Morongo Casino and Resort First to Go Cashless in ...

Anyone know what the rake is for morongo casino poker? Is it lower now because 7 handed and coronavirus?

Title is my question
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Where can I get custom poker chips like $500 one shown here from Morongo Casino?

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The Degen Chronicles: A Renaissance

With 42 crisp hundreds lining my pocket and child-like wonder pulsating, Vegas was summoning me from the bowels of hell. But first, I had to take a little detour by Morongo Casino for no particular reason other than recently reading up about Jackson's Seminole Wars and Cherokee policy; felt like the right thing to do.
I smoke a few bowls from my apple piece and do some Tai Chi in the parking structure to immerse into the zone. Within the zone, I am as objective as a poker player as I can comprehend; once the zone crumbles to ego, I am a PLO donk from the pit of eternal suffering and going all in on long shot stock options. It's a perplexing duality to rationalize and live with, though I wouldn't have it any other way. I lost a wee bit under 10k two weeks before with said degeneracy; regardless, there I was harnessing my Chi in the parking structure to redeem myself - maybe I should have been volunteering at a soup kitchen or raising malnourished kittens instead of this self centered quest, but the journey had already commenced..
The only game with an open seat is a 5/10 and I sit down with $666 for my own amusement. The villain of this hand had accidentally revealed his cards to my peaking eyes a few hands before where he floated 2x and bombed a paired board with nothing against a nit. Having known this, I flatted his 3b to 105 with my QQ's because his range is too wide to rip it and checked to him when the board came T95 rainbow, surprisingly he checks back. Turn is a 4 (bringing in clubs) and I lead for 60 to hopefully induce - he flats. River is an offsuit Ace and I check it, he insta rips all in for 550 effective. I ruminate on quantum theory and my mother's abuse, then make the crying call only due to the fact that I saw his donkalicous play before. Sure enough, he flops over 57h and the trip is off to a BANG. After playing tight for another hour and as the table slowly began to break, I walk out with nearly a grand more to my name.
I sat in my Volvo wagon with an American spirit fading to my finger tips and Bach's E Major Partita emitting from mere mm's of my phone's speakers, I realized I had completed the most objective objective of this trip.. The only reason I set off was because my cello "broke" the day before and the degen tingles were too convincing without a bow in hand, now I had more than enough in profit to get my baby tuned up. But who the fuck has the time to act upon their conscience, I'm tryin to GAMBOL! "Vegas, here I come darlin."
I stopped in Barstow to force myself to vomit and then gently placed a tab of LSD under my tongue in ode to Dr. Gonzo. I tried deciphering some meaning in the vast array of stars as I wandered the barren Mojave and after coming up short, I was back to flooring it on the 15. My optics were melting a tad and the road did permeate with my breath, but not an ounce of fear radiated within. I sang my favorite songs from "O Brother Where Art Thou" and didn't think about my ex at all with "You Are My Sunshine," baby steps. With the dusk hue fading as rays of light mustered over the horizon, our beloved capitalist wasteland was within eye shot. Before I could render the inclination of a responsible thought, I was in the Bellagio parking lot smoking weed with some drunk broad beggin for a few bucks to throw on slots - "Ganja is the only charity I provide hon."
After a few orbits at 5/10 with a far too many regs that I recognized and getting a walk with Aces, I stand up right there n then and get the hell out of that nit fest. My soul was aching for 4 cards and there's no forsaking such a ravenous urge, Aria was my destiny.
Due to the fact that live 1/2/5 PLO is actually abbreviated for BINGO, most of my play was incredibly standard and not worth typing out. There was only one hand for which wasn't a cognitive snap decision against a 10/20 pro for whom I had top set and let 3 potential straight combos get there from foolish slow play; after a minute of deciphering the hand and his perception of my image, I called his $400 river bet and got the good news. Aside from that single hand, any domesticated chimp could have been in my seat and it wouldn't have made a difference; the hands played themselves out. After 72 hours of continuous grinding and gettin lucky at 5/5/10, I reached the sacred $4,200 in profit and doubled my trip's first stop loss amount (which I had no intention of adhering to).
With 84 mildly crumpled hundreds in my pocket and that same child-like wonder pulsating; here I am wandering the strip looking for the stories in all these confused faces. But conceptualizing the seemingly infinite dimensionality within even the simplest of folk is futile when I am just as confused; I hope the find what they are looking for or find that the looking is the fun part, who the fuck knows. I appears as though the next leg of my journey is to visit my childhood home in southern Utah and commit Felony arson in spite of my mother - or I might just keep degening away. Only time will tell.

Safe travels comrades.
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Ran hot at Morongo in CA

I was waiting for a 1/2 table at Morongo for like 3 hours so i sat to play Ultimate ended up buying in for 60 at a 15 min table and left with 380. When i got the table i bought in for the $100 max and won a few hands. I went all in on a flush draw and beat the button who had trips for 180, all in all left that table with 375! Went to morongo with 100 bucks in my pocket left with 680 after a few drinks and slots with my girl Its not much but man does it feel good to see my studying pay off This is only my 3rd trip to play poker at a casino and im looking forward to playing at least 100 bucks a week to make some side cash!
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[HIRING] 40 Jobs in CA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
McDonald's $15 Anytime Crew Team Member Cabazon
McDonald's Crew Team Member Twentynine Palms
McDonald's Crew Team Member Yucca Valley
Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Steward (Part-Time) Cabazon
Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Cashier - Fiesta Taco (Part-Time) Cabazon
Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Chip Runner - Poker (Part-Time) Cabazon
Aspen Dental Dentist - DDS / DMD Fresno
The Home Depot Warehouse Associate Livermore
Walmart Warehouse Associate - (Fri-Mon Days) Make up to $19! Beckwourth
Walmart Distribution Center Team Member - (M,T,Th,F Days) Make up to $18 Beckwourth
Walmart Warehouse Team Member - (Fri-Mon Overnights) Make up to $20! Beckwourth
ABC Supply co. CDL Delivery Truck Driver Castroville
ABC Supply co. CDL Delivery Truck Driver Chico
ABC Supply co. CDL Delivery Truck Driver (51) Gardena
FedEx Ground Package Handler- Warehouse s San Francisco
YRC Freight Truck Driver CDL A - Great Home Time Adelanto
YRC Freight Truck Driver CDL A Altadena
YRC Freight Truck Driver CDL A Angelus Oaks
Aerojet Rocketdyne Heat Treated and Brazing Furnace Operator (2nd Shift) Canoga Park
Aerojet Rocketdyne Senior Director, Human Resources - Total Rewards El Segundo
Bluecrew Shipping Specialist Verdi
Shane Co. Jewelry Consultant Cupertino
Shane Co. Jewelry Consultant Walnut Creek
Harbor Freight Tools Quality Ops Specialist I Calabasas
Avalonbay Communities Maintenance Manager Chino Hills
The Wonderful Company Health Coach or RD - Nutritionist Delano
Harbor Freight Tools Retail Stocking Manager Poway
The Wine Group Shipping Receiving Clerk 2 Glen Ellen
Montage Health Registered Nurse - Med Surg/Oncology Monterey
The Wine Group Lab Technician 1 Ripon
Randstad USA MC Staffing Manager Santa Fe Springs
Hired Software Engineer (Security Clearance Required) - Remote - Acampo, CA Acampo
Centra Healthcare Solutions Speech Language Pathologist (SLP - CCC) - SNF / LTC - Part Time Bell
Hired Full-Stack Software Engineer - Bodega, CA Bodega
Hired Backend Engineer - Remote - Bodega, CA Bodega
Centra Healthcare Solutions Speech Language Pathologist (SLP - CCC) - SNF / LTC Calpella
Reddaway Trucking Truck Driver CDL A Cantua Creek
Primal Pet Foods, Inc. Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Supervisor Fairfield
The Home Depot Customer Service/Sales Felton
Reddaway Trucking Truck Driver CDL A Firebaugh
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ca. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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Poker in California under 21?

Hey guys been a micro stakes grinder for about 2 years now, I’ve been super interested in playing live cash but I unfortunately don’t turn 21 until early next year, I’m aware that there are very few tribal casinos that allow 18+ to play but not all have poker rooms, does anyone have any recommendations for where to play in California under 21?
I’m in Northern California but I’d be willing to travel pretty much anywhere in the state as I have family along the coast pretty much all the way to San Diego.
I appreciate it, thanks!
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Palm Springs in late December?

I’m heading down to Palm Springs for 2 fun filled weeks with the in-laws for the holidays. Plan is to escape and play cash games as much as possible - preferably 2/5 but good 1/3 games are fine.
Any suggestions on locations and nights (outside of Friday and Saturday obviously) to play? Poker Atlas tells me there are a couple close casinos about 30 minutes away - Morongo and Agua Caliente - with Pechenga about 1:20.
Bike and Commerce are 1:45 if you don’t catch traffic so may make the drive on a weekend if PSP games are nitty.
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Looking to play low stakes in L.A. (Commerce, Bike, Indian Casinos?)

I'm relatively new to poker (been playing on Bovada and reading books for ~4 months now. Can consistently beat 2/5cent NL and 5/10cent FL), and am very interested in beginning to play some live games.
I live in the LA area, and am trying to figure out which of the local card rooms would be good to get my feet wet in live hold 'em (softer would be good, as I'm a relative beginner). Also, my parents live in the Inland Empire area, so casinos in that direction are an option.
Currently I am trying to decide (mostly) between Commerce, Bike, Morongo, and San Manuel. I've seen many people on this sub complain about the buy-in max at Commerce and Bike at low stakes (which I agree with...$40 at 1/2?...Ridiculous), but I am also quite open to playing limit hold 'em.
Morongo offers a 1/3 NL game with a $300 max buy-in, and all four of these casinos offer a 2/4 limit game with no max (which intrigues me more). Does anyone here have any wisdom on which of these card rooms would be the best to jump into playing live poker? I'm also open to suggestions of other casinos if anybody has good reasons.
Edit: clarification
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PokerStars hopes to enter California’s gambling market

Tapping into the immense potential of the California gambling market, has long been a priority for major poker and casino companies. There are millions of prospective players who would gladly trade land-based casinos for virtual ones, so the stakes are as high as they get. Californians have plenty of options, as traveling to Las Vegas is not a real challenge, with Sin City being within reach. Until now, very little progress has been made in this direction, but the changes that occurred nationwide are likely to have an impact on local legislators. PokerStars was encouraged by the decisions made in Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada, where online gambling laws have past and poker is a step closer of becoming legal. The aforesaid poker company is yet to establish a beachhead in any of these states, but they could be the first to run a legal gambling ring in California. Rational Group will need to find a local partner to start its activity in this state, but there is no shortage of interested parties. There is plenty of money to go around and being the first has its certain advantages, so the lobby is strong and unyielding. PokerStars hopes to shake hands with California's Morongo Band of Mission Indians and if this deal comes to fruition, they will be providing the gaming platform. The poker company is already the biggest operator worldwide and there are many who use their software, so it shouldn't be too difficult to convince Californians either. In order to maximize the chances of succeeding in this western state, they are also discussing the potential terms of a deal with three big card clubs. The legislators can't afford to turn a deaf ear to this process, because there is a lot of money to be made and a significant portion of them will end up in state coffers. Very few details have surfaced in the media, but it looks like Morongo Band and Rational Group are working closely with Bicycle Casino, Commerce Club and Hawaiian Gardens Casino. By working together instead of pursuing their own agenda, these entities expect to have a better chance of persuading legislators. The expectations are high, but with each party playing its critical role in the great scheme of things, it should come as no surprise if favorable laws would be passed in the foreseeable future. PokerStars' role in the equation is significant, as they will be providing all the related services besides the online poker platform. They will be the only subcontractor and The Tribe is very supportive, but there are many hoping that the lawmakers will focus more on online gambling regulations rather than poker.
via Casinoreviews
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Action Packed two day $2-$5 Live Poker Vlog from Morongo ... NIGHT OUT!!!! Morongo Casino Redemption at Morongo  Poker Vlog #7 - YouTube Jackpot. Morongo casino. Morongo Casino Parking Lot Fight. - YouTube Welcome to Morongo Casino Resort & Spa! - YouTube

This week, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians’ Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa in Cabazon announced plans to introduce cashless markers for its slot and video poker machine customers. The new ... Dealer - Poker (Part-Time) Morongo Casino Resort & Spa Cabazon, CA Just now Be among the first 25 applicants. See who Morongo Casino Resort & Spa has hired for this role. Apply on company website ... Morongo Casino Resort & Spa 49500 Seminole Dr. Cabazon, California 92230 Toll free: 1-800-252-4499 Local: 951-849-3080 Email: [email protected] Sign Up For Our Newsletter Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa announced Tuesday, Aug. 18, that it was reopening its poker room on Friday, Aug. 21. The poker room had been closed since the casino’s reopening on Friday, May 22. Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa announced Tuesday, Aug. 18, that it was reopening its poker room on Friday, Aug. 21. The poker room had been closed since the casino’s reopening on Friday, May 22. Welcome to GOplay, Morongo Casino, Resort & Hotel's online rewards program. Join to play 100% free games, participate in member-exclusive promotions, earn casino rewards and more. Signup to become a GOplayer now! Morongo Casino and Resort will become the first tribal operator to go cashless in California, falling in line with a burgeoning industry trend. Morongo Embraces Innovation and Goes Cashless As of next year, Morongo Casino and Resort slot players will have gambling markers thanks to a new cashless wagering system supplied Marker Trax , a patented developer of such solutions. Morongo Casino Poker Room Review start to casino life. 2-Free Spins. €50. Prize pool: 250% up to $2000 or 165 free spins. Prize pool: 200% up to €2000. Gamble Responsibly Prize pool: up to £500 + 100 bonus spins on Cleopatra. 0. 0. Gamble Responsibly €100. Log in -284. Big Selection Of Casino Games; Live Support From 09:00 to 01:00; Very Easy To ...

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Action Packed two day $2-$5 Live Poker Vlog from Morongo ...

Just decided to drive to Morongo Casino and this happened as soon as I pulled into a parking space. Krayzay. Part 2 HANDPAY JACKPOT at Morongo Casino Slot Machine live stream - Duration: 53:43. Neily 777 50,753 views. 53:43 . Top 10 Secretos Que Los Casinos No Quieren Que Sepas - Duration: 6:18 ... Live Poker, Travel Vlogs, Poker Vlogs and Hand Histories TeeSpring Store Instagram This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Hey! My name is Mariano, and this channel was created to share some poker sessions, as well as document the journey of growing a baby bankroll while attendin... Take a tour of Yahoo Travel's Best Casino in Southern California! Learn what Morongo has to offer!