillary
Reverend Lovejoy Undecided “Oh lord, please give us other choices.”
Helen Lovejoy HILLARY “I just can’t vote for that potty-mouthed Trump.”
Kirk and Luann Van Houten. HILLARY
Blue Haired Lawyer Member of Springfield Republican Central Committee, TRUMP
Rich Texan TRUMP “I liked them Bush boys better, but Trump’s a hellavalot better than Hillary!”
Bernice Hibbert HILLARY
Disco Stu HILLARY “I was with Bernie all the way man, but I guess I’m with her now.”
Luigi Trump no lika the immigrants! Luigi izza immigrant too! He no wanta pizza on every corner?
Duffman TRUMP “TRUMP will make America Great, oh yeah!!!”
Doris Freedman (lunchlady) HILLARY “I like her school lunch program.”
Frankie The Squealer TRUMP “The bosses cousin did bidness wid him. It was that casino project down in Atlantic City, the one that guy disappeared at, the one on the Boardwalk, ya know? but you didn’t hear it from me.”
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Mass. ballot questions for Nov. 2016: Charter schools, marijuana, farm animal cruelty, and 2nd slot parlor

BOSTON – Massachusetts voters will see four questions on their ballot when they head inside the polling booth in November.
Bill Galvin, the state's elections chief, assigned numbers to the ballot questions on Monday.
Here they are:
QUESTION 1. Expanding slot machine gaming. A "yes" vote would allow a second slots parlor to exist in Massachusetts. The 2011 gambling law currently allows for up to three resort casinos and one slots parlor. The slots parlor license is owned by Penn National Gaming, which operates Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville.
The Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday rejected an attempt to block a ballot question that would allow a second slots parlor in Massachusetts.
QUESTION 2. Charter school expansion. The question, if approved, would let state education officials approve up to 12 new charter schools a year.
Charter school advocates are pushing for a ballot initiative that would expand the number of charter schools allowed in Massachusetts by up to 12 per year, even in districts like Springfield that are currently bumping up against a state cap.
QUESTION 3. Conditions for farm animals. This question, if approved, would phase out what advocates say are "extreme" methods of farm animal confinement.
The SJC allowed a ballot question to go forward that would ban the sale of meat or eggs from confined animals in Massachusetts and would ban the confinement of animals at Massachusetts farms.
QUESTION 4. Legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana. If voters say "yes," Massachusetts will join Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Washington state and District of Columbia in legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
The Supreme Judicial Court said in an opinion Wednesday that a proposed ballot question legalizing marijuana can proceed to the November 2016 ballot. A group of 57 voters argued in a lawsuit that the court should knock down the question pushed by the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.
The groups pushing the proposals filed the last round of signatures last week. They were required to file 10,792 in the final round of signatures in order to make it onto the ballot.
"Secretary Galvin assigned the numbers to the ballot questions based on the length of the questions and spacing on the ballots that are printed in multiple languages," Galvin's office said in a release.
Galvin's office will soon send out, through the mail, an "Information for Voters" booklet, providing a more detailed breakdown of the ballot questions.
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The irish Man script HighLights

DeNiro V/O it's usually a friend usually he's given no choice in the matter usually he doesn't even know why he's doing it he walks up to you gives you a tip on a race or a football game tells you to sit in front he'll take the back seat the idea is they shouldn't know what hit them
flashback - Anzio Italy Deniro V/O Germans shooting at you trying to kill you and now they want to surrender ? some guys took this personally
cut to frank executing soldiers shouting in German
DeNiro V/O so maybe you didn't understand what they were saying
cut to frank executing German soldiers surrendering in English
Deniro V/O maybe they tried to escape
cut to frank executing German soldiers sitting perfectly still
Deniro V/O it wasn't a massacre it was a handful a couple of handfuls
cut to German soldiers digging a grave
Deniro V/O you wonder why anyone digs their own grave what's someone gonna do if you refuse ? shoot you ?
frank shoots them as bodies fall into the grave soundtrack - Doris Day Que Sera Sera
cut to Dance Hall 1947 frank spots a pretty girl she is shy and looks away
Deniro V/O they say good girls like bad boys
cut to Church - frank getting married to her
Deniro V/O my wife Mary loved me but her family hated me we didn't have any money so we moved in with them
soundtrack - 'Que Sera Sera' ends abruptly
Deniro V/O the FBI knew but there wasn't much they could do about it unless someone talked and if someone talked.. they didn't talk much
cut to a parked car interior lighting up with gun fire
Russell Buffalino (pesci) but remember Frank, never eat alone.. you might choke
frank comes home his daughter looks like she is sulking
Frank what's wrong with her ?
Mary the grocer slapped her for stealing grapes
Frank which one ? on the corner ?
Peggy nods
Mary it's nothing, she shouldn't have done it
frank come with me
cut to frank and his daughter walking into the grocery store
frank stay here
Peggy stands still as frank approaches the counter
frank this him ?
Peggy nods
the grocer gets into an athletic position
Grocer i know Judo
frank grabs the grocer throws him to the ground puts his hand on the curb then stamps on it
Peggy is stunned
frank let's go, its dinner time
cut to a man wants a store 'taken care of'
i want them gone burned to the ground they can go collect their insurance which being Jews.. you know they will collect
Deniro I'll give him his money back
Pesci he wont need it you can keep it
Deniro you sure ?
Pesci he won't need it
Deniro V/O when in doubt have no doubt
Deniro V/O when someone has to go no one ever says he has to go they tell you by not telling you they say it is what it is
Deniro V/O they found him dead on the sidewalk shot at close range with a .32 by an unknown assailant
cut to Frank shooting him in the back of the head with a .32
Deniro V/O after that everyone started treating me different Skinny wouldn't let me pay for drinks.. cut to Frank in a bar
Angelo wouldn't let me pay for dinner.. cut to Frank in a restaurant
Russell wouldn't let me pay for drinks after dinner.. cut to Frank and Russell Bufalino (pesci) in a restaurant
Deniro V/O no time is a good time to leave your wife and that's when i left mine
cut to Harry's Bar Frank and a man sitting at a table the man is crying not because he is scared but because his mother died
Harry you get your money ?
Frank not yet
Harry let me guess.. his mother died
Frank you heard ?
Harry yeah i heard.. i heard that 10 years ago
cut to Frank and harry kicking the man
Deniro V/O now if you're gonna use a gun it should be a new one that's never been fired you don't want to get blamed for something somebody else did
cut to Bowling Alley Frank, Mary, Peggy and Russell (pesci) and his wife Carrie are all bowling Pesci helps Deniro's daughter lift a heavy ball she keeps her distance
cut to Frank and Russell drinking beer while they watch the bowling
Russell Peggy's afraid of me
Frank she's afraid of ME
Russell she is ?
Frank she's shy
Russell Nods
Russell Bufalino (pesci) things can change.. Like the weather you know what they say about the weather
Russell speaks in Sicilian cut to English subtitle ... THE WEATHER'S IN GOD'S HANDS
Deniro V/O from 55 to 65 he was as famous as Elvis from 65 to 75 he was as famous as the Beatles
cut to Jimmy Hoffa (pacino) orating before a huge crowd
Hoffa if you got it.. a truck brought it to you the day our trucks stop is the day America stops
Deniro V/O Hoffa believed the ends justified the means who doesn't ? maybe Bobby Kennedy
cut to cops being paid off with envelopes full of money
Deniro V/O maybe it would be easier if we used candy instead
Deniro V/O Teamster money built the casinos in Havana and Las Vegas and Atlantic City
cut to Hoffa watching Kennedy inauguration on television
Deniro V/O Hoffa didn't trust jack and bobby for one reason they were millionaire kids and if there's one person you can't trust.. it's millionaire kids
Bobby Kennedy are you saying you don't remember doing any favours for Johnny Dio or you don't remember the conversation ?
Hoffa I'm saying to the best of my recollection i cannot remember
Bobby where did this twenty thousand dollars come from ?
Hoffa from individuals
Bobby which individuals ?
Hoffa offhand that particular amount of money i borrowed i don't know at this particular moment but the record of my loans which i requested i have and out of all the moneys i loaned this period of time i went into these ventures
Bobby looks bewildered, embarrassed
Deniro V/O by this time with the Kennedys running things everyone was sure everyone's phone was bugged you couldn't say anyone's name
cut to Russell (pesci) talking to Frank on the phone
Russell we need to talk about our friend
Frank that's done, i took care of it
Russell I'm talking about our other friend
Frank the one we talked about
Russell no the other one
cut to Frank blank expression
Frank we should talk in person
Russell I'll meet you at the place
Frank the place last time ?
Russell no the other place
Deniro V/O it was impossible you may as well throw the phone away
Pesci V/O drive to Baltimore to a concrete plant on eastern avenue a guy will help you there a Fairy named Ferrie
cut to David Ferrie jumping out of a small plane
Deniro V/O those millionaire Kennedys could beep up a one car funeral
page 47
Deniro V/O one thing about Hoffa never make him wait you have a meeting with him, get there on time, get there early the other thing about Hoffa he didn't drink yeah.. an Irishman who doesn't drink and he didn't like people drinking around him it was also common knowledge he didn't like watermelon
cut to Frank carefully cutting a small hole in a watermelon then pouring a quart of Rum into the hole
cut to Frank and Hoffa in a bar Hoffa drinks ginger ale Frank eats a big slice of watermelon
page 62 cut to Frank and Hoffa in a meeting
Hoffa guys like that give the union a bad name
Frank I'll take care of it
Hoffa no i don't want that i want you to run for president of the Local
Frank i don't know what to say
Hoffa say you'll do it that's all you have to say
Frank I'll do it
Hoffa then its done you want some watermelon ?
Frank what ?
Hoffa smiles but Leaves it at that
Deniro V/O and Hoffa now had jury tampering to add to his list of woes the only bright spot for Jimmy during all this was what happened that November
cut to people standing around a television
Frank what is it ?
President Kennedy has been shot in Dallas
cut to all flags at half staff except the one outside Teamster HQ
Reporter mr Hoffa will you be attending the service ?
Hoffa i wasn't invited
Reporter you don't have to be invited a million American will be there
Hoffa in that case i need to check my schedule
Reporter if you were to go and were asked to speak, what would you say ?
Hoffa I'd say Bobby Kennedy is just another lawyer after today
Deniro V/O bobby didn't know who was behind Dallas any more than anyone else but he knew he was to blame he knew how things worked to kill a dog you cut off the head.. not the tail the second that bullet took the top off Kennedys head the organized crime program just stopped cut to Court Room
Judge mr Hoffa you stand here convicted of having tampered with the very soul of this nation
Deniro V/O he got eight years for that and another five for the sun valley land development thing
Deniro V/O Tony Provenzano aka Tony Pro i never liked him he'd hit you for nothing one time Pro had a guy hit for getting more votes than him in a union election and they were on the same ticket
cut to Lewisburg Penitentiary
Hoffa sits in the prison canteen eating ice cream Tony Pro walks over
Pro i got to talk to you about a problem i got with my pension
Hoffa i know
Pro you know ? what do you know ?
Hoffa i know you're having a problem with that
Pro will you look into for me ?
Hoffa there's nothing to look into. It is what it is
Pro what is it ?
Hoffa you lost it. You forfeit it when you come here
Pro yours is forfeited too ?
Hoffa No
Pro your pension is still here ???
Hoffa uh huh
Pro we're BOTH sitting here
Hoffa we're both sitting here for different things you're sitting here for extortion I'm sitting here for fraud
Pro so ?
Hoffa so that's the difference
Pro i don't see the difference
Hoffa i didn't threaten anybody.. you did
Pro so what ? that makes no sense
Hoffa it does if you think about it
Pro it doesn't but i don't want to debate. Just do something about it
Hoffa there's nothing i can do
Pro there's always something YOU can do
Hoffa it's federal law
Pro i don't care. You can still do something about it
Hoffa i can't what can i do ?
Pro you can get me my beep money
Hoffa how ?
Pro some other way
Hoffa what way ?
Pro the same way you got your money
Hoffa i earned my money
Pro you're here for FRAUD you stole money i stole money okay in a different way fine still.. i want what's owed
Hoffa you people
Pro what ?
Hoffa what ?
Pro what did you say ?
Hoffa i can't help you
Pro you people you said what does that mean ? "you people"
Hoffa I'm tired of talking about this
Pro you people ?
Hoffa ignores him he eats the ice cream as if Tony Pro isn't even there Provenzano lunges at Hoffa they tumble to the floor the Prison Guards run over and break them up
Deniro V/O you want noise to send witnesses running for cover but not as much noise as you could hear in a patrol car blocks away Tourists don't know how to be good witnesses they don't have the sense like normal people to tell the cops it was eight midgets who did it
cut to restaurant Frank is preparing for a hit
Deniro V/O sometimes with something like this you want to go to the bathroom first it gives you a chance to make sure no one followed you in it also gives you a chance to make sure there's nobody in the bathroom you have to worry about it also gives you a chance to GO to the bathroom cut to a River at night
Deniro V/O Schuylkoll river in philly if they ever sent divers in they'd find an underwater armory
Deniro V/O up to his ears in Watergate, Nixon still found time to pardon Hoffa and there was nothing the parole board could say about it
page 88
Hoffa my apology ? for what ?
Tony Pro for what you said when you were sitting there eating your beep ice cream like some beep king. You people ?
Hoffa I'll apologise for that after you apologise for being late you mother beep wop cock sucker
Tony Pro I'll apologise for that after i kidnap your granddaughter rip her guts out and sell them to you in an envelope
Hoffa goes for him Like the prison canteen all over again cut to Frank driving Hoffa back to his condo they drive in silence till
Hoffa you think Russell could do something ?
Frank that would be complicated
Hoffa i know but maybe you could talk to him have a conversation see what he says I'd appreciate that
Deniro V/O Jimmy played the highest card in the deck.. the organized crime card
page 91
Russell when i hear hooves, i think horses not zebras
page 117 Hoffa and Frank walk into a house it's quiet.. too quiet
Hoffa Let's get out of here Frank
Hoffa bumps past Frank to leave he grabs the knob of the door Frank just closed Frank shoots him twice behind his right ear
page 118 cut to TV broadcast on Hoffa disappearance
Peggy studies her father
she knows
Deniro V/O she stopped talking to me that day August 03, 1975 No one talked about Hoffa which is unusual since usually three people can keep a secret only when two are dead
page 122
Deniro V/O i loved that car but it wasn't worth the eighteen years they gave me for it Russell went to church then he went to the prison hospital in springfield then he went to the graveyard
page 126 Old Folks Home Franks sits with a cane at both sides
FBI agent he's dead
Frank who's dead ?
FBI agent your attorney Mr Ragona
Frank He's dead ? who did it ?
FBI agent Cancer
page 130 cut to a Bank day time Frank walks in on canes one of the tellers is his daughter Peggy she sees him coming and puts a CLOSED sign at her window and walks away
Frank Peggy don't. i just want to talk to you Peggy. I'm Dying
page 134 Frank wants to make peace with his daughter Delores
Delores you weren't a bad father.. you were a beep nightmare
cut to Mortuary
Frank stands with a cane at both sides
Salesman will it be cremation or burial ?
Frank burial
Salesman is it for a man or a woman ?
Frank it's for me
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Vote Hamilton Wray Reality of MGM Springfield casino setting in for residents Three state casinos including MGM Springfield to temporarily close Film Theory: We FOUND The SIMPSONS! - YouTube SPFPA: Union Busting The Simpsons - Republican Party - YouTube Trump, Bush square off over casinos in Florida - YouTube 10 Tips to help you win at slot machines. - YouTube - YouTube

West Springfield Casino Vote Results, gday casino bonus codes, williams stampede slot machine for sale, casino oasis of the seas. Bonus. permanent Min deposit: €15 Max cashout: €150. 25x. Bonus. Visit casino 0-21 HOW TO PLAY; PLAYTIKA REWARDS; FREE VIDEO SLOTS; 30x. Serengeti Lions. Casino Heroes - Welcome Bonus 13. Play Now Read Review. United Kingdom 3. October 9, 2019-49. 52. permanent ... Springfield voters on Tuesday endorsed an $800 million casino proposal by MGM Resorts, making MGM the second of 11 original Massachusetts casino applicants to win the backing of its host community. West Springfield Casino Vote, poker preflop pot odds, rodrigo leao casino estoril, durant choctaw casino entertainment. DOWNLOAD CAESARS SLOTS TO PLAY ON THE GO! 757-98.43%. 150% up to £150. 0. Best New Jersey Online Casinos: Reviews, Bonuses and Great Games! 21Prive Casino - Welcome Bonus -Casino JEFE Review 100%-*----. +-- ... Springfield City Solicitor Edward Pikula said the casino ballot question for July 16, includes a concise summary of the casino agreement with MGM Resorts International ranging from a description ... is when you can try the game for Springfield Mass Casino Vote free with play money, you can play Springfield Mass Casino Vote casino games as long as you want, all free. By using the casino games in demo mode, you have the chance to win real cash prizes, but is a good way to find your favorite games without the need to spend your money in a game that may not like. Once you’ve found your ... MGM wins Springfield Casino Vote 7/16/2013-Voters on Tuesday approved the host community agreement between the city and MGM Resorts International, a major victory for the company as it pursues a state gaming license for its proposed $800 million resort casino complex to be built in the South End. The MGM agreement was approved by a vote of 58 to 42 percent, and will now be forwarded for ... Voters in Springfield, Mass. approved an $800 million casino project by MGM. That project will likely have a big impact on Connecticut's two casinos. Springfield Mass Casino Vote All Online Springfield Mass Casino Vote Slots games have a virtual reel that determines whether you win or not. So, for example, even if you might see the same number of cherries and bars while the reel is spinning, the virtual wheel may actually contain twice as many cherries as bars. Not all games play the same. Springfield Ma Casino Vote Results Games like roulette and craps seem complex although they too are simple. Blackjack and baccarat are simple drawing games that even novices can play well in a very short space of time. Spartacus PLAY FREE. Paylines: 1; RTP: 99.28; Min Bet: £0.50; Max Bet: £100; All Deposit Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Trustly, Skrill, Neteller, Zimpler, Klarna, Springfield Ma ... MGM wins Springfield casino vote Loading Photo Gallery Peter Goonan, The Republican By Peter Goonan, The Republican Follow on Twitter on July 16, 2013 at 8:43 PM, updated July 17, 2013 at 12:33 PM UPDATE, 10:20 p.m.: This article has been updated with final reporting from the Yes for Springfield headquarters. SPRINGFIELD —Voters on Tuesday approved the host community agreement between the ...

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Vote Hamilton Wray

Start your 30 day free trial with Audible.com! http://bit.ly/FilmTAudible2016Special thanks to Audible for partnering with us for this episode!How The Wal... MGM Springfield Casino Security Officers Tell The (CORRUPT SPFPA UNION) To Go Away - Duration: 2:16. Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions LEOSU 11,360 views 2:16 Vote Hamilton Wray for City Council Ward 2 in Springfield, MA. We interviewed some frequent slot players and casino workers. We got these inside tips on how to increase your chances of winning. You won't want to miss thi... The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has voted to temporarily suspend operation at the state’s three casino properties. These are the fragments from a 1994 episode of the Simpsons. The episode about a mayor running from the Republican party, who manipulated the votes to win th... Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Rand Paul, Gov. Chris Christie, Gov. John Kasich, Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Mike Huc... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. After Tuesday’s vote, people are coming to a firm realization, a resort casino is coming to Springfield’s South End.